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Contact Me

While I like to get e-mail, I have a lot of demands on my time—including other e-mail!—so my reply may be very short on occasion. Please forgive the form below, it makes my life easier. (Bulk e-mailers—also known as "spammers"—use programs to extract e-mail addresses from websites, so that's one of the reasons for this form.) Your contact information is for my personal use only, I promise.

NOTE: Due to issues with a server change, the form below is temporarily non-functional. In the short term, simply email me at: alenz [at]

If you'd like to receive notification of BagpipeJourney news (e.g., new articles), sign up for the BagpipeJourneyNews Yahoo! Group.

Before you contact me, please read these:

  • If you are looking for a professional bagpiper for hire (wedding, funeral, party) in Northern California, including the San Francisco Bay Area as well as the Monterey Bay Area, visit San Francisco Bay Area Bagpiper. Please contact me for a referral in Northern California, but I'm not actively seeking solo performances right now.

  • If you are looking for an instructor, please do not contact me, unless you live within 100 miles of San Francisco, California. Instead, please go and the follow the instructions on my Finding the Right Bagpipe Instructor page.

  • Before posing me a question, please check my Reference Articles index page for material that may already answer it.

  • Please don't ask me what brand of reed/bagpipes is best for your situation. Read my controversies page then visit my links page for forums and newsgroups where you can post questions if you wish to pursue it.

  • Please don't ask me for a copy of a tune. Visit my links page for tune search sites.

  • Please don't ask me to identify the make of your bagpipes. Read my Appraising Bagpipes articles for suggestions and contacts.

  • Please don't ask me if I know anything about some historical bagpiping person. Unless it's almost a miracle, I don't know your great-grandfather piper, or the name on an address label you found on a pipe case in your attic, and the like. You'll have much better luck if you visit the forums, register, then post your question in the History, Tradition, Heritage forum there. (Tip: The answer to the registration question it asks there about the number of reeds in a bagpipe is 4.)

  • If you wish to keep a copyright on anything (like a tip) that you send me, please let me know in advance, otherwise it'll enter the copyright "stew" of my site. (I'll respect your wishes.)

  • If you are a Pakistani or Indian company trying to sell me the products or "musical" instruments you make, please don't contact me as you will not get a reply from me.

Ok, now go ahead…

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