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Andrew's Bagpipe Repertoire

Here's a list of tunes that I was practicing and playing as of February 18, 2001, which was the last time I bothered to update this page as the list an organic beast: new tunes learned, old ones fall into disuse, etc.

Tunes I have Down Cold:
Scots Wha Hae
Collin's Cattle
Skye Boat Song
Mist Covered Mountains
Amazing Grace (of course)
Dream Angus
Duncan MacRae of Kintail's Lament (Piobaireachd*, Ground)
Too Long in This Condition (Piobaireachd*, Ground)
Sleep, Dearie, Sleep

Tunes I'm Hammering Down Minor Details, but Memorized:
Mary Scot
Gravelwalk (First part)
Highland Laddie
Brown Haired Maiden
Kan Eured Banleg
The Glasgow City Police Pipers (as arranged by Jay Salter)
Cullen Bay
A.A. Cameron
Bloody Fields of Flanders
Last Tango in Harris
Loch Broom Bay
Keelman o'ver the Land

Tunes I'm working to Speed Up:
Old Hag of the Churn
Trip to Pakistan

Tunes I'm Working to Finish Memorizing:
Farewell to Nigg (easy should be done in no time)
Dans An-Dro
Steam Train to Mallaig

Tunes I'll Get Back to Sometime:
Lament of Red Hector of the Battles (Piobaireachd*)
The Wee Boy and His Kite
The Siege of Delhi
Green Hills of Tyrol

When I get More Time to Figure Out Only by Ear:
Maltz on the Optix
Bear Dance
High Road to Linton

*Piobaireachd (pronounced "pee-brock") is basically the "classical music" of the pipes. It's very Scottish in origin, is similar to a slow-air. They tend to be melodic tunes, more "enveloping"—for lack of a better word. They begin with the "urlar" (or "ground"), a part of the tune from which the rest builds and to which it returns. Neat stuff.

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