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Bagpipe Journey - Site Map

Here's an index to the various pages on my site. It's here just in case you need it, but you'll probably want to start either from the home page of this site (just click on the BagpipeJourney header above) or select from the five selection options (also above). Descriptions for each page are included in the index for each section.


Home Page
Bagpipe/Site FAQ
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Reference Articles

Index Page for Reference Articles
Piping Links

Bagpipes Anatomy.
My New Bagpipes Won't Play.
How to Season a Bagpipe Bag.
How to Tie-In a Hide Bagpipe Bag.
Bagpipe Bag Sizes.
Chanter Reed Basics (Also available translated in German as a PDF file.)
Modifying Chanter Reeds
How to Artificially Break In a New Chanter Reed.
Carving Bagpipe Chanters
How to Adjust Synthetic Drone Reeds.
How to Adjust Shepherd Plastic Drone Reeds.
Bagpipe Leaks - Diagnosis and Repair.
Caring for Your Bagpipes After Play.
How to Clean Ivory on a Set of Bagpipes.
Drone Cords: Tying and Making.
Drone Ribbons: Securing and Making.
Hemping your Tuning Pins.
How to Identify a Well-Made Bagpipe.
How to Appraise a Set of Bagpipes.
Guide to Identifying Brands of Drone Reeds.
- The Soutar Reed Prototype
- More on Rocket Drone Reeds
Guide to Identifying Brands of Drone Valves.
Bagpipe Bag Cover Sewing Pattern.

Bagpipe Finger Positions.
How to Become a Rotten Piper.
Finding the Right Bagpipe Instructor.
Learning Bagpipes without an Instructor.
Where to Practice with Bagpipes.
How to Find Students to Teach.

Why or why not to compete.
Things to Know for Your First Competition.
Understanding Solo Competition Grading.
Learning to March with Bagpipes.
How to Pipe for Drumming Competitions.

Joining a Pipe Band.
Band Equipment Rental Agreement.
Improving Band Websites.
How and When to Change Bands
Top North American Pipe Bands

Piper's Dictionary.
How to Tie a Ghillie Brogues.
How to Wear a Piper's Plaid.
Horsehair Sporrans - How to Care for Them.
Useful Items to Keep Around for Piping.
Playing Bagpipes in the Rain.
Traveling on Airlines with Bagpipes.
Andrew's Pipe Case Contents (For the curious).
Making a Bagpipe Water Manometer.
How to Buy a set of Bagpipes on eBay.
Bagpiping Disagreements and Controversies.
Guide to abc Music Notation for Bagpipes.

Who's Who in Bagpiping.
The Piper to the Sovereign.
Pipers to the Queen Mother
Index of Classic Collections of Piobaireachd Tunes.
Interview with the late Bob Dunsire.
Tribute to Bob Dunsire.

Gold Medal Winners at Oban and Inverness.
Gold Medal (Canada).
Clasp Winners (Inverness/Aviemore).
Glenfiddich Piping Championship Winners.
The Silver Chanter Winners.
The Balvenie Medal Winners.

One Minute Excercises by Aaron Shaw & Glen Thompson.
Gordon Speirs Reed Making Paper
Jim McGillivray: Basic Principles of Drone-Tuning
Lorne Cousin's Tips to improve March, Strathspey and Reel Playing
Exercises for the Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board Test (PDF)

Tuning Bagpipes Using the Korg CA-20 Chromatic Tuner
Tuning Bagpipes Using the Korg CA-30 Chromatic Tuner
Tuning Bagpipes Using the Korg OT-12 Orchestral Tuner

Review - Ghillators Ghillie Brogue Shoes

Competition Journal

Index Page for Journal
newspaper article with my interview
first competition score sheet scan
first piping competition
second competition
third competition
fourth competition
fifth competition.
sixth competition
seventh competition
eighth competition
ninth competition
tenth competition
eleventh competition
twelveth competition
thirteenth competition
fourteenth competition
fifteenth competition
sixteenth competition
seventeenth competition
eighteenth competition
nineteenth competition
twentieth competition
twenty-first competition
twenty-second competition
twenty-third competition
twenty-fourth competition

Andrew's Pipes

Index Page for Andrew's Pipes
Andrew's Bagpipes - Main page
Andrew's Bagpipes - Additional images
How My Grandfather Earned His Bagpipes
Andrew's Grandfather and the Case of the "rare Uileann bagpipes."

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