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Andrew's Bagpiping Links

Bagpipe Links

Here's a list of some of the bagpipe links that I have personally found to be useful over the last few years. I'm sure there are many good sites I don't have listed here.
Links in bold I consider almost essential. Some of the links could have been placed in other categories. If you are looking for something you can't find here or want a more complete listing check out one of the directories below.
If you'd like to link to my site and want a pretty graphic to put on your page, I have a couple banner images at the bottom of this page.

Major Sites:

David Daye's Bagpipe Page
Universe of Bagpipes

Directory/Links Listings:

Bob Dunsire's Bagpipe Web Directory is an awesome directory!
Steve MacLeod's Links
Canadian Bagpipe Links Run by Stewart Nimmo.
Dutch Doedelzak Links Resource for those in or near Holland.

Articles & Answers & Information

Lots of Good Answers (Steve MacLeod)
Ewan's WWW Bagpipe Index & Hot Piping Stuff
Piper's Persuasion Excellent video interviews with top pipers.
Chris Eyre's Piping Pages Some unique how-to information, poly chanter repair, etc.
The Sgian Dubh The story behind the "black knife."
The uniform and kit of the 42nd Highland Regiment
Identification of Ivory and Ivory Substitutes (U.S. Fish and Wildlife) How to make heads or tails of drum majors.
Regimental Drum Majors Association Lots of good reference DM information.
MSR Tempo Calculator The relationship of tempos in band MSRs.

Music Libraries and Tune Searches:

PipeTunes Reasonably priced sheet music download plus free recordings.
Roddy MacLeod Piobaireachd Piobaireachd: MP3 and scores for download/purchase.
Ross' Music Page Old out-of-copyright Piobaireachd manuscripts and recordings.
ScotchSnap Scottish tunes, including piping tunes, for download/purchase.
Church Piper Keith MacDonald, no downloadable tunes, but sells tune books.
Jack Campin (Tunes/History) Mix of Celtic tunes in abc format, some bagpipe.

MIDI Tunes:
Laura's MIDI Scottish Folk/Traditional Tunes
MIDI Traditional Scottish Tunes

Tunes Searches/Indexes:
Bob Pekaar's Tune Index Indexes close to 400 music books. A Wiki project. Shaping up to be a good resource.
Ceolas celtic music archive Quite a resource for celtic music.

Bagpipe Makers & Parts

Apps Reeds (USA) Sells reeds plus has some reed tips.
David Marshall Silverworks (Waterloo, Canada) Hand-engraved silver for bagpipes.
Beckpipes Scottish Bagpipe Makers (a.k.a. Crookit Horn Bagpipes) Smallpipes & things.
C.E. Kron & Co. Bagpipes (New York, USA)
Celtic Reeds Chanter reeds by Steve Warnock.
Colin Kyo Bagpipes (Oregon) Handcrafted bagpipes and chanters by Murray Huggins.
Cushing Bagpipes (New York State) Handmade bagpipes, chanters and accessories.
D.M. Atherton Bagpipes (USA)
Dunbar Bagpipes (Ontario, Canada) Operated by the Jack Dunbar family, wood and poly pipes.
Fred Morrison Pipes Reelpipes and smallpipes.
Gillanders & McLeod, Ltd. (Scotland)
Hamish Moore (Scotland) Smallpipes.
John Walsh Bagpipes (Nova Scotia, Canada) Smallpipes and shuttle pipes.
MacLellan Bagpipes (New Jersey, USA)
MacPherson Bagpipes (Angus, Scotland) Custom hand-crafted bagpipes
Peter Crisler Replacement Shepherd Drone Reed Tongues (Kentucky, USA)
R.G. Hardie & Co - Bagpipe Makers (Glasgow, Scotland)
R.J. Kinnaird Bagpipes and Reeds (Canada)
R.T. Shepherd & Son Bagpipes (Scotland)
Ray Sloan (UK) Maker of Uilleann Pipes and Scottish Smallpipes.
Tru-Tone (UK) Makers of practice chanters, mouth-blown small pipes
Wm. Sinclair & Son, Bagpipe Makers (Scotland) Makers of GHB, chanter reeds.

Bagpipe Repair

Oz Bagpipes (Australia) Rod Campbell in Carindale, Queensland.
Cushing Bagpipes (New York State) Mark Cushing in Ithaca, New York.
House of Bagpipes (San Francisco, USA)link leaves this website Lynne Miller, S.F., California.

Some On-line Stores & Accessories

I do not in any way recommend one source over another*, other than for you to try and support your local piping supply, if one exists in your area. (You may need something fast someday and if they're not around because you haven't supported them, who's fault is that?) This list is dabbling of existing suppliers and, truth be told, to date I have purchased from only a handful of these folks. So far, all my experiences have been good.

*If you are looking to purchase something online, I strongly recommend that you at least visit our site sponsors (They pay me, it helps a bit to upgrade services/software, and improves this site, which is good for you.):
Sandy St. James (New Jersey, USA)
McGillivray Piping (Ontario, Canada)
Kinnaird Bagpipes & Reeds (Canada)
Moose Bagpipe Products (Australia)

Burnett's & Struth Scottish Regalia (Canada) (UK) Hand crafted and custom bag covers.
Richard Chane Bagpipe Supply (Massachusetts, USA)
Caledonian Creations (UK) Sporrans, swords, etc.
Celtic Obsessions (Brisbane, Australia)
Cuillinn Craft (California, USA)
Edinburgh Bagpipes (Scotland)
Henderson Imports (Michigan, USA)
House of Bagpipes (San Francisco, USA)link leaves this website Full-service bagpipers' supply.
Highland Gear (Ontario, Canada) Bag covers, license plate holders, etc.
Island Bagpipe (Canada)
Kilts and more (Germany)
Kinnaird Bagpipes & Reeds (Canada) Makers of the Piper's Pal and Kinnaird Drone Reeds
License to Kilt (Pennsylvania, USA) Operated by Drew & Susan McLuckie.
MacDonald Highland Outfitters (Alberta, Canada)
McGillivray Piping (Ontario, Canada) Run by Gold Medalist Jim McGillivray
McIntosh's Highland Supply (British Columbia, Canada)
Midwest Bagpipe Supply (Minnesota, USA) Run by Paul Mason in Plymouth, MN.
Montieth Bagpipe and Supply (Virginia, USA) Run by Dave Monthieth in Gordonsville, Virginia.
Bennett Pipe Bags (Scotland) Proprietary sheepskin bags and Bannatyne bags.
Pipeline (New Jersey) Operated by Gerry Rooney for many years.
Pipers Forest (Pennsylvania, USA) Run by Chris McCann in Salisbury, PA.
Ron Bowen's TheBagpipePlace (Ontario, Canada)
Sandy St. James (New Jersey, USA) Excellent beginner packages and more.
Saul Tuner (Australia) Electronic tuner just for bagpipes.
Scottish Imports Inc. (Edmonton, Canada)
Scottish Piper (Missouri, USA) Operated by Lauree Palmer.
Tartantown (Canada)
The Tartan Box (Prestwick, Scotland) High quality, reasonably priced Scottish products.
Thomson & Son Bagpipes (Flagstaff, Arizona) Founded in 1992 by Jim Thomson.
Thistle Productions (Canada) Specialty embroidered patches.

Magazines & Other Periodicals

The Voice Published by EUSPBA.
Piping Times Published by the College of Piping, Scotland.
Piping Today Published by the National Piping Centre, Scotland.
Piper and Drummer Online Published by GHB Communications, Canada.
Celtic Heritage [Defunct?] Published in Nova Scotia, Canada. Usually multiple piping articles.
The Scottish Banner World’s largest international Scottish newspaper.

Music Books

Scott Williams Publishing Books: Nova Scotia music, tune index, child piping story.
Unicorn Limited Specialize in the reproduction of older, out-of-print, tune books.

Instructional Materials

Bagpipe Solutions John Cairns' Multi-volume learning program.
'How To' Piobaireachd Manuals Archie Cairns' learning program.
Pipe Major Bill Robertson's Bagpipe Tutorials Light music and piobaireachd.
Northumbrian Small Pipes Richard Bulter's instruction, maintenance, and tutor books.

Year-Around Piping Schools

College of Piping Founded in 1944. Glasgow, Scotland.
College of Piping, PEI Founded in 1990. Prince Edward Island, Canada.
National Piping Centre Founded in the last 10-15 years. Glasgow, Scotland.



Piping Workshops

Celtic Arts Foundationoutbound link Highland and small pipes. Mount Vernon, Washington.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Unofficial FAQ Maintained by Walt Innes. FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions A few basic common piping questions answered.

Music Software

Macintosh (My computer of choice, with my degree in Computer Science.)

CelticPipes The only commerical bagpipes scoring program available for Mac OS X.
BarFly A great "abc" notation composition program (shareware).
You may be interested to read my article abc Notation for Bagpipes.
Huge Music Software Collection for Mac - Freeware & Shareware


Bagpipe Music Writer GOLD The defacto standard.
CeolMor Software PiobMaster, DrumScriobh and Music Books.
Electric Pipes by the Baked Bean Company. Free reader program.

abc Software for Mac, Windows, etc.

The abc Plus Project Assorted open-source abc software at


Bagpipe Karaoke

Bagpipe Star Fully-produced backing tracks tuned to your chanter.


Music Hardware

Saul Tuner A bagpipe tuner that uses microphone or wired contacts for tuning.
Highland Bagpipe Tuner HBT Bagpipe Tuners by Murray Blair.

Associations & Society Sites

ANAPBA - Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations (The mother ship of associations)
EUSPBA - Eastern United States Pipe Band Association) (United States)
MWPBA - Midwest Pipe Band Association (United States)
SUSPBA - Southern United States Pipe Band Association (United States)
WUSPBA - Western United States Pipe Band Association (United States)
WPA - Washingon Pipers Association (Washington State, USA)
RSPBA - Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (Glasgow, Scotland)
RAFSPBA - Royal Air Force Scottish Pipe Band Association (UK)
CPA - Competing Pipers Association (UK) Professional Grade Pipers Only.
ACPBA - Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association (Canada)
ASPD - Alberta Society of Pipers and Drummers(Canada)
PPBA - Prairie Pipe Band Association (Canada)
SPBA - Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association (Canada)
BCPA - The British Columbia Pipers' Association (Canada)
PPBSO - Piper's & Pipe Band Society of Ontario (Canada)
IPBA - Irish Pipe Band Association (Ireland's GHB Association)
APBA - Australian Pipe Band Association
SPBASA - Scottish Pipe Band Association of South America
PBAS - The Pipe Band Association of Scandinavia
NOvDB - The Netherlands Pipe Band Association
Circolo della Zampogna "Living with the Bagpipe" (Italy)

The Practical Pipers Society (Scotland)
The Bagpipe Society (UK, but anyone can join.)
The Piobaireachd Society of Antigonish (Nova Scotia)
Inverness Piping Societyexternal link (Inverness, Scotland)


Canntaireachd Piobaireachd has been traditionally taught using these sung "vocables."
PM John Grant Dedicated to the life and works of the late John Grant, Gold Medalist and author of bagpiping books.

Internet Bagpipe Radio/TV - Music Download

Pipeline Weekly one hour BBC program featuring international piping.
Crunluath Weekly 30 minute BBC program from Radio nan Gaidheal.
College of Piping Monthly radio program.
National Piping Centre: Radio NPC
Infrequent radio program.

Bagpipe Newsgroup/Forums/Boards/Chat

The best Internet discussion forum for bagpipes, highly active, lightly moderated:
Bob Dunsire Forums forums

The Internet discussion newsgroup for bagpipes, somewhat active, not moderated:
(Archives will be of more interest than current topics—a lot of garbage now.)
Bagpipe Newsgroup (& Archive) at

While based in Australia, it's open to everyone. Chat, Reviews, Surveys:
Australian Pipe Bands Community Website

This group is primarily for bellows pipes, but some applies to Great Highland Bagpipes:
Yahoo! Groups Bellows Pipes List

Reciprocal Links

Here are a number of music related sites that are linked to my site for which we've swapped links, and don't easily fit into another category:

Pipe Bands - USA (Sorted roughly East to West)
Rocky Bay Pipe Band Augusta, Maine.
Creagan More Pipes and Drums North Shore, Massachusetts
Northport Pipe and Drum Band Northport, New York
Middlesex County Police and Fire Pipes and Drums Woodbridge, New Jersey.
The Pipes and Drums of the Jersey Shore Shillelagh's Belmar, New Jersey.
United States Naval Academy Pipes and Drums Annapolis, Maryland.
Jacksonville Pipes and Drums Jacksonville, Florida
The Pipes and Drums of the Atlantic Watch Red Bank, New Jersey.
Manchester Regional Police and Fire Pipeband Manchester, Connecticut.
Scotland's Reign Hershey, Pennsylvania.
Carolina Memorial Pipes & Drums Charlotte, North Carolina
Ulster Scottish Bagpipe Band Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Irish Thunder Pipe Band Swedesburg, Pennsylvania
Nittany Highland Pipe Band State College, Pennsylvania
Black Bear Caledonia Pipe Band Cleveland, Ohio
St. Andrews Pipe Band of Vermont Essex Junction, Vermont.
Muskegon Regional Police Pipes and Drums Muskegon County, Michigan.
Louisville Pipe Band Louisville, Kentucky.
Southern Indiana Pipes and Drums Columbus, Indiana
Invera'an Pipe Band St. Louis, Missouri.
Macalester College Pipeband St. Paul, Minnosota
Omaha Pipes and Drums Omaha, Nebraska
Strathdon Caledonia Pipe Band Omaha, Nebraska
Silver Thistle Pipers & Drums Austin, Texas.
Mesa Caledonian Pipe Band Mesa, Arizona.
Phoenix Pipe Band Phoenix, Arizona.
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue P&D Portland, Oregon.
Sir James McDonald Pipe Band Portland, Oregon.
MacTarnahan's Prince Charles Pipe Band San Francisco Bay Area, California.
Piedmont Highlanders Drums & Pipes Piedmont, California
Stewart Tartan Pipes & Drums San Francisco, California.
Tehachapi Mountain Pipes & Drums Tehachapi, California.
The 42nd Highlanders Regimental Pipes & Drums Long Beach, California.
U.S. Marine Pipers' Network National, but based in Hawaii.
Fire Pipes and Drums National, but based in Detroit, Michigan.
Pipe Bands - Canada
Castle Cary Pipes and Drums Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada.
Elgin & District Pipes and Drums Montreal, Quebec, Canada
St. Andrew's-Mississauga Pipes and Drums Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Streetsville Pipes & Drums Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Pipe Bands - Scotland/England/Ireland
Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band Scotland.
Linlithgow & District Pipe Band Linlithgow, Scotland.
East Kilbride Pipe Band South Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Wessex Highlanders Gillingham, Dorset, England.
Clan Lachlan Pipe Band West Yorkshire, England.
RAF Halton Pipes and Drums Halton, England.
RAF Waddington Pipes and Drums Waddington, England.
Shirley Pipe Band Shirley, Solihull, England.
Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band Northern Ireland.
Killen Pipe Band Northern Ireland.
Annsborough Pipe Band Annsborough, Ireland.
Dr O'Hurley Pipe Band Cashel , Tipperary, Ireland.
St.Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band Dublin, Ireland.
Pipe Bands - Elsewhere
St. Andrew's Society of the River Plate Pipe Band Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Western Australian Police Pipe Band Maylands, Western Australia.
Perth Highland Pipe Band Wembley Downs, Perth, Western Australia.

San Francisco Bay Area Bagpiper, Jay Salter Based in Santa Cruz, California.
Michael Grey Solo piper (former band piper), CDs, Canada.
Neil Anderson - The Antipypr Solo piper, CDs, tours internationally.
Fred Morrison Famous solo piper, CDs, tours internationally.
Winter "Winkie" Taylor Open Grade Piper in Marietta, Georgia.
Matt Pantaleoni St. Louis, Missouri
Eric Flowers Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Ron Husted Central Iowa.
Christoph Kresse North Carolina
Erin & Katie Lockhart Lake George, New York.
Tim Carey Maryland.
Monterey Bay Scottish Bagpipe Research Group Monterey, California.
Les Lannom Southern Illinois.
Dan DelMain Portland, Oregon.
Glenndon Whitaker Odessa, Ontario, Canada.
Donald Lindsay Kirkintilloch, Central Scotland.
David Waterton-Anderson North Yorkshire, England
Derek Millmoor Durham, England
Pietro Malaguti Bologna, Italy
Ralf Pfestorf Nordhorn, Germany
Eric McLewis France
Gerry Muirhead Sendai, Japan (2 hours from Toyko)
Geoff Jones Bannockburn, Victoria, Australia
Cape Cod Piper Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Jared Maloneoutbound link icon Forney, Texas
Chris Appsoutbound link icon St. Louis, Missouri

Dutch Annual Bagpiper's Day A piping festival in the Netherlands since 1986.
Piping Up A French site—in french!—with information, links, and a forum.
Electric Blues Club A wild collection of various links, sound files, etc. for lots of instruments.
Scotia Pipers - Suppliers of Scottish Music and Dance for All Occasions. UK based.

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