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Andrew's Tips: Bagpiping "Who's Who"

By Andrew T. Lenz, Jr., Santa Cruz, California, ©2001-2020

This reference is intended to provide information on (relatively) famous individuals, living and deceased—primarily pipers, pipe makers, reed makers—who have had an impact on the world of bagpiping, with particular emphasis on the Great Highland Bagpipe.

Creating a Who's Who of Bagpiping is a daunting task. This reference will continue to be a work in progress. There are certainly going to be individuals that are not yet included that are considered of more importance than those listed here—obviously, I barely know even a fraction these people personally. Entries below are a combination of my own research and contributed information. If you are aware of someone that should be included who is not, have corrections (heaven forbid), clarifications, or additional insight, please contact me.

Please note that any prize lists mentioned in entries are not typically all inclusive.

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Abbott, Colin. (19?? - ) Canadian. Former PM of the Kanatu PB and currently the PM of the Highland Mist PB in Ontario.

Abbott, Fraser. (19?? - ) Canadian. Former piper in the 78th Fraser Highlanders junior PB. Currently PM of the University of Calgary PB.

Abbott, Greg. (1962 - ). American, born in Michigan, resides in Kokomo, Indiana. Professional grade solo piper. Instructor. Maker of Abbott practice chanter reeds. In his own words: "Since I lived near the Canadian border, my father took me to Canada for lessons. I studied with PM Frank Edgely, John Goodnow, Ed Neigh, Capt. John MacLellan and most recently with Willie Connell." Played with the Scottish Society of Windsor and the Guelph pipe bands in the 1970s and 1980s. PS of the City of Detroit PB in the 1990s. Has played with the Windsor Police since 2002. Won the Piobaireachd Society Gold Medal (Canada) in 1997.

Abbott, John "Jack". (1936 - ) Scottish. Piper. Played with the 1st Bn Scots Guards in the 1950s and then with the Edinburgh City Police PB in the late 1950s and during the 1960s. One of the founding members of the Eagle Piper's Society in Edinburgh and was a prominent soloist during the late 1950s and 1960s. Later taught piping at several Edinburgh schools. Has a son, Ronny, who is a keen piper, based in Singapore.

Abbot, R. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Author of numerous bagpipe tunes including the popular march "Bathgate Highland Games."

Abbott, Ronny. (19?? - ) Scottish. A former Scottish schools solo winner. Later played with 52nd Lowland Division (TA), Aberdeen University Officer Training Corps PB and the Edinburgh City Fire Brigade PB. Now a British police liaison officer in Singapore. Son of Jack Abbott.

Ackroyd, Ronnie. (19?? - ) Scottish. Former World Champion Drum Major who is also a piper. Taught drumming/piping at Fettes College in Edinburgh and played with the Edinburgh City Police PB during their heyday in the 1960s. Composer of the popular tune "The Festival March".

Allan, John M., "Jock". (19?? - ). Scottish. Born Inverness. Piper and accordianist. Served as a piper in the Scots Guards during the 1950s and 60s. Transferred as PM of the 1st Bn. Queens Own Highlanders in 1962. Later became PM of the Highland Brigade Depot, the Army Apprentice Collage and the Army School of Piping following which he was commissioned as Lieutenant in 1979 with the Queens Own Highlanders. Posted to the Army School of Piping as the Director of Army Bagpipe Music in 1981 and was promoted to the rank of Major in 1987. Now retired from the British Army but teaches piping at George Heriots School in Edinburgh. Judges piping (solo and bands) at the top level.

Allioux, Jean C., "John." (19?? - ) French, though has lived in the USA for decades. Resides in Goshen, New York. Inventor of the All-Fiber Ridgeway Drone Reeds and the discontinued and rare KBC drone reeds. A grade 2 piper, played with several pipe bands local to the East Coast, including the Kenmure PB in the early 70’s. Engineering background and worked for a Japanese company for 25 years before retiring in 2001 at which time he returned to his original training as a Machinist Tool & Die Maker for his reed making hobby.

Anderson, Albert "Cherry". (June 29, 1936 - ) Scottish, born in Newmacher, Aberdeen. PM of the 1st Bn. Gordon Highlanders twice in the mid-1960s. Published a tutor book on piping called "The Great Highland Bagpipe Tutor." Wrote the tune "Calum and Lindsay" named after his children. Retired in Edinburgh. The nickname came from the type of shoe polish that he used. Younger cousin of the other Cherry (Walter) Anderson.

Anderson, Euan. (19?? - ) Scottish. Learned to play the pipes while a pupil at George Heriots School in Edinburgh. A member of the Eagle Pipers Society and is the current PS of Lothian & Borders Police PB. A serving police officer, he also tutors the Craigmount High School PB.

Anderson, James "Jim" or "Ug". (19?? - 19??) Scottish. Began piping at age 5, first taught by his father, PM of the Gordon Highlanders. Joined the Black Watch in 1950. Became PM of the BW in 1961, where he lead for 16 years. Played for U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963. PM of Levenmouth PB. PM of RAF Leuchars. Judge.

Anderson, Neil. (1962 - ) American. Piper. Began piping at age 7, began competing at 10. Grew up in Florida playing with a number of Grade II and Grade III bands. Best known for being the co-founder of 7 Nations, American's most commercially successful celtic rock band. Now plays on his own, performing on highland, uilleann and scottish smallpipes. Tours internationally. Has several albums. [website]

Anderson, Tom. (19?? - ) Scottish, from Paisley, Scotland. Piper. PM of the Renfrew PB, British Caledonian Airways PB and St. Patrick's Donaghmore PB, all Grade I. Lived in Dublin for many years and was very active in the IPBA. The only non-Irish winner of the All Ireland Solo - Senior Champions (Piping & Drumming). After immigrating to Canada in the 1980s, PM of the Glenmore, Peel Regional Police and Niagara Regional Police PBs. Played with the 78th Fraser Highlanders for much of the late-1980s and early-1990s. Now PM of the Grade III Georgetown PB of Georgetown, Ontario.

Anderson, Walter "Cherry". (1910/1 - February 24, 1954) Scottish. PM of the 1st Bn. Gordon Highlanders during the Battle of El Alamein, took ill in Malaysia while still serving with the Gordons, was sent back home where he passed away. The nickname came from the type of shoe polish that he used. Elder cousin of the other Cherry (Albert) Anderson.

Apps, Chris. (19?? - ) English? Reedmaker. Piper. Sound man for the Grade II Champions of Champions in 1997. PM of the London Piping Society from 2003-2006. Judge. Moderator at the forums. [website]

Armit, David. (19?? - ) Scottish, moved to Massachusetts in 1964. Drummer. At age 13 , Dave won the under 18 Championship. Played with Alex Duthart in Shotts & Dykehead PB. Was DS of the Grade 1 Worcester Kilties PB. Instructor and adjudicator. Father of Scott Armit.

Armit, Scott. (196? - ) American. Drummer. Produced the drum corps that won the World Champion Grade II drum corps trophy. One of the world's top solo drum performers. DS of the Stuart Highlanders PB (Grade II). Son of David Armit.

Armstrong, Chris. (19?? - ) Scottish. World class piper. Former Winners MSR, Jig, "A" March, "A" Strathspey and Reel - Oban; "A" MSR - Inverness; The MSR and Jig/HP at the Donald MacLeod Memorial Invitational; and both the "A" March, and Strathspey and Reel at the Cowal Highland Gathering. Has released a number of CDs.

Atherton, David "Dave". (1970 - ) American. Since 1995, the only turner and bagpipe restorer in Charley Kron's bagpipe making business, Kron & Company. Rock guitarist and musician. (See music website.) Trained as a sound engineer. Family friend of drone reed maker Mark Lee. [e-mail]

Austin, Robin. (19?? - ) Scottish. Solo and band player. Learned the pipes while a pupil at Daniel Stewarts College in Edinburgh. Taught by John Abbott. Currently playing with Drambiue Kirkliston PB.

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Babinski, Micah. (1988 - ) American, born in California, resides in Mercer Island, Washington. Piper. Taught by Jori Chisholm. At 14, composed a hornpipe "Afternoon at the Green Monster" which has been played in competition by a variety of bands and played by soloists such as Jack Lee. Won the 11th annual George Sherriff Memorial Amateur Invitational Solo Piping Competition in November 2006. Played with the Grade II, Robert Malcolm Memorial PB. Later moved into the SFU PB, Grade I.

Bain, Alan. (19?? - ) Scottish, from Kintail, a native gaelic speaker of the highlands. Piper, pipe maker, reed maker. Taught to play by his father Frank M. Bain and later by the PM Willie Ross. By the age of 10 was already an accomplished piper. During WWII, served with the Seaforth Highlanders. Supplied the military school of piping in Edinburgh Castle with drone and chanter reeds. Had the strong belief that women should not play the pipes. Released a CD names The Road to the Isles, which was recorded in one take while he was in his 70s—the tunes fade from one to the next since the sound engineer did not want one long recording with no breaks! Frequently visited by well-known piper Gavin Stoddart.

Baker, Andrew "Andy". (19?? - ) New Zealander. Programmer of Electric Pipes, music writer for the highland bagpipe, published by The Baked Bean Company. Under his guidance as PM, the Auckland Police Highland PB, in its first season (2004), won every Grade IV competition it attended and was consequently promoted to Grade III. [website]

Balderose, George. (19?? - ) American. Piper. Founder of the Balmoral Piping Schools, which take place each summer at various locations. Four time winner of the MacCrimmon Quaich for Grade I Piobaireachd. Has performed solo with the Pittsburgh Symphony. Has played GHB and Scottish smallpipes for over three decades. Instructor.

Bailiff, David. (1962 - ) American. Originally from Rising Sun, Maryland, now living in Oxford, Pennsylvania. Professional level piper. Taught by of Robert "Bob" Gilchrist of Wilmington, Delaware, and John MacFadyen. Played with several pipe bands over 3 decades, including most recently Schenectady PB, Grade III. Plays a vintage stand of Thow (Dundee) drones. Judge in EUSPBA.

Banks, Jimmy. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. PM. First taught piping by his grandfather Jimmy Herd. In 1964 joined Scots Guards, becoming PM in 1980, until becoming PM of Guards Depot Piping School in 1986 which he held for one year. In 1969, passed the Pipe Majors’ course (under Cpt. John MacLellan) with a grade of outstanding. Further study under PM Alexander MacDonald and Cpt. Andrew Pitkeithly. Won the March at Oban in 1974. In 1979 won MSR and SR at the Argyllshire Gathering. While PM, in 1984, 1st Battalion Scots Guards won the Grade II World Pipe Band Championship. Later founded the Dan-Air PB. Also Piper to the Highland Society of London. Instructor at The National Piping Centre.

Barclay, Lewis. (1963 - ) Scottish, born in Buckie. PM of 1st Bn The Highlanders from 1996 to 1997.

Barnes, David. (19?? - ) Scottish. Former PM of both the Grade 1 Queensland Police PB of Australia and of the Polkemmet PB. Son of Johnny Barnes.

Barnes, Johnny. (19?? - ). Scottish. Pipe Major of the Polkemmet PB in the 1970s. Father of David Barnes.

Beaumont, James. (1983 - ) Scottish. World class piper. Played with Scottish Power. Plays with House of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead. "A" Grade Light Music Player, who has previously won the MacGregor Memorial (21 and Under) Piobaireachd at Oban, and in 2004 placed 4th in the Silver Medal at Inverness.

Bell, Duncan D. (1956 - ) American. Professional grade piper. Judges panel EUSPBA. PS for Parlin and District. Founder of "51 Ash," a Celtic Rock band, where he plays guitar, and keyboards. Eldest son of George M. Bell.

Bell, Donald K. (1960 - ) American. Drummer. Professional grade drummer with Parlin, City of Washington PB, and now Monaghan. Piper as well. EUSPBA drumming judge. Youngest son of George M. Bell.

Bell, George M. (1926 - January 16, 2010) Scottish, originally from Glasgow, resided in New Jersey. Piper. Initially started as a drummer in the Boys' Brigade band. Taught by R.G. Hardie, Glasgow for 15 years, until moving to USA in 1950's, then 25 years with PM Donald MacLeod. Started Kenmure PB 1953 in New Jersey who were nine times Eastern U.S. Champions in Grade 1. Contributed to founding the EUSPBA in 1964. Professional grade competitor in both US and Canada. Instructor and judge. Past Chairman EUSPBA Judges committee. Established the Judges test for EUSPBA. Four sons on current judging panel. Father of Duncan, Jimmy, Gordon, and Donald, all EUSPBA judges. Member of the Piobaireachd Society. CPA Judges panel. Instructor. Several years before his death, the New Jersey-based Metro Cup compeition established the Pipe-Major George M. Bell Amateur Championship in his honor.

Bell, Gordon M. (1958 - ) American. Drummer. He began studying the snare at the age of 8. World class drummer with Kenmure, Worcester, Parlin, all Grade I. Won every major drumming competition in the U.S. and was the EUSPBA Open Solo Drumming Champion Supreme from 1979-87. In 2003, placed 2nd in his heat at the Worlds Solo Drumming Championship. Played with Parlin and District, City of Washington, Muirhead & Sons, Kenmure, Worcester Kiltie and 78th Fraser Highlanders. Currently DS of Kenmure PB, New York, Grade II. Wrote the Judges test for EUSPBA, for which he is a drumming judge. Excellent Piobaireachd player. Member of "51 Ash," a Celtic rock band, also plays bass guitar. Son of George M. Bell.

Bell, Jimmy. (1957 - ) American. Piper. Professional grade competitor, EUSPBA, SUSPBA judges panels. Past Chairman of the SUSPBA panel. PM of Parlin and District, grade 1. Principle instructor for Head of the Scottish Studies Program at Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas. Also an excellent drummer. Member of "51 Ash," a celtic Rock band. Over twenty former bandmates or students on various judging panels, or sitting exams shortly. Son of George M. Bell.

Berta, Colin. (19?? - ) American, resides in California. Piper. Became PM of Prince Charles PB (Grade I) in March 2002. WUSPBA judge.

Berthoff, Andrew. (1963 - ) Born in St Louis, Missouri; resident of Toronto since 1988, Dual US/Canadian citizen. Silver Medal at Inverness, 1984. Piobaireachd Society (Canada) Gold Medal 2000. PPBSO Champion Supreme for Piobaireachd 1999, 2000, 2001. Played with Polkemmet 1984-1987, 78th Fraser Highlanders 1988-1997. 5th Argyllshire Gathering Gold Medal 2001. Instructed by Andrew Wright, John A. MacLellan and Jim McGillivray. Editor of Piper & Drummer magazine. [website]

Bevan, Alan. (1976 - ) Canadian. Resides in Abbotsford, BC. Piper. Silver Medal and "A" Strathspey and Reel at Inverness; Several placings in the Gold Medal contests, as well as the "A" Grade music contests in Scotland. Member of the SFU PB, and former PM of the Abbotsford Police (Grade I) PB.

Bisset, John, BEM. (19?? - ) Scottish. Taught to play whilst a pupil at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane. Went on to become PM of the 71st Royal Engineers (TA) PB during the 1970s/80s. Currently playing with the Edinburgh Postal PB.

Bisset, Ronald "Ronnie". (1959 - ) Scottish. Piper and champion Highland dancer. Played with Aberdeen University Officer Training Corps Drums & Pipes. Now a Doctor and a commissioned officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Still piping.

Blo, Honey. A stage name, see McCullough, Ernest.

Boer, Michel. (1968 - ) Dutch. Organizer/Piper. In his own words: "certainly not known for being a great bagpipe player," but one of the driving forces of the Dutch Annual Bagpipers Day, bringing different bagpipe associations together to a single national event featuring a wide variety of pipes from all over Europe.

Bonar, Andrew. (19?? - ) Canadian. Resides in Surrey, BC. Piper. Longtime member of the SFU PB, with a short stint playing with the 78th Frasers. Has won prizes in Scotland, as well as being North American Champion (2 Times), the MacCrimmon Memorial Cairn for Piobaireachd, and the BCPipers Knockout Champion (4 Times).

Boone, Hubert. (19?? - ) Flemish. Plays the traditional Flemish 'Breughel' bagpipe and author of many books on the subject. Active for many years as a promoter of traditional bagpiping in Belgium.

Boyd, Rob. (19?? - ) American. Piper, resides in California. Professional grade piper. Taught by Cick Boyd, James McColl, and Ozzie Reid. Played with Lockheed PB (now Dunvegan PB), Monterey Scottish and Prince Charles PB. Won MSR at Nicol-Brown contest in New York. Won a number of 'Piper of the Day' prizes in the Western USA. WUSPBA judge. Instructor with the Balmoral summer schools.

Boyle, William "Bill". (1929 - 1980) New Zealander, born in Kaira near Greymouth. Piper. PM of City of Christchurch PB in the 1950s. In the 1960s, was PM of the New Zealand Scottish Regiment.

Bosworth, John. (19?? - ) American. Drummer. Judge.

Boyle, Danny. (1977 - ) Australian. Piper. First instructor was his brother Daryl followed by members of the Nunawading PB. Former member of the Victoria Police PB. At 17, played in the quartet for the "Hellbound Train" track on their 1996 "Live in the Rockies" CD. Also played solos on their 1998 Masterblasters CD. At 19, a member when the Vic Police won the Worlds in 1998. Won the solo Australasian Piping Final in 2001 and 2002 and represented Australia at Lorient in France. PM of the Australia Highlanders (Grade I), which reached the finals at the Worlds in 2006 and 2007.

Brinckmann, Peter. (1951 - February 3, 2003) German. Piper. Co-founder of the Bagpipe Association of Germany. Studied at COP in the 1980s. Teacher. Judge. Competed at high level amateur events. Won both the Highland Club Piobaireachd at London and the Piobaireachd event of the Copenhagen Winter Competitions in 1988. Founder of what would later become the very successful BAG Summer School.

Brown, Barnaby. (1973 - ) Scottish. Piper. Plays piobaireachd and medieval Highland triple pipe in historically-informed style. Launched the websites and in January 2000. Founded

Brown, Gail. (November 14, 1953 - ) Canadian. Piper. One of the top women pipers of all time. First taught in 1960 by Don Demming and PM Allan Munn of Milton Girls’ PB. Instructed by John Wilson in 1967. In March 1973, accepted by the Shotts & Dykehead Caldonia PB and that June became the first female piper ever to play in the World’s with the winning Grade 1 band. Returned to Canada in 1974 and entered various Open competitions around Ontario. Prolific instructor, including teaching the sucessful MacDonald Caledonia PB of Milton, Ontario. Was teaching 35 students by the time she was 19 years old. Judge. Diagnosed early with cancer in 1998, but had a few sucessful surgeries. Has three sons, Graham, and twins Glenn and Blair, all involved with pipes or drums.

Brown, Robert Urquhart "Bob". (1905 - 1972) Scottish, born in Blackhall. World level piper. First taught by W. Fraser, a Corporal Piper in the Gordon Highlanders. Later taught by John MacDonald, MBE. One of the two very famous "Bobs of Balmoral." (The other is Bob Nicol.) Won the London Open Cup 11 times in all, 9 times in a row. Piper to English royalty at Balmoral Castle. Instructor, one year all first prizes at the Northern meeting were won by his students. Was considered a leading authority on piobaireachd.

Brown, Tom. (19?? - ) Scottish. World level drummer. Lead Boghall & Bathgate drum section to four World Drum Corps Championships. Stepped down as lead drummer for Boghall’s Grade I band in 1994. Instructor. Teaches workshops around the world.

Brown, Wilson. (19?? - ) Scottish Sergeant in the Strathclyde Police. Grade I solo piper in Scotland during the 1990s. Winner of the Highland Society of London Gold Medal in 1996. Has a brother Gavin who is a piper in the Hong Kong Police Department.

Bruce, John. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. PM of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in the 1980s. Took the band to success in the Grade I. Currently PM (Instructor) to the Royal Army of Oman.

Bruce, Robert "Bob". (19?? - ) Scottish. Learned to play the pipes while at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane. Went on to play with the Drums & Pipes of the Aberdeen University OTC. Subsequently commissioned into the 1st Bn. Royal Scots. Holds rank of Major, and still piping.

Buchanan, George D. (1912 - January 19, 2002) Scottish, born in Kilbarchan, Aryshire, resided in Ottawa. Instructed by Archie McNeill in the 139 Boys Brigade PB. Emigrated to Canada after WWII. PB of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa in the 1960s. Founding member of the Ottawa Piping Club. Taught in the Air Cadets. PM of the Ottawa Police PB. Played pipes in to his late 80s. Instructor. Father of Donald Buchanan, piper.

Burgess, John D. (1934 - June 29, 2005) Scottish, resided in Invergordon. MBE. World class piper. Taught as a boy by PM William Ross. In 1950, won both the Inverness and Oban Gold Medals (the Double) at the age of 16. Won numerous other top medals and prizes. PM of Edinburgh City Police PB. During the '60s, played for the Invergordon Distillery PB. Instructor, taught Brian Donaldson. Judge. Died from complications due to an car accident a few weeks earlier.

Burnside, Alexander "Sandy". (1922 - March 28, 2004) Scottish. Piper. Began piping around the age of 8 years, tutored by Jimmy Herd. Joined Bowhill PB and soon became PS. Moved onto Kinglassie PB as PM, later onto Michael Colliery PB as PM. When he retired from piping he went to work part-time for Robert Shepherd Pipemaker from Cardenden.

Burnside, William "Wullie". (1947 - ) Scottish, resides in Fife, Scotland. Piper. Taught by PM Hugh "Shug" McPherson. Joined Lochore & District PB in 1956. Played in juvenile band in 1958/59, then played throughout 1960s in Grade I competition with Lochore. Moved to Dysart & Dundonald under PM Bob Shepherd throughout their success in 1970s. Moved to Shotts & Dykehead under PM Tom McAllister Jnr during seasons 1980-1984. PM of Inverkeithing & District for seasons 1984-1985, climaxing winning Grade III World and Champion of Champion titles in 1985.

Burton, Gregor. (1981 - ) Canadian, raised in Powell River, BC, resides in Regina, SK. Piper. Taught by Fred MacLeod (member of the P&D of the Powell River Paper Company and 2-Time Pacific Grand Open Aggregate Champion). Open competitor and former member of the City of Regina PB (Grade II). Teaches at with the Royal Canadian Army Cadet Program, serving as Piping Co-ordinator at Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre since 2003.

Butler, Richard. (19?? -) Resides in England. Official piper to the Duke of Northumberland (Northumbrian pipes). Several CDs.

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Caird, David. (March 16, 1933 - November 11, 1987) Scottish. Piper. Appointed the seventh Sovereign Piper in 1973, held this position until 1980 at which time he left and took charge of the RAF Halton PB for about five years before dying of a brain tumor very suddenly. Member of the Highland Light Infantry in the 1950s. Played with the Royal Highland Fuseliers.

Cairney, Jack. (19?? - ) Canadian. (British Columbia.) Former member of the Triumph Street PB (5th in Worlds), City of Port Moody, and Abbotsford Police PB. Currently PSgt of the Maple Ridge PB (Grade II).

Cairns, Archie McNeil. (1928 - April 1, 2016) Canadian, born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. Piper. Began piping at age 9 tutored by his father, PM John Knox Cairns of Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (P.L.). Served as PM in the Argylls from 1952-1954. After 13 years with the Argylls, in 1954 he enrolled in the Regular Force and was posted to Camp Petawawa where, as PM, he formed and trained the P&D of 2nd Battalion The Canadian Guards, serving over 10 years. In December 1964 he transferred to the RCAF as PM of the pipe band at Station Rockcliffe, Ottawa, where he trained a prize-winning band. In 1968, Cairns retired from active solo competition, having won almost every major award in Eastern Canada and North Eastern USA. Along with John MacLellan, established the Piobaireachd Society Gold Medal (Canada) first held in 1973. He retired from the Regular Force in 1981 and enrolled in the Reserve Force. He was promoted to Major in 1983. Major Cairns dedicated almost 60 years of his life to piping, with his main tutors being his father, John Wilson and John MacLellan. Major Cairns is an accomplished piper whose sole profession has been that of a Piper, Pipe Major, International Adjudicator, Lecturer, Teacher, Piping Consultant/Advisor, etc. Many of his published pipe compositions have been recorded internationally. His most outstanding pupil is his son, John Knox Cairns, who succeeded him as CO of the Cadet School of Pipes & Drums in London, Ontario. [website]

Cairns, Colin V. (19?? - 2014) Australian. Co-inventor of Indian-Cairns synthetic drone reeds. (Also see Iain Indian). [website]

Cairns, John Knox. (1896 - 1952) Piper. PM of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada 1945-1949. His son Archie Cairns was PM of the same band a few years later.

Cairns, John Knox. (1962 - ) Canadian. Piper. Taught by his father PM Archie McNeil Cairns for 27 years. Winner of both the Argyllshire Gathering Gold Medal and the Northern Meeting Gold Medal in 1999. Professional Piper of the Day at the North American Championship (Maxville, ON), and the Light Music at the William Livinstone Sr. Invitational. Former PM of the Grade 1 St. Thomas Police PB, now a member of the 78th Frasers (Grade I). Creator of Bagpipe Solutions learning materials. Son of Archie McNeil Cairns. [website]

Cameron, Allan. (1919- ) Scottish PM of the Vale of Atholl PB 1952-1973. Pipe Corporal of the Atholl Highlanders 1938-1996. 1994 recipient of the Balvenie Medal for "Services to Piping." Taught piping privately and at Rannoch School. Early tutor of Gary West, who now presents BBC Radio Scotland's Pipeline. The sole piper playing in front of Blair Atholl on the cover of the 1972 Scottish Clans calendar and in the 1980's his photograph could be found in the majority of picture books published on Scotland. Before retiring judged numerous piping events.

Cameron, Donald. (1810-1868) Scottish, born in Strathconon. Taught by Angus MacKay. Won the Prize Pipe at the Northern Meeting of 1843. In 1848, become piper to Keith Stewart-MacKenzie of Seaforth. Won the Gold Medal at Inverness in 1849, 1850 and 1859. The first piper to win the "Champion of Champions" Gold Medal at the Northern Meeting in 1867. The march "Donald Cameron" was composed by a contemporary in his honor. Brother of Alexander ("Sandy") Cameron. Father of Colin, Alexander and Keith were all very good pipers. The Cameron family pipers' interpretation of piobaireachd has become recognized as "Cameron School."

Cameron, Ian C., Captain. (18/19?? - Nov. 7, 1990) Piper. Longtime member of the Piobaireachd Society. Prolific composer, tunes include Rhonda MacPhee's Fancy, Strathalmond, W.A. MacPherson of St. Thomas, among others. Wrote "History of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 7th Battalion."

Campbell, Archibald. (1877 - 19??) Scottish. Compiler of The Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor, a collection of 112 better-known piobaireachd tunes. Long-time member of the Piobaireachd Society. Known as "Archibald Campbell of Kintail." Father of James Campbell.

Campbell, Bruce. (1952 - ) Scottish, resides in South Queensferry (I actually live in Edinburgh), Scotland. Taught by John M MacKenzie, Queen Victoria School. Served as a piper in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and the Royal Scots. Played with Woolmet & Danderhall PB (Grade I, later became Scottish Gas PB). Went on to become PM to the Sultan of Oman's Royal Band which won three successive Gulf Championships. Subsequently moved to Australia and became PM of the Royal Australian Regiment, City of Blacktown PB, Canberra Highland Society & Burns Club PB (Grade II) and Queanbeyan PB. In Scotland has been PM of Peebles Ex-Servicemans PB (Grade II) as well as City of Blacktown #2 (feeder band). Also an author on books related to piping history and several piping/dancing magazines via his company, Highland Media Group. Piper to both the 1745 Association and the Scottish Wrestling Bond. Judge.

Campbell, Colin Mor. (17??/18?? - 18??) Scottish, of Nether Lorn. Author/compiler of the Campbell Canntiareachd in the late 1700s, based on the vocables employed by the MacCrimmons. At one point lived in Easdlae, Argyllshire.

Campbell, Gordon. (19?? - ) Scotttish. The current PM of the 71st Royal Engineers (TA). Was previously the PM of the Scottish Gas PB and the Pipes & Drums of the Edinburgh & Heriot Watt Universities Officer Training Corps. Previously played in the Vale of Atholl PB. Has also been a piping tutor at Fettes College in Edinburgh.

Campbell, James (of Kintail). (November 26, 1853 - April 8, 1930) Scottish, one of ten children, the son William Campbell (a shepherd) and Elizabeth Irvine. At 17 he joined the 42nd or Black Watch and fought in the Ashant Campaign of 1873/74. Appointed Queen's Piper (Victoria) in 1891 a position he held until retirement in 1910. James died on 8th April 1930 at the Royal Infirmary Inverness and is buried in the Priory Cemetery Beauly with his parents. Uncle of William Campbell.

Campell, Jeannie. (19?? - ) Scottish. Curator of the museum at the College of Piping. Author of Highland Bagpipe Makers which was first published in August 2001.

Campbell, James. (1917 - Dec. 2004) Scottish. Active member of the Piobaireachd Society for decades. Judge for over 60 years, though never competed himself. Son of Archibald Campbell of Kilberry, the compiler of the Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor.

Campbell, Roderick. (1873 - 1935) Scottish, born at Loch Broom. Instructed by Sandy Cameron. Later settled in Edinburgh after serving as piper to a number of families. In 1908, won the Gold Medal at Oban. In 1910, won the Gold Medal at Inverness. Composer. Instructed John Wilson, among other students.

Campbell, William. (November 16, 1872 - November 1, 1960) Scottish. Born at Glen Urquhart, Inverness, the son of a gamekeeper. At age 5, started on the practice chanter and received his first pipes at 12. Joined the 3rd Bn Seaforth Highlanders getting instruction from PM Ronald MacKenzie. Resided in Inverness and in 1890 won 2nd place for Piobaireachd at the Inverness Gathering. He was then appointed Piper to Major Allanby of Ardrisaig. Appointed Second Piper to Queen Victoria in 1891 after his uncle's recommendation although he wasn't an army man at the time, but was a non-drinker and single. Second Piper until the Queen's death in 1901 at which time this position was abolished. In 1897 won the Gold Medal for Piobaireachd at the Northern Meeting. Later moved to Canada. At the outbreak of WWI became PM of the 13Bn Canadian Black Watch possibly due to the fact his Uncle had been in the Black Watch. Campbell later transferred to the PPCLI (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry) becoming their PM. Some speculate that when Campbell heard that there was a regiment named after Princess Patrica of Connaught, whom he had known quite well from his time as Queen's Piper, he couldn't help but transfer. He was still winning piobaireachd competitions in Canada during the 1920s and up to 1936. Robert U. Brown met with him in 1957 when visiting the BCPA. Died at Haney Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. Nephew of James Campbell, Sovereign Piper.

Carmichael, Fred. (19?? - ) Canadian. PM of Celtic Flair PB Ontario.

Carey,Tim. (1953 - ) American, resides in Maryland. Professional grade piper. Started lessons with father at age 6. Continued studies with Jack Chisholm of Inverness and Edinburgh City Police fame. Also studied with William Logan, John McFadyen, Duncan Johnstone, and George Steele of South Uist. Won first place in first international competition in Toronto in under 14 and repeated the following year. Played with Denny and Dunipace PB (PM 1982-89), City of Wilmington PB, Kenmure PB, City of Toronto PB, City of Glendale PB, City of Washington PB. First competed in open professional at Cowal in 1969. Won first stateside open professional and piper of the day at Colonial Highland games 1971. Current member of City of Washington PB.

Cassells, Stuart. (1979 - ) Scottish. Piper. First taught in the Wallacestone PB, then by PM George Lumsden and Donald MacPherson. By 13 was playing in Grade I pipe bands: Torphichen and Bathgate, later MacNaughton’s Vale of Atholl PB. At 18 was PM of The Royal Burgh of Stirling PB. In 1996, was featured on the Greentrax recording, Young Pipers of Scotland. The first graduate (2005) with the new "BA Scottish Music – Piping" degree from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Named "BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year" in 2005. Debut solo recording, ‘Blown Away’ with Footstompin records. Member of The Red Hot Chilli Pipers, winners of "When Will I Be Famous" BBC show in 2007. Currently member of the 78th Fraser Highlanders. Instructor at workshops. Sometimes presenter of Scottish music programs on BBC Radio Scotland.

Caudill, William "Bill." (19?? - ) ?. Piper. Accomplished soloist in EUSPBA. Teaches at North American Academy of Piping. Advisor to the St. Andrews band and the Grandfather Mountain band.

Caution, James Clark "Jim". (March 13, 1922 - December 23, 2007) Piper. Born in Longframlington, Northumberland. First taught by his father as a child while recovering from diphtheria. At 16 (he claimed to be 18), joined a pipe band being formed in the 51st Highland Division R.A.S.C. (T.A.). Member of The Scottish Piping Society of London for many decades. Took Piobaireachd Society sponsored courses in ceol mor (piobaireachd) from David Ross of Rosehall. Entered his first Professional competition at Chiswick in 1947 and won 1st place in the March event. Went on to win many events at various highland games. Taught the London Scottish PB. Later helped form, and lead as PM, the successful Pipes & Drums of the R.A.M.C. (T.A.). At the Harpenden Highland Gathering beat the famous PM J. B. Robertson, M.B.E. in the piobaireachd event, the year after Robertson won the Bratach Gorm. Retired from all competition in 1959 to teach. Joined the judging panel in the Scottish Piping Society of London in the early 1960s. Taught PM Roger Huth (former Scots Guards) along with many, many other pipers. [website]

Center, James A. (April 14, 1875 - October 1919) Scottish, born in Edinburgh. Piper. Highland dancer. Was taught piobaireachd by John MacDougall Gillies. Went into the pipe making business that his father, John Center, had started in 1867. Married Maggie Melvin on June 27 1900 (or 1901). Won the Australian-Scottish Bagpipe-playing Championship in 1907. Emigrated to Australia with his father in 1908. Pipe and dancing instructor for the Minyip Caledonian Society. Wrote one or more very good pipe tunes, and wore a famous bonnet. Had three children. Buried in Burwood, Victoria, Australia.

Center, John. (c1831 - 1913) Scottish. Pipemaker. Ran his business Edinburgh from 1869 to 1908 when he sold his business to James Robertson. Center and his family moved to Australia that same year.

Chesney, David. (19?? - ) North Irish. Former proprietor of Warnock Reeds Ltd, leased that company from James Warnock for 15 years until the arrangement ended in February 2004 when Chesney left to start his own company. Inventor of the Chesney Bagpipe Tuner.

Chisholm, Jack. (1922 - 1983) Scottish, Inverness. Member of the Edinburgh City Police PB. A first cousin of Donald MacLeod. Came to Washington, D.C. from Edinburgh, Scotland in January 1958 and was responsible for starting the strong piping scene there.

Chisholm, Jori. (1975 - ) American, resides in Seattle, Washington. World class piper. Won the "A" March at Oban, Third in Gold Medal at Oban, many other top awards across North America and Scotland, including the U.S. Gold Medal Piping Championship for Piobaireachd (2004, 2008, 2009). Member of the multiple-time World Champion Simon Fraser University PB. Teacher. Teaches online bagpipe lessons through his website. [website]

Clansey, Colin. (1975 - ) Canadian. Resides in Petawawa, ON. Piper. Winner "A" Grade SR at Oban, 2nd in Former Winners MSR at Oban, took a 2nd and 3rd in the Silver Medal at Inverness. North American Professional Champion. Two time BC Pipers Association Knockout Champion. 1st in Open MSR and Jig at BCPA Annual Gathering in Vancouver. Joined the SFU Grade 2 PB at 11, and the SFU Grade 1 PB at 13. Serves in the Canadian Forces as 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group PM. Currently PM of the Grade 2 Glengarry PB in Maxville, Ontario.

Cole, Lawrence. (19?? - ) Resides in Connecticut. Full time professional piper, mostly GHB. Also plays Northumbrian, gaida, etc. Official piper of the St. Andrew's Society of New York.

Connell, Willie. (1931- September 10, 2008) Scottish, born in Glasgow. Began piping at 14, taught by David Panton. Won his first amateur competition after only three months on the pipes. Often competed against John D. Burgess. Studied piobaireachd for 14 years under Robert Reid. Turned pipes at Reid's bagpipe shop in Glasgow. In 1957, won the Clasp at the Northern Meeting. In 1958, won the S&R at Inverness. Several time runner-up to the Gold Medal. Became PM of the Milngavie PB (Grade II) in 1965, winning the Grade II championship at the Worlds in 1966. Helped reestablish the Glasgow Skye Association PB in 1968. PM of the Renfrew PB (Grade I) when Joe Noble was lead stick. Emigrated to Canada in 1973. Significantly involved in the creation of the Pipers' Society's first ever judge examinations. Served as VP of the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario in 2005. Judge. Instructor. His successful pupils include Bob Worrall was well as Matt Turnbull, Greg Abbott, and Brad Davidson, all of whom won the Ontario Gold Medal for piobaireachd. [website]

Connolly, Jamie. (19?? - ) Canadian. Founding PM of the Grade I Celtic Flair PB in Ontario, Canada.

Cousin, Lorne. (June 28, 1972 - ) Scottish, grew up in Campbeltown, resided in Edinburgh, moved to Los Angeles in 2007. Piper. Started piping at age 6, taught by the late PM Tony Wilson. "A" Grade piper. Took 2nd in the S/R at the SPA Competition in 2002. Invited to the Northern Meeting Gold Medal Competition in 2002. Competed at professional level, winning prizes at senior solo competitions including the Argyllshire Gathering, Northern Meetings, The Royal National Mod and the MacCallan Trophy held in Lorient, France. Member of the Kintyre District PB, 1985-1996. Member of David Urquhart Travel P&D (Grade I), 1998-2000. Toured with rock star Madonna in 2004. In 2007, taught at NPC Summer Schools in USA. [website]

Cowell, Leslie. (19?? - ) English. Pipemaker. Founder of David Naill & Co. in 1977. The company is named after the the two sons of the proprietor. [website]

Cowie, John. (c1855 - 19??) Scottish, of Bellshill. Regimental Pipe Major. According to his great, great grandson, Cowie was a composer and played on several occasions for the King and Queen when they were in Scotland. Was a PM by 1910, based on a photograph from that time.

Coyne, Seumas. (19?? - ) American, resides in southern California. Piper. Started playing bagpipes at the age of 3, and turned professional by age 12. He was taught by his father, James J. Coyne, as well as Angus Mackay, Jimmy McIntosh, Murray Henderson, Jack Lee, Tom McAllister Jr. and J.K. McAllister. Played with successful bands including Shotts & Dykehead, St. Mary's District, Simon Fraser University, City of Washington, the Los Angeles Scots. PM of the City of Glendale, Chicago Caledonian, and now James J. Coyne Memorial. Founder of Coyne Celtic Imports, a now-closed retailer of Scottish highland supplies. Teaches through the James J. Coyne Memorial School of Piping & Drumming. WUSPBA Judge.

Crabtree, Robert. (19?? - ) Canadian. (Ontario, Canada.) Has won the Gold Medal at Braemar, the Jig at Oban, and numerous other prizes. Has recorded several CD's, including The Pipers Journey, and The Piper's Legacy, for which he won a Juno. Director of the Ontario School of Piping.

Craig, Colin. (1920 - September 3, 2007) New Zealander. Piper. Won the Comunn na Piobaireachd New Zealand Gold Medal in 1978. Instructor. Composed a variety of tunes including two well-known hornpipes, "Jimmy Blue" and "Outward Bound".

Crichton, John (Jack) D. (19?? - 2002) Scottish. Piper. RSPBA Judge. Instructor. Co-founder of Knightswood Juvenile, Glasgow and teacher at George Heriots School, Edinburgh.

Crisler, Peter. (1949 - ) American. Founded Peter's Pipes in 1996. Pipemaker, first known for his replacement tongues for Shepherd synthetic drone reeds. [website]

Cruickshank, James. (19?? - ) Scottish? Ended his chairmanship of RSPBA in 2000.

Cusack, Michael. (19?? - ) American, resides in Huston, Texas. World class piper. First American to win many of the top solo competitions in Scotland. Winner of the Argyllshire Gathering Gold Medal in 1984 and the Senior Piobaireachd at Oban, the Clasp at Inverness and the Bratach Gorm. Also won Gold Medal at Inverness in 1987 (fourth time in 2003). Former PM of the City of Washington PB. PM/instructor of the St. Thomas Episcopal School Bagpipe Band. Led the school to three "Grade III juvenile" World Championships in 1985, 1995, 1998, and 2004—they got 2nd in 2001.

Cushing, Mark. (19?? - ) American, resides in western New York State. Piper. Bagpipe maker. Founder of Cushing Bagpipe Company. [website]

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Daniels, Tommy. (1914 - 1987). Scottish. Former PM of the Pipes & Drums of the Royal Engineers (Volunteers). Taught generations of school kids in the Edinburgh area during the 1960s to 1980s, including at Stewart's Melville College. Jack Abbot played at his funeral.

Davidson, Derek G. (Jan. 4, 1959 - ) American, born in Ontario, Canada, resides in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. Grade I piper. Intructed by John Crawley and Noel Slagle. Founding member of Western Reserve PB and Lehigh Valley PB. Both of these bands started as parade bands, then went up to achieve championship status in Grade II. Was PS of Western Reserve when they won North America Champion Supreme Grade III in late 1970s. Instructs the Graham Highlanders of St. Johnsbury Academy (VT), Plymouth Firefighters (NH), St. Andrew's PB of Vermont, Boston Police, and other students around the North East. Piping since the late 1960s.

de Groot, Jeroen. (Sept. 6, 1956 - ) Dutch. One of the foremost and active pipers in Holland. Member of the band Hailander. Organizes events (such as, co-organizer of Dutch Bagpipeday) and plays at various international events in Europe promoting traditional Dutch pipe music.

Deger, Manfred. (195? - ) German. Inventor of the "DegerPipes," electronic practice chanter. [website]

Detjen, James "Jim". (1976 - ) American, resides in Salt Lake City, Utah and Seattle, WA. Open Grade Piper. Began piping at age 9. First instructor was Jim McGillivray of Seattle, WA (not the gold medalist McGillivray). Champion Senior Amateur Grade I piper in B.C. and Pacific Northwest during the early 1990s. Studied under PM James Troy, Sr., Roderick Weeks, and Jack Lee. Played with Keith Highlanders PB (Grade III) and City of Seattle PB (Grade II). Began practicing shortly with SFU (Grade I) in 1992 until joining the U.S. Army where he was in the Airborne Infantry, and eventually received an appointment to The White House. Philanthropist and owner of global advertising firm. Founder and Chair of the enigmatic proposed Bagpipe World Cup.

Dickie, Neil. (1957 - 2049) Scottish first, then Canadian by default of residence. Played in several bands including Knightswood Juveniles, Red Hackle, Scotia Legion, SFU. Currently with Alberta Caledonia until he runs out of music. Writer of articles on piping and pipe bands, a sometimes teacher of music, and writer of music for bagpipes and other wooden instruments. Other passions - football (soccer), fine food and huskies. Very close friend of the PBC ( [This entry written by Neil himself!]

Donaldson, Brian. (19?? - ) Scottish. World class piper. Formerly a PM in the Scots Guards. Won the Gold Medal at Oban, as well as several "A" Grade light music prizes. Involved with Invernan Bagpipe Makers. Vice-president of the CPA at one time.

Donaldson, William Dr. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piobaireachd researcher. Lecturer in history with Scotland's Open University. Studied under Bob Nicol.

Downie, Craig. (19?? - ) Born in Glasgow, Scotland, resides in Tononto, Canada. Piper. Founded the celtic rock band Enter the Haggis in 1996. Also plays harmonica and whistle. Emmigrated to Ontario with his parents at 7 years old.

Drysdale, Walter. (1924 - November 27, 2009) Scottish, resided in Methil, Scotland. Piper. In 1954, won the March compeititon at the Argyllshire Gathering. Senior judge. Instructor, students include Stuart Samson, Murray Henderson, Gordon Duncan.

Duddy, Neil A. (July 4, 1905 - ??) Scottish, born in Clydebank, Scotland to Irish parents. Piper. Claims to have taken up piping at 12 with the The King Brian Boru Irish Warpipe Band under Peter McNicol, but no corroborating record of this band appears to exist. Emigrated to the USA in 1930. Joined the Donegal Pipers Band of New York City in 1935, in which he stayed until 1952. Known primarily for his recordings. On the Aamco label The Royal Scotch Guards Bagpipes (1958), and on the Folkways label, including The Donegal Piper (1961), The Donegal Piper, Vol. 2 (1964). Unfortunately, these recordings are marred by poor tuning, occasional fingering errors and otherwise poor playing. It is believe that despite the title of one album, Duddy was never part of any group connected to guarding royalty.

Dunbar, Jack. (July 29, 1918 - April 13, 2002) Scottish-Canadian. Was a turner for Peter Henderson in Glasgow, until he was called to serve in WWII. After WWII, started Piob Mhor Highland Industries along with Thomas Liddell and John Maitland making pipes and selling piping supplies. Emigrated to Canada in 1951. Started a basement piping repair business while working for General Motors in Ontario and thus in the 1960s became the first pipemaker to set up a full-time shop in North America. In 1985, upon retirement from GM, focus on this business that grew into J Dunbar Bagpipe Maker Ltd. One of the first to make a full set of pipes of a synthetic. Collaborated with Ken Eller in the 1980s to establish Dunbar-Eller making a chanter designed for pipe bands. Eller left in 1989, while Dunbar continued on. [website]

Duncan, George R. (1902-1965) From Edinburgh, Scotland. Studied with William Macleod, MacLennan, and Roddy Campbell. Lived in New York City for 16 years involved with the Lovat PB and studied with Donald MacPherson. In 1939 moved to Detroit, Michigan and played with the Ford PB where—according to his daughter: "they won every award possible for the day." Started the Detroit Highlanders. Achieved many awards and much recognition.

Duncan, Gordon. (1963/4 - December 13/14, 2005) Scottish. World class piper. Compact discs were "Just for Seamus," "Circular Breath," and his last release, "Thunderstruck." Long time member of the Vale of Atholl PB. Composer. Known for his innovative playing. Younger brother of Ian George Duncan.

Duncan, Ian George. (1950 - ) Scottish. World class piper. PM of the Vale of Atholl PB for 26 years, ending after the 2000 season. Studied under Bob Brown and Bob Nicol at Balmoral in the early 1970s. Solo prizes in Highland Society of London Gold Medal competitions at Oban and Inverness. Briefly played with the ScottishPower PB before becoming PM of Drambuie Kirkliston PB in late 2003. Bagpipe teacher for Dundee city schools. Older brother of Gordon Duncan.

Dunn, Alastair. (1980 - ) Northern Irish, from Newtownards. Piper. Started piping at 8, taught by Freddie Russell, later by Roddy MacLeod. Joined Field Marshall Montgomery PB in 1997, member during the winning of the 2002 and 2004 World Championships. As Acting PM, FMM won the Scottish and All-Ireland Championships. Only the third PM to win the All-Ireland PB Championships since 1989. Won B Grade March at Oban in 2003, and also the Silver Medal at Inverness in 2004. Was acting PM of FMM from April - July 2004. Won the piobaireachd at the Metro Cup 2005. Works for St. Kilda Bagpipes in Glasgow.

Dunn, Margaret Houlihan. (September 1979 - ) Irish, from County Cork, resides in Glasgow. Piper. Began piping at 8 years old with instruction from her father Con Houlihan. At 10, taught by Stephen Power. Moved to Scotland at 17, and studies Piobaireachd with Andrew Wright. Played with Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia PB (Grade I) and while a member won the World PB Championships in 2000. In 2000, Strachan Memorial MSR, London. In 2001, won Duncan Johnstone Memorial Piobaireachd. In 2003, won the A Grade SR at Oban. In 2003, finished second in the Silver Medal at Oban. Institute of Piping Graduate Certificate with distinction, 2004. Married piper Alastair Dunn in 2006. Won the Silver Medal at the Northern Meeting in 2007. Instructor at the National Piping Centre.

Dunsire, Robert "Bob." (January 3, 1953 - November 6, 2006) Born in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, resided in Washington State, USA as a U.S. citizen. Creator/owner of the Bagpipe Web Directory and originator of the highly successful discussion forums at Father of Alison and Liz Dunsire, both accomplished bagpipers. (Read the interview elsewhere on this site.)

Dunfion Bagpipes. See Henry Murdo.

Duthart, Alex. (October 7th, 1925 - November 27th, 1986) Scottish. Drummer. First taught by his father John Duthart at 8-years-old. Later by Alec McCormick of the Glasgow Police PB. Earned 2nd in his very first solo drumming competition in 1948. Later won an unprecedented number of solo drumming competitions. In 1953, led his Dalziel Highlanders drum corps to a World Championship drumming title. Joined Shotts & Dykehead PB in 1957, aside from two years with Invergordon Distillery PB and two years with Edinburgh City Police PB, it was a membership that lasted until 1982. Then joined British Caledonian Airways PB until his death while doing the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with them in New York City. One time drumming principal of the RSPBA. Revolutionized Scottish pipe band snare playing. Legendary jazz drummer Buddy Rich described him as 'a far better drummer than me'. Regarded as the greatest pipe band drummer of all time.

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Eade, Brendon. (1972 - ) New Zealander. World class piper. Early teacher was Jim Wilson, later influences Lewis Turrell MBE (NZ) and latterly piobaireachd instruction from Dr. Angus MacDonald. Lived in Inverness for about five years, during that time competed at most major comps in Scotland gaining many prizes including Northern Meeting's Inverness Silver Medal in 2003. Also featured in lists such as Braemar, Skye, London and Argyllshire Gathering. Won the Comun na Piobaireachd (NZ) Gold Medal in 2004. PM of Hamilton Caledonian (Grade I). Instructor. Judge.

Eller, Ken. (February 18, 1947 - ) Canadian. Piper. Played with 78th Fraser Highlanders from 1993-2003. Former partner with Dunbar Bagpipe Makers, at that time the firm was Dunbar-Eller. Former PM of Clan MacFarlan. Nicknamed "The Captain." Instructor. Judge. Likes to fish.

Elliott, John A. (19?? - ) Canadian. Reedmaker. Pipe major of Peel Regional Police PB. Played with Murhead & Sons, former PM of T&D (Toronto & District) PB. [website]

Essen, Ed. (19?? - ) Canadian? Piper. PM of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, for 36 years. Seaforth was deployed in WWII, and the P&D were there. Remained PM for years after the war.

Ewen, Barry. (1946 - ) Scottish. (Originally from Glasgow, Scotland.) Scottish Amateur Champion, and long-time professional player and instructor at the Gaelic College, St. Ann's, Cape Breton. Formerly PSgt of the Renfrew PB, and PM of the Scotia Legion PB, Grade I. Currently PM of the Windsor Police PB, Grade II.

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Faughnan, Michael Jr. (1960 - ) American, resides in Mt. Sinai, NY. Piper. Originally taught by Stewart Robertson, Edinburgh, Scotland. Grew up playing with the Glengarry PB in Sayville, NY in the 1970's. Continued studies with Seamus MacNeil, John MacLellan, John MaFadyen, Duncan Johnstone and Jack Lee over the years. Open Soloist in the Eastern US, Canada during the 1970-'80s. Later focused on running an instructional program on Long Island that fielded 3 competitive bands and a parade band. PM of Iona College PB 1978-1982. PM of Saffron United PB 1984-2008 bringing the primary band up through the ranks to competing in the All Ireland and the World Championships more than once in Grade II. PM Terry Tully of St. Lawrence O'Toole PB wrote a tune entitled Michael Faughnan's Air. Current member of the NY Metro PB in New York City.

Findlater, George, V.C. (18?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Served with the Gordon Highlanders and won the Victoria Cross for heroism at the battle of Dargai, 1897, on the Northwest Frontier, when he piped the regiment into action at the storming of the heights and continued to play ("The Cock o' the North") under fire from a sitting position even after being shot through both ankles.

Findlater, Jimmy. (19?? - 19??) Piper. During the 1970s was chairman of the London and South East Branch of the SPBA (later known as the RSPBA). No relation to George Findlater, V.C. The tune entitled "Jimmy Findlater" was written on May 17, 1973 by Gordon Speirs at an airport while waiting to do a workshop in Omaha. The "E D double-D C B" phrase that repeats in every part represents Jimmy's shuffling his feet while somewhat unsuccessfully trying to keep his balance down a hill, march in step, and carry the band's trophies all at the same time.

Finegan, Jerry. (1962-) American. Born in Elgin, IL and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Taught by Jimmy McIntosh, Mike Cusack, and Alasdair Gillies. Open Grade Piper. Former PM of the Atlanta PB (Grade III). Member of City of Washington PB (Grade I). Instructor.

Fisher, John. (19?? - ) Canadian. (Originally from Saskatoon, SK. ) Six time North American Solo Drumming Champion. Played in the Shotts and Dykehead PB as a 17-year-old. Former Lead Drummer of the City of Victoria PB. In 2002 took over from Michael Hunter as LD of the 78th Frasers.

Fisher, Wayne. (19?? - ) Canadian, resides in Watford, ON. Pipe maker. PM for the Forest Legion PB.

Fleming, Adam. (18??/19?? - ?) Scottish. Piper. During World War II, captured in France 1940 and was in Stalag XXB. Later became M of McKenzie PB in Rosebank Road, Dundee, Scotland. Father of Angus Fleming.

Fleming, Angus. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. PS in the Scots Guards, served in all three battalions during his service in WWII and when he re-joined in 1948. Son of Adam Fleming.

Fleming, Daniel. (May 1963 - ) Scottish. PM. Taught in the Arbroath branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland, and joined the Scots Guards aged 16 years. Taught by PM Linden 'Dixie' Ingram and also PM Angus McDonald during senior pipers course at Edinburgh Castle. Served under PM Jimmy Riddel, PM Sandy Davidson and PM Gordon Webster before taking over the 1st Battalion Scots Guards in September 1997 for two years. Later given the appointment of Regimental Sergeant Major of Edinburgh Castle until retirement in 2003. Member piper of the Humberside Police Band, where he also serve as a police officer.

Forbes, Colin. (19?? - ) Scottish. Learned the pipes from Jack Crichton while a pupil at George Heriots School in Edinburgh. Went on to play with the Edinburgh City Police PB and the Lothian & Borders Police PB. Was PM of the latter, between 1982 and 1983.

Ford, Charlie. (19?? - ) Scottish? Retailer of bagpiping supplies in California.

Forsyth, Henry. (1872 - 1941) Scottish. PM of the Scots Guards. In 1905 took the position of piper to the Duke of York who later became King George V in 1910, at which time Henry was elevated to Sovereign Piper. He later continued in those duties under Edward the VIII and George VI. For instance, In 1931, Forsyth played before the Royal Family at Balmoral. On Sept 1: Captain Towse, V.C. (march), The Laird o' Drumlair (strathspey), Jack Wilson (reel), The March to the Isles (march). On September 4: King George V's Army (march), Balmoral Castle (strathspey), The Bridge of Perth (reel), The Heroes of Vittoria (march). Peformed for several recordings.

Forsyth, Kenny. (19?? - ) ?. Bagpiper for the Tannahill Weavers in the mid-1990s.

Foxo, Xosè Lois. (19?? - ) Spanish. Not a piper. Founded "Real banda de gaitas de Ourense" which is roughly equivalent to a College of Piping for gaita players. Author of a book of history and tutoring of the gaita.

Fraser, James "Jim" Alexander, QSM. (September 15, 1934 - January 4, 2010) New Zealander. Drummer. Began instruction with Cecil George Smith at age 6. In 1951, replaced Smith in City of Christchurch PB, the only pipe band he would ever play in. In the 1960s organized a Tattoo in Christchurch. Hosted a pipe band radio program continuously for 18 years. Served as organizer and fundraiser for many large competitions and band events. Was awarded a Life Membership in the RNZPBA, and several other organizations. Awarded the the Queens Service Medal on December 31, 2009, for his efforts to pipe bands.

Fraser, Robert A.G. "Bob". (1922 - March 9, 2012) Scottish, born in Arbroath but also holds Canadian citizenship. Started as a drummer but volunteered for pipes. Learned cross-handed due to a fire injury to his right pinky as a child. Served in the RAF during WWII. PM of several regiments throughout Scotland and Canada from WW II onwards, including The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada (1967-1973). Emmigrated to Canada in 1957. For over 57 years, has been PM of Lord Selkirk Boy Scout PB (Grade IV), which he co-founded with Mr. Art Wooster. Also founded the St. Andrew's Society PB (Grade II & IV). The tune "Pipe Major Robert Fraser of Winnipeg" by Michael Grey, is in his honour.

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Gandy, Alex. (December 9, 1988 - ) Canadian, resides in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Started pipes at age 10, taught by his father, Bruce Gandy. Later also received instruction from Willie McCallum. Won Grade V Champion Supreme in his association, and skipped to Grade III after only one Grade IV contest. Won Grade II Champion Supreme in the ACPBA. Entered Grade I in 2003 at age 14. Plays with 78th Highlanders Halifax Citadel PB.

Gandy, Bruce. (1962 - ) Canadian, born in Victoria, British Columbia. Piper. Played in the City of Victoria PB (Grade 1) under James W. Troy 1974 - 1982 (6th in the Worlds in 1979). Moved to Ontario and became a member of the 78th Frasers 1982 - 1997, as PS 1995 - 1997 (World Champions 1987). Piping Instructor at the College of Piping (Prince Edward Island, Canada) from 1997-2000. 1998-2001 ACPBA - Champion Supreme for Open Piping. Won 2003 Gold Medal at Inverness, Scotland. Won both the A March, SR, and Jig at Oban, and the A March and SR at Inverness. Wide assortment of awards. Music books. Solo CDs. In 2001, moved with his family to Halifax, Nova Scotia to become Senior Piping Instructor at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site. [website]

Gannaway, Donald. (19?? - ) New Zealander. Along with his wife Mary, founder of D&M Gannaway Ltd., specializing in pipe bags. [website]

Georgeson, Laurence, M.B.E. (19?? - 19??). Scottish. Piper. PM of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, Stirling Castle. Attended Queen Victoria School at Dunblane where he learned to pipe and Scottish dance, along with his brother, a lesser known piper, James Francis Georgeson.

Gehler, Ralf. (19?? -) German. Piper/historian. Lives in Northern Germany. Author of a number of publications on bagpiping history. Also a well known and talented player of the traditional old German bagpipe.

Gibson, Jerry. (1937/38 - ) Scottish. Pipemaker. Started piping at the age of 12 in the UK. Taught by PM Ian Laidlaw of the Black Watch Regiment. At 18, tutored by PM Donald MacLeod then taught by PM William MacLeod. Joined the Seaforth Highlanders in Invernesshire, Scotland. Emmigrated to Canada in 1959. Played with City of Toronto Grade I, also with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlander regiment. After emmigrating to the USA, played with the North Coast PB for a number of years. Began making bagpipes in his garage in 1978 and entered his business full-time in 1992. Self-taught as a pipemaker. Father of Kim Wheeler, his office manager. [website]

Gillanders, Robert "Bert." (May 18, 1898 - ?) Scottish, born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bert worked for John Center, the Thow Brothers and also MacDougall as a turner before founding is own company "Robert Gillanders, Bagpipe Makers." In 1956/57 the company was moved to Forfar and the company name was changed to R. Gillanders & Son, since Bert's son Robert "Bob" Gillanders had grown up in the business. In 1972, the Gillanders family sold the company to Iain McLeod, who changed the name to "Gillanders & McLeod, Ltd." Bob Gillanders continued to work at G&M until he retired. Bert's father, Robert Gillanders—born Feb, 18 1865 in Aberdeen—married John Center's eldest daughter, Jeanie Bella Center in Edinburgh on Aug 11, 1893.

Gillanders, Robert "Bob." (April 9, 1925 - 199?) Scottish, born in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Pipemaker. Son of Robert "Bert" Gillanders. Began making bagpipes as age 10. Crafted pipes at "R. Gillanders & Son" and later "Gillanders & McLeod" until he retired.

Gillespie, Lawrie. (19?? - ) Scottish. Prominent piper in the Edinburgh City Police PB during its golden years. Retired from Lothian & Borders Police as a Chief Inspector. Still piping.

Gillies, Alasdair. (1964 - August 27, 2011) Scottish, resides in Pennsylvania. Started piping at the age of nine. Studied piobaireachd under PM Iain Morrison 1980-88, and Captain Andrew Pitkeathly, 1988-94. Graduated Army School of Piping (Pipe Majors Course) in April 1986. Holds The Graduate Certificate from the Institute of Piping as well as The Senior Teaching Certificate. In 1986 he won every event that he entered at the Northern Meeting in Inverness. In 1989, won the Highland Society of London's Gold Medal at Oban. Won the Glenfiddich Piping Championship 1991. Won the Gold Clasp at the Northern Meeting in 1992. Has won over 30 first prizes at Oban & Inverness. When the Queen's Own Highlanders and The Gordon Highlanders amalgamated to form The Highlanders, Alasdair Gillies became their first PM. Moved to the United States in June 1997, where he teaches at Carnegie Mellon University. Teaches at workshops and the Balmoral summer schools. Instructor for the Greater Pittsburgh Police Emerald Society P&D. Son of Norman Gillies, his first instructor.

Gillies, Norman Alexander. (1935 - February 26, 2007) Scottish, born in Glasgow. (Norman's father was from Raasay.) First taught by Iain MacPherson M.M., later taught by Willie Ferguson, Peter R. MacLeod and Capt John A. MacLellan. Holds The Graduate and Senior Teacher's Certificates from The Institute of Piping. Competition successes include numerous premier prizes. In 1970-71 he was the first civilian to receive the PM Certificate from the Army School of Piping. Bands: Red Hackle, 5th/6th H.L.I., 1st Bn 52nd Lowland Volunteers. Examiner for Standard and Higher Grade Education in Bagpipe. Frequent teacher at U.S. summer schools. Teaches courses at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig Gaelic College, Isle of Skye. Teacher in the College of Piping Network of instructors. Father of Alasdair Gillies.

Gilmour, Bill. (19?? - ) Canadian. Piper. Married the daughter of Alex MacNeill, Sheila. Took over the practice chanter reed business from his father-in-law. Served in the 48th Highlanders, then in The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada, 2nd Battalion. Was PM of 2 RHC when the Canadian Army was restructured in 1970 and the battalion was agglomerated into the 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment and their PB. In 1981, Pwas posted to Ottawa to take over the newly-formed Canadian Forces PB School at Rockcliffe. Was also appointed PM of the Canadian Forces Base Ottawa PB and became the senior PM in the Canadian Armed Forces, where he remained until retirement in April 1992.

Glen, Alexander. (Aug. 19, 1801 - March 14, 1873) Scottish. Pipemaker. Operated Alexander Glen Bagpipe Maker, Father of David Glen. Brother to Thomas Glen.

Glen, Alexander "Sandy". (Dec. 31, 1877 - Feb, 4, 1951) Scottish. Pipemaker. Operated David Glen & Sons. Son of David Glen Sr. and brother to David Glen Jr. Grandson of Alexander Glen.

Glen, David. (April 3, 1853 - June 25, 1916) Scottish. Pipemaker. Founded David Glen Bagpipe Maker in 1873. Published the book "Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd" in 1880. Son of Alexander Glen. Father of David Glen Jr. and Alexander "Sandy" Glen.

Glen, David (Jr.). (Dec. 1, 1883 - Apr. 5, 1958) Scottish. Pipemaker. Operated David Glen & Sons with his brother Sandy Glen. Sold stock to J&R Glen when he retired in 1949.

Glen, John. (June 13, 1833 - Nov. 29, 1904) Scottish. Pipemaker. From whom the J&R Glen Pipermakers name is taken. Son of Thomas Glen. With is brother, Robert, took over their father's business in the 1860s or 1870s.

Glen, Robert. (Jan. 13, 1835 - Oct. 21, 1911) Scottish. Pipemaker. From whom the J&R Glen Pipermakers name is taken. Son of Thomas Glen. With is brother, John, took over their father's business in the 1860s or 1870s.

Glen, Robert. (18?? - 1940) Scottish. Pipemaker. Son of John Glen and brother of Thomas Glen.Worked with Thomas Glen in the J&R Glen shop until he died in 1940.

Glen, Thomas MacBean. (May 4, 1804 - 18??) Scottish. Pipemaker and musical instrument maker. Purchased Donald McDonald's pipemaking shop in 1827. His sons, John and Robert (of J&R Glen) took over his business in the 1860s or 1870s. This business would operate in Edinburgh for over a hundred years.

Glen, Thomas. (Aug. 5, 1867 - Aug. 21, 1951) Scottish. Pipemaker. Son of John Glen and grandson of Thomas MacBean Glen. Took over operations of J&R Glen pipemaking shop from his father and uncle. Retired from the pipemaking business the year of his brother's death in 1940 at which point the J&R Glen shop operations were turned over to Andrew Ross, a long-time Glen employee.

Glendinning, Charlie. (19?? - ) American. Piper. PM. Took piano lessons when he was three, but in fifth grade started eight years of study in violin. Played with the Maryland Youth Orchestra, the Annapolis Symphony and the American Light Opera Company, and won the National School Symphony Award as a high school senior, that year he embarked on bagpiping. Played with the City of Washington PB for thirty years, most of that time as PS with two separate periods as PM. Dunblane, The Recruits, Bagdad, Andy's Lullaby, and Kit's Reel are just a few of his more popular piping compositions. [website]

Glendinning, Paula. (1955 - ) American. Professional grade piper, instructor and co-editor (with Mike Rogers) of The Voice (the official publication of the EUSPBA) left The Voice staff in Summer of 2004. A long-time member of the City of Washington PB.

Gordon, Nick. (19?? - ) ?. Piper. Pipe major of Queen's Own Highlanders.

Graham , Kathleen Nicholson (Willis). (June 8, 1927 - August 30, 2012) Born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, resides in Stanton, California. Taught by her father, PM Malcolm Nicholson C.M. (PM of the Vancouver Police PB for 17 years), at 4-1/2 years old. At 6, was awarded the youngest piper in Canada trophy.  At 12 years of age, joined Vancouver Ladies PB. At 16 years, joined the Glengarry Girls PB. Started highland dancing at the age of 2-1/2 and won a Pacific Coast championship at the age 7. Travelled to New York City with the A.B. Marcus Shows where she played the pipes and danced at the same time and also for WPIX T.V. in N.Y. City. Settled in Seattle, Washington in 1951 and taught highland dancing. In 1953, won the Aggregate piping with Willie Ross and John Burgess judging in the Seaforth Armories in Vancouver, B.C. Moved to Santa Monica, California in 1966 and shortly after arriving started teaching the bagpipes. In 1981 started the Nicholson P&D with all her own pipe pupils. Played Amazing Grace as a solo on the sound track of the movie "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." In 1985, at the demise of her mother, returned to Vancouver, B.C. to caregive her father. Turned the Pipe Majorship of her band over to her pupil Robert Hackney. Returned to Orange County in 2002 and started teaching again and acting as advisor for the Nicholson band.

Grant, Lillian Mary. (1916 - 1996) Canadian. Born and died in Victoria, British Columbia. Piper. Recruited from leading "The Highland Lassies" to become PM of Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC) PB, which was authorized on August 8, 1942. At its height, contained 27 pipers and drummers. The band was deactivated following the conclusion of WWII, in 1946. The only PM of the only women's military PB in Canadian history. [band website]

Gray, Ann. (196? - ) Canadian, born in Nova Scotia, resides in Calgary, Alberta. Piper. Started piping at age 10—then known as "Annie Robinson"—with the Stellarton Balmoral Girls' PB. Moved up to the professional grade at age 18. Also at 18, joined the Scotia Legion PB (Grade I). Won Dunvegan Medal for Piobaireachd at the Skye Gathering in Portree, Scotland in 1995 and the Mrs. MacDonald of Craigniche trophy for the Marches at the Northern Meeting in Inverness in 2000. Two solo recordings: "A Twist in the Tale" in 1995 and "Shouting at Magpies" in 1998. Released "Ann Gray's Collection of Music for the Great Highland Bagpipe" in 2000. Placed 2nd in the 2004 U.S. Gold Medal competition. In 2007, released the CD, "Tales of Magpies & Ravens." Instructor. [website]

Gray, Michael. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Former PM of the 1st Battalion The Highlanders. Awarded MBE by Queen Elizabeth II in June 2003. Career army piper. In 2004 became an instructor at the Army School of Piping. Has won many solo awards.

Green, Brian. (196? - ) American. Professional grade piper. Played with the Adirondack PB and then Manchester PB. He was the PM of Manchester in 1997, and became PM again in 2001.

Green, Michael Jonathan. (1961 - ) American, resides in Bethesda, Maryland. Piper. First instructors were Charlie and Paula Glendinning, grew up playing under them in the now-defunct Lindsay PB. PM of the Grade I City of Washington PB since 1991. Asian international studies professor at Johns Hopkins University, fluent in Japanese, consults on foreign relations. [website]

Greig, James "Jim". (October 15, 1928 - June 11, 2003) Born in Scotland. Canadian. Piper. Played with the Black Watch and later the Edinburgh City Police. PM of the Clan MacFarlane PB from the 1960s until 1973 when Ken Eller became PM. On May 28, 1986, founded the City of Thorold PB which he lead as PM. Perhaps the most famous of Jimmy's pupils was Lindsay Kirkwood.

Grey, Michael. (196? - ) Canadian. born in Quebec, resides in Dundas, Ontario. Pipe Major. Received his early lessons at 13 from George Walker of the 48th Highlanders of Canada and was a member of this band for three years. He studied under John Wilson, Bill Livingstone, and John Walsh. Won the North American Championship 4 times, the overall title at the Vancouver Indoor Meet 2 times, the Piobaireachd Society Gold Medal and MSR and Former Winners’ MSR on the same day. In 1989, won the aggregate championship at the Cowal Highland Gathering. Won the professional Ontario Championship Supreme awards for both piobiareachd and light music 17 times. Won the Toronto Piper’s Society Knock-Out final several times. A founding member of the 1987 World Pipe Band Champion 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band, 1987-1995. PM of Peel Regional Police PB, 1995-1999. Won the SPSL Strachan Cup in 1999. In 2007, joined Toronto Police PB as PS. Published six books of his composed music. Adjudicator. Instructor. [website]

Grossart, Rory. (1965 - ) Scottish. Piper. First instructed by Johnny Morrison of the Milngavie Juvenile PB in Scotland, then for a decade by Angus J. Maclellan followed by Ronald Morrison for piobaireachd. After playing with Malngavie, moved to the Grade I Babcock Renfrew Band (later the Black Bottle PB), then in 1992 joined ScottishPower PB of which he is PS. Former president of the Scottish Pipers Association. Taught for a year at The Piping Centre.

Gorrie, Andrew "Andy". (1940 - ) Born in Denny, Scotland. Resides in Queensland, Australia. Was taught pipes by Duncan Munroe Maclennan (Son of Lewis) in Box Hill, Melbourne, Australia, and furthered his piping in the Australian Army under the instruction of PM Alex M. Lee (ex-Scots Guards, composer of the march "Raasay House"). Unofficial tutor of the Singapore Ladies PB in the early 1970s. Played at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 1975 with the Queensland Police PB. Became PM of the Sixth Battalion Royal Australian Regiment in 1980 as Warrant Officer, and retired from the army as Pipe Major in 1990. Member of various Australian civilian bands before and after his army career in piping.

Gunn, William. (1789 - Feb. 14, 1867) Scottish. Pipermaker. By 1834 had a pipemaking business in Glasgow, and continued his business in two other locations in the city through 1866. Composed "Gunn's Salute" and "Lament for Captain Wemyss Erskine Sutherland." Published "The Caledonian Repository," a book of pipe music in 1848.

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Hamilton, Christopher. (1961 - ) American, resides in Maryland. Professional grade piper. Former tuning expert for the Grade I City of Washington PB. Retailer of piping supplies for about ten years ending in early 2010. Occasional seminars. Instructor. EUSPBA Judge. Moderator at the forums. [website]

Hamilton, Matt. (1924- ) Scottish, born in Shotts, Scotland. Drummer. Played tenor drum with Shotts and Dykehead Caledonian PB from the age of 9 until he was 41 years old. Played alongside Alec Duthart, and Tom Mcallister, during many of "The Glory Years" of SDCPB. Emigrated to the USA in 1965, moving to Worcester, Massachusetts, to join The Worcester Kiltie Band and they won numerous North American Championships. The band included award winners the likes of Dave Armit and Alec Colville (both of Shotts and Dykehead), James Kerr, Tom McGurk, Bob Burnett, Terry McGinty, Bill McGuiness and Peter Buchanon. Instructed tenor/bass sections for The Worcester Kiltie Band, The Boston Police Gaelic Column, Tulach Ard P&D. Instructs drumming with the Worcester Fire Brigade P&D and Worcester Police P&D. EUSPBA tenor and bass drum judge.

Hardie, Robert G. (19?? - 19??) Scottish. World level piper. Pipemaker. Along with John Weatherston, founded R.G. Hardie & Weatherston Ltd. in 1950. PM of Muirhead & Sons. [website]

Harley, Rufus Jr. (May 20, 1936 - August 1, 2006) American, born in Raleigh, North Carolina but moved to Philadelphia at age 2. Was of African-American and Cherokee descent. Self-styled "world's first jazz bagpiper." In his youth, played mostly saxophone. Decided to take up bagpipes after he watched the Black Watch perform at President John F. Kennedy's funeral on television in 1963. Finally found a set of pipes for $120 in a Jewish pawnshop in New York City. When he first began toying with bagpipes, a neighbor in the apartment building called the police several times to complain about the noise—Harley would innocently ask the officer: "Do I look like I'm Irish or Scottish to you?" Featured on records and in concert with jazz and blues men John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, Sonny Stitt, Dizzy Gillespie and Herbie Mann. Admitted that "everybody thought I was crazy." Was the lead artist on four albums on the Atlantic label between 1965 and 1970. Made TV appearances, including "The Tonight Show" hosted by Johnny Carson, "What's My Line?" and "I've Got a Secret." Died of prostate cancer.

Hazzard, Jenny. (1975 - ) Canadian, resides in Edinburgh. Beginning at age 9, taught by Michael Grey, Toronto. Played for periods with the Newmarket Pipe Band and Glengarry PB (Grade II). Played with 78th Fraser Highlanders from 1992 to 1999 before moving to Scotland and joining the Lothian and Borders Police PB until 2004. Most important prizes include Inverness Silver Medal, Metro Cup, and MSR at the Canadian Gold Medal competition in Maxville. One time member of the Lothian & Borders Police PB. Environmental consultant by profession. Married to Colin MacLellan.

Henderson, Donald. (18??- 19???) Scottish. Pipemaker. Father of Peter Henderson.

Henderson, Faye. (1991/92 - ) Scottish? Piper. At 18-yeard-old, won the Gold Medal at Oban in 2010, making her the first woman to win this medal. Daughter of Gold Medalist Murray Henderson.

Henderson, Joe. (19?? - ) Scottish? World class piper. Judge.

Henderson, Murray. (19?? - ) New Zealander. World level piper. Creator of the Henderson line of synthetic drone reeds. Gold Medals at Oban and Inverness. Won four Clasps at Inverness. Glenfiddich Championship four times. [website]

Henderson, Peter. (November 14, 1851 - 1902) Scottish. Pipemaker. Founded Peter Henderson Ltd. in 1880 (when he took over Donald MacPhee's shop), which was purchased in 1972 by R.G. Hardie & Co.

Henken, Jonathan. (19?? -) Resides in New York State. PM of the Mt. Kisco Scottish Pipes and Drums. Official piper for the Forbes yacht.

Herd, Jimmy. (18/19?? - 19??) Scottish. Founder of Bowhill Colliery PB. Grandfather of PM Jimmy Banks.

Hitchings, Bruce J., MBE, BEM. (1955 - ) Born in New Zealand, has resided in Scotland since 1976. PM of Queens Own Highlanders from 1986-1992. Senior Pipe Major of the British Army and Chief instructor at the Army School of Piping 1992-2000. Reedmaker. Founder of Achiltibuie Highland Reeds in 2001 and inventor of Balance Tone synthetic drone reeds. Began piping in the mid-1960s. [website]

Houlihan, Margaret. See: "Dunn, Margaret Houlihan."

Hubbard, Neil. (1957 - ) American, of Canadian descent. Resides in Kirkland, Washington. Founded and produced Seattle's Masters of Scottish Arts Concert from 1998-2007. The MSA concert has become the largest attended solo piping concert anywhere in the world. Produced two live CDs of the concert in conjunction with Jori Chisholm. Member of the Keith Highlanders PB since 1990. Teacher. [website]

Hudson, Nicholas "Nick". (1987/88 - ). American. Piper. A Bagpipes Performance major at Carnegie Mellon University. Began pipes at age 13. Instructed by Christopher Hamilton and later by Alasdair Gillies. Featured in a front page article in the Wall Street Journal on May 11, 2006 as the United States' only student studying as a bagpipes major. Later featured on the CBS Evening News on September 22, 2006. [website]

Huggins, Murray. (February 1968 - ) American, resides in Ashland, Oregon. Began piping at age 9 with original instruction by William Keddie, Jimmy McColl and Cameron Wylie. Studied Oboe under Raymond Weaver, Houston Symphony 1987-1998. As a teenager began studying instrument making under Stephan Bacon and James Daily. Self taught metal smith and hand engraver. Original member of the folk music ensemble Criona 1987- 1993. Married Yoko Terayama in Osaka, Japan 1999. Named the "Colin Kyo Bagpipes" business after son Colin Kyo Huggins. (Kyozo, is Yoko's grand father hence the name Kyo.) 2003 Winner of the Seaforth Trophy. [website]

Huth, Roger. (19?? - ) English? World Level Piper. While his father was a piper, sent to Jim Caution (Waltham Forest PB) for piping instruction. President of The Scottish Piping Society of London. British Army Pipe Majors Certificate ‘AA’ Pass. The RSPBA's Advanced Certificate (‘A’ Pass with distinction). Played with Metropolitan Police PB for 5 years, then Blue Bonnets City of London PB under PM Gordon Speirs. Joined Scots Guards in December 1976, 5 years as PM, left in 1993. Spent 3 years as Senior Piping Instructor at the Army School of Piping, Edinburgh Castle. One time PM of the British Airways PB. Instructor. Judge. Moderator at the forums.

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Indian, Iain. (19?? - ) Australian. Co-inventor of Indian-Cairns synthetic drone reeds. (Also see Colin V. Cairnes). [website]

Ingram, Linden "Dixie". (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. PM of Scots Guards and took the Pipes & Drums to Grade 1 in four years. Won the Silver Star at Oban Highland Games. Began adjudicating for RSPBA in 1982. While Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) of the Aberdeen University Officer Training Corps in 1982/83, he took their Drums & Pipes to Grade III World Champions in just one year. Former Chief Instructor Guards Depot Piping School, won all Scotlands's Grade III Championships with its band. Teaches at six Colleges: St. Edward's, Pangbourne, Wellington, Berkhampstead and The Oratory, and six Prep Schools: Summer Fields, Cothill, St. Hughes, Elstree, Ludgrove and Dragon; a total of sixty pupils. [website]

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Jones, Alan. (19?? -) Resides in Montreal. Founder of the Northumbrian Pipers Retreat in North Hero, Vermont.

Jones, E.J. (1974 - ) AJones, E.J. (1974 ) American, from Houston,Texas, resides in W. Asheville, North Carolina. Piper. Began the pipes in 1986 at St. Thomas Episcopal School under the instruction of Michael Cusack. Left St. Thomas in 1989 and joined the Hamilton PB 4 months before it was taken over by Donald MacPhee and built into one of the best pipe corps in the USA winning the Grade III and II US Championships at Alma Games. Attended Carnegie Mellon University for one year under the instruction of Jimmy MacIntosh before dropping out in 1994 and co-founding the Scottish Rogues (later Rogues). Co-founded the group Clandestine while in high school in 1990. Wrote and performed tunes with them from 1991-2003 and later reformed the band in 2006.  Solo album with producer/guitarist Gerry O'Beirne in 2002. Prize lists of the U.S. Piping Foundation and the Nicol-Brown Chalice. Recently competed with St Thomas Alumni Pipe Band at the 2012 & 2013 Worlds where the band placed 2nd then 5th in the Grade II. EUSPBA professional grade piper. Also plays flute, whistles, bombarde, border pipes, Irish bagpipes and makes Scottish smallpipes since 2004. Performs regularly with his own Piper Jones band and has performed as a collaborating player with Seven Nations, Brian MacNeil, John Doyle, Ed Miller, Turlach Boylan and the Red Wellies.  Directed concert entertainment for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in 2014. 

Jones, Sandy. (19?? - ) American. Founding director of the North American Academy of Piping (NAAP) at Valle Cruces, North Carolina. Director of the Citadel PB. Started the pipes at age eight, instructed by George Mars. In the United States Air Force PB and served as its PM for eight years. Conducts workshops. Judge.

Johnston, David. (19?? - ) Born in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. Started piping as a 13-year-old. Member of Irish Guards. Piping Instructor for the Irish and Scots Guards at the Guards Depot Piping School for five years where he was instructed futher by PM Jimmy Banks. London Society Gold Medal in both Piobaireachd and MSR. Attended Army School Of Piping under PM Angus Macdonald, received Grade A Pass in the PM Course. Appointed PM with the British Army. Also was PM of Northern Ireland's Leapoughs PB which took second place at the European Pipe Band Competition under his watch. Former PM of Germany's Heather and District PB. Owns and operates his piping supply business "The Pipers Corner" in Germany.

Johnstone, Duncan. (July 25, 1925 - November 14, 1999) Scottish, born in Glasgow. Piper. Taught piping at age 9 by his father, later by Angus Campbell of Ballachulish, Donald MacLean of Oban, and Roddy MacDonald of South Uist. Won his first contest in 1938. Played with the St. Francis Boys Guild Band. Was a piper for the City of Glasgow Corporation Transport Band during the 1950s, later becoming the Pipe Major. Won the first Scottish Piper's Association Knockout competition in 1964 against close friend PM Donald MacLeod. Won again in 1966. Full-time instructor at the College of Piping from 1974 to 1978. Also taught at summer piping schools in North America. In the late 1970s, had a school of piping on Robertson Street in Glasgow; produced two books of pipe music and three commercial recordings on that site. In 1996 Duncan was awarded the Balvenie Medal by Wm Grant & Son Ltd, for services to piping. Composer, most famously for The Farewell to Nigg, which was played on cello at his funeral by his son Neil.

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Katz, Michael. (19?? - ) Joined the Battlefield Band as their piper in late 1997. Released his first solo album "A Month of Sundays" in September 2004.

Keith, Alexander "Sandy". (January 19, 1936 - February 2, 2012) Piper. Began learning piping at age 11 at the College of Piping, under a number of famous instructors, including Archie MacNeill. Moved to Canada with his parents at age 17. Joined the Royal Canadian Air Force. While PM of Erskine PB, took them from Grade III to Grade I. PM of the City of Dunedin PB (in Florida, Grade II). Instructor. Longtime president of the SUSPBA, board member of ANAPBA. Compiled "The Florida Collection" tune book.

Kerr, James "Jim". (1932 - April 19, 2012) Scottish, born in Lanarkshire, resided in Massachussetts, USA. Played many years for Kingshill Colliery, and also, while in the army in Malaysia, with the Cameronians. Immigrated to the USA in 1956. PM of the Worcester Kiltie PB (Grade I) in the 1960s during which they won five North American Championships. Under his leadership, in 1964, the WKPB became the first American PB to compete at the World Pipe Band Championships. In 1969, it was the first USA PB to win any Scottish competiton. Stepped down as PM in 1983. Judge. Chanter maker.

Kerr, John "Jock". (19?? - ) Scottish. Played with the Edinburgh City Police PB during the 1960s. Composer of the much played 6/8 march "Rab's Wedding".

Kilberry Bagpipes. See Neil Manderson and Geoff Nicholsby.

Kidd, John. (1936 - October 4, 2012) American. Resided in Ashville, North Carolina. Pipe maker and restorer. Began bagpiping in 1961 while living in the UK. Published over 100 refereed papers on astrophysics and quantum mechanics. Self-published a paper covering chanter sound measurements. With a fellow physicist from Berkeley, noted a way to redefine the inner contour of drones top produce "mode locking" when the drones fall in tune with one another. Subject of an article in the Piping Times.

Kilgour, George. (192? - May 2007) Scottish, born in Edinburgh. Served as an apprentice and pipemaker with the bagpipe maker James Robertson in Edinburgh during World War II. Served as a piper in the Scots Guards post-WWII becoming a PS in the 1st Bn. He and his brother, Robert (PM 2nd Bn.), opened a bagpipe shop in Marypark, Scotland and manufactured and distributed their own pipes, Kilgour and Kilgour. Was instrumental in developing Charles Kron as a pipe maker in Dobbs Ferry, New York, beginning a join venture Kilgour & Kron which later became CE Kron Co. Instructor. Returned to Scotland in1995.

Kilpatrick, James "Jim". (19?? - ). Scottish. Drummer. Lead drummer for House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia PB, which won the World Pipe Band Championship with his help. Awarded MBE by Queen Elizabeth II in December 2003. At one time worked for the Premier Percussion company.

Kintail Bagpipes. See "Sharp, Greig."

Kirkwood, Graham. (19?? - ) Canadian? Resides in Oakville, ON. Drummer. Since the age of 18 has played competitively. Lead-tip of the Niagara Regional Police PB. Judge. Instructor. The son of the late James Kirkwood. Brother of the late Lindsay Kirkwood.

Kirkwood, Lindsay. (1959 - December 9, 2002) Resided in St. Catharine's, Ontario, Canada. Piper. Workshop instructor. Judge. Played with Clan MacFarlane, City of Waterloo, 78th Frasers and Peel Regional Police. Was the last PM of the Clan MacFarlane PB before it disbanded. Judge. Instructor.

Kresse, S. Christoph. (1976 - ) German, immigrated to the USA in 2001, resides in Greenville, South Carolina. Upgraded to Professional Grade solo piper in 2006. Grade II snare drummer. Successful solo competitor in the South-eastern USA. Studied piping under German and Canadian pipers as well as players from the British Armed Forces. Since 1992, a top prize list piper in advanced, open and former winners contests in Germany and throughout Europe. In 1994, second place of the Junior Gaelic Air/Jig contest at the London Piping Society competition. BAG Piping Knock-Out Vice-Champion of 1995. PS and later PM of The Heather and District PB, 1995 German PB Champions. In 2005, won the Metro Cup MSR. Member of City of Washington PB. Part-time instructor. [website]

Kron, Charles "Charley." (1956- ) American. Pipemaker. Apprenticed under George Kilgour who in turn apprenticed at Robertsons during WWII. (Prounced "Krone.") [website]

Kyle, Norman Angus. (? - 2000) Canadian, resided in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Pipe maker. Once made a set of pipes out of transparent acrylic. Creator of Norman Kyle Drone Reeds and the Big Air Max blowpipe valve. Instructor to Royal Canadian Mounted Police Pipe Band.

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Laidlaw, Daniel, V.C. (18?? - ) Scottish. Military Piper. Served with the 7th battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers, during WWI. At the battle of Loos (September 1915), he was awarded the Victoria Cross and the Croix de Guerre for exceptional heroism, playing on the parapet of a trench to encourage his company to make an attack, braving enemy gunfire and poison gas. He played "Blue Bonnets Over the Border" and "The Standard on the Braes of Mar" until he fell wounded.

Lamond, Brian. (19?? - ) ?. Piper. PM of Dysart & Dundonald PB from Fall 1999 through September 2002. Played with Peel Regional Police PB and also Victoria Police PB.

Lawrie, Arthur. (1924/5 - August 2005) Scottish. Grandson of the founder of bagpipe makers R.G. Lawrie of Glasgow. Ran the family business after leaving the military as a Colonel after WWII. Expanded it to six locations in Scotland. By the 1970s, R.G. Lawrie was concentrating on highland dress and merchandise not specific to piping. The company was sold in 1980, 99 years after it was founded.

Lawrie, Robert G. (18?? - 19??) Scottish. Pipemaker. Founded R.G. Lawrie in Glasgow in 1879 (or 1881, depending on sources). The company was managed by John MacColl from 1908-1936. Grandfather of Arthur Lawrie. His company ran until the 1980s.

Lawrie, Ronald "Ronnie". (1927 - March 26, 2008) Scottish. Piper. First taught by PM Willie Ross (on trips to Oban) and later taught by Archie "Blind Piper" MacNeill and also Robert Reid. In 1953, won the March at Oban. Won the Argyllshire Former Winners MSR in 1957 and 1960. In 1961, won the Gold Medal at Argyllshire. In 1967, took over as PM of the Glasgow Police PB which took 2nd in the Worlds during his six years at the helm. In 1987, took as PM of the Polkemmet Grorud PB (Grade I) for one successful year. Instructor. Judge. Sometimes called "Big Ronnie" due to his 6'7" height. Also sometimes called "MacRonnie." Son of Angus Lawrie.

Lee, Jack. (1957 - ) Canadian. World class solo piper. PS of the multiple-times World Champions Simon Fraser University PB. Winner of the Northern Meeting Gold Medal at Inverness in 1981. Won the Gold Medal and the Senior Piobaireachd at Oban in 2001. Clasp, Silver Star (twice) at Inverness; Senior Piobaireachd, the MacCrimmon Memorial Cairn for Piobaireachd at the BC Pipers Annual Gathering (11 Times) and numerous other awards. In 2003, the first North American piper to win the Glenfiddich. Won Grade 'A' S&R at Oban in 2004. Instructor. Brother of Terry Lee. Three sons, John, Andrew and Colin.

Lee, Mark. (19?? - ) American, resides in the midwest. Inventor of Rocket Drone Reeds, pioneering carbon fiber tongues. Member of the U.S. Marines.

Lee, Terry. (19?? - ) Canadian. PM of the multiple times World Champions Simon Fraser University PB. Operator of Tartantown scottish supplies. Brother of Jack Lee.

Lenahan, Tom. (19?? - ) Established "The Clan" in 1986, one of the first Western Hemisphere's first celtic rock bands. In 1994, the band was renamed Lenahan. Plays bagpipes, guitars, bodhran and whistles.

Lenz, Andrew Jr. (1967 - ) American. Piper. [I've resisted this entry for years, but it's been suggested and I'm finally giving in!] Grade III competitive piper. Member of Santa Cruz Pipes & Drums. Taught by PM Jay Salter, who in turn was taught by Jimmy McColl, Jimmy Thompson, and Donald Shaw Ramsay. Creator of this popular bagpiping reference website, Joined the moderator team at the bagpiping forums at the request of Bob Dunsire in November 2003. Occasional contributor to The Voice, EUSPBA's magazine. Took over as webmaster for WUSPBA in June 2005 and WUSPBA newsletter editor in late 2007. WUSPBA Executive Secretary 2011, 2012, 2013. Ran the solo piping competition at the Loch Lomond Games in Santa Cruz County, California for several years. [I really don't belong in the company of the Lee brothers and Stuart Liddell, but hey, it's alphabetical, what can I say?]

Liddell, Stuart. (19?? - ) Scottish. Resides in Inverary, Scotland. Gold Medal, Silver Medal, "A" March, and "A" Strathspey and Reel at Inverness; "A" March and "A" Strathspey and Reel at Oban. Won the Clasp at the Northern Meeting in 2007. Formerly a member of the Scottish Power Pipe PB. Founder and PM of the juvenile Inveraray PB. Currently plays with the Simon Fraser University PB. Released his first solo recording, Inveroran, in 2007. Stuart Liddell's mother is the second cousin of Hugh MacCallum. Relative of Willie MacCallum.

Lindsay, Diarmid F. (1946 - ) Scottish, resides in Fife, Scotland. Piper. Started piping at age 11 under instruction of PM Hance Gates. Former PM of the Royal High School PB (Edinburgh), 1961-64 and PM of Edinburgh University PB, 1967-68 (SPBA Grade III). Tutored by PM Iain McLeod, PM Tommy Daniels and PM Archie Pinkman. Member of the Highland Pipers Society 1962-73. Competed with Bilston Glen PB (1968-73) when the band was placed 6th in Grade I at the 1970 World Championships (3rd place for piping). Piper to the Earl of Crawford and Clan Lindsay Society from 1975 until present. Current member of the reformed Eagle Pipers Society.

Lindsay, Donald. (19?? - ) American. Piper. Co-founded the Invermark College of Piping in Petersburgh, New York in 1962 with his father, James F. Lindsay. Claims that in 1969, became the USA's first full-time professional piper and piping instructor. Currently PM of the Oran Mor PB. [website]

Lindsay, James F. (19?? - ) American. Co-founded the Invermark College of Piping in 1962 with his son, Donald Lindsay.

Livingstone, Ranald. (1935 - January 25, 2011) Canadian. Piper. First taught by his father William Sr. In the early-1950s, played in the Coppercliff Highlanders PB in Ontario with his father and his now-famous brother William "Bill" Livingstone. Later PM of Campbell Pipe Band (Ottawa) in the late-1950s. One time president of Hamilton Branch of the PPBSO. Served as the Master of Ceremonies for the 78th Fraser Highlanders PB for three decades.

Livingstone, William "Bill" Jr. (1933 - ) Canadian, born in Coppercliff, Ontario. World class piper. PM of 78th Fraser Highlanders. Winner of the Northern Meeting Gold Medal in 1977, the Argyllshire Gathering Gold Medal in 1979 and The Clasp in 1981 and 1984. Retired from solo piping after competing in the Clasp at the 2005 Northern Meeting. Brother of the late Ranald Livingstone.

Logan, Alan. (19?? - ) Scottish. Pipemaker. Shop located in Inverness.

Lumsden, George "Geordie". (19?? - ). Scottish. World class piper in 1950s / 1960s. Lives in Edinburgh. Former piper in the RHR (Black Watch), PS of the Edinburgh City Police PB and PM of the Lothian & Borders Police PB. Also makes drone reeds and judges bands and solo piping at the top level. Has a son (of the same name) who also plays the pipes.

Lunan, Henry "Harry". (c1896 - c1995) Piper. Last surviving British piper of World War I. Piper with the 5th Battalion Gordon Highlanders and piped in the Battle of the Somme. Featured in the DVD series "Instrument of War" and "When The Pipers Play." At age 97, had tea with HRH Prince Charles in London, England on November 14, 1993. He died a few years later in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Lutz, Bruce. (1957 - ) Canadian. (Regina, SK.) Drummer. Former LD of the Victoria Park PB (Grade 1 and 2). Learned from Geordie Pryde at the Fort San School of Piping and Drumming.

Lutz, Doug. (19?? - ) Canadian. (Regina, SK.) Piper. PM of the Fraser PB in the 1970s.

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MacAskill, John, Dr. (19?? - April 26, 2003) Scottish. Piper. First taught by Seumas MacNeill and later Donald MacLeod. Instructed up and coming pipers with Seumas MacNeill at the COP. Left competition after winning the Gold Medal at Northern Meeting in 1972. Taught summer schools in the USA and Canada in the 1970s. Composer, perhaps his best known tunes are "Alena MacAskill" and "Lexy MacAskill".

MacAulay, Scott. (1956 - September 10, 2008) Canadian, grew up in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Piper. Founding Director of the College of Piping, Prince Edward Island in 1990. Won numerous North American and Scottish solo piping competitions, including the Silver Medal and the Open Jig at the Northern Meeting. Played with Clan MacFarlane PB (Grade I) and Erskine PB. Was PM of the Dunvegan PB (Grade I) in the 1980s. Taught and performed throughout the United States, Scotland, New Zealand, and Canada. Accomplished students include Robert Crabtree and Andrew Hayes. Judge. Succumbed to skin cancer.

MacCallum, Hugh. (1942 - ) Scottish. (Born in Campbeltown, Kintyre, Scotland. Resides in Dunblane, Scotland.) World class piper. Studied under Willie Ross and Captain John A. MacLellan. Won the Highland Society of London Gold Medals (Inverness 1967, Oban 1972); four Clasps at Inverness (1972, 1974, 1977, 1986); Silver Chanters at Dunvegan, Skye—six times; six Clasps at Portree, Skye; a Grant’s Championship in 1978; two Gold Banners for MSR playing at the National Mod; the Former Winners MSRs at Oban and Inverness—five times; and the Former Winners MSR at London twice. Retired from solo competition in the late 1980s, but still plays. Judge. Instructor. Uncle of Willie McCallum (Hugh's brother, Willie's father, is also named Willie). The son of Hugh MacCallum's second cousin is Stuart Liddell. [website]

MacCallum, Ronnie, M.B.E. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Gold Medallist Inverness and Oban. Piper to the Duke of Argyll. Pipe major. Cousin of Hugh MacCallum.

MacCallum, Willie. (19?? - ). Scottish. World class piper. Nephew of Hugh MacCallum and relative of Stuart Liddell.

MacColl, Angus. (19?? - ) Scottish. (Oban, Scotland.) World class piper. Won the Young Piper of the Year award in 1984, Gold Medal at Inverness (1992), and the Clasp (1993). Finished 2nd overall at the 1997 Glenfiddich Invitational. Won the Gold Medal, Clasp, and Jig/HP at Inverness, and the Gold Medal, Senior Piobaireachd and Former Winners MSR at Oban. Descendant of John MacColl.

MacColl, John. (18??/19?? - 19??) Scottish. Legendary player and march composer. Played the first known radio broadcast of piping with a tune called "Johnnie Cope" in 1923. Ancestor to Angus MacColl.

MacCrimmon, Donald Ban. (c1710 - 1746). Scottish. Piper. Born about 1710, one of two sons of Patrick Og MacCrimmon. Followed in the family trade and taught piping at the MacCrimmon's college at Boreraig, Skye. When the Jacobite rebellion of 1745 erupted, Donald Ban was obliged to follow Norman MacLeod, Laird of Dunvegan, into service with the pro-government militia although the MacLeods were traditionally a pro-Jacobite clan. He was captured by Jacobite rebels in a battle at Inverurie in December 1745 but was released when many of his former pupils in the Jacobite army went on strike in protest at their teacher's captivity. Two months later, the MacLeod militia companies were in the vanguard of an attempted seizure of Bonnie Prince Charlie at Moy Hall in Invernesshire. They were ambushed on the road in the pre-dawn light by a handful of retainers of Lady Mackintosh , who fired from concealment and made such a loud commotion that the militia fled in a panic, believing themselves to be facing a large rebel force. The only fatality was Donald Ban, shot dead at the head of the column. He had a premonition of death before leaving Skye and composed the lament "Cha Till Mac Cruimein", "MacCrimmon Will Never Return" before his departure. His brother Malcolm wrote "The Lament for Donald Ban MacCrimmon" in his memory. "MacCrimmon Will Never Return" (also known as "Cha till e tuille", "I Will Return No More") was frequently heard sung or played on the wharves where emigrant ships carried the Highlanders from Scotland during the Clearances.

MacCrimmon, Donald Mór. (c1570 - c1640). Piper. One of the hereditary pipers to the chiefs of the Clan McLeod. Considered by some as the creator of Piobaireachd.

MacCrimmon, Iain. (19?? - ) Resides in Monifieth, Scotland. Piper. Hereditary piper of the Clan McLeod. Author of several collections of pipe music. Frequent visitor to Canada as both summer school instructor and competition judge. Son of Malcolm MacCrimmon. PM of the Edmonton Caledonia PB in the 1980s (renamed as Alberta Caledonia PB) before his move to Scotland.

MacCrimmon, Malcolm. (c1690 - c1768) Scottish. Piper. Son of Patrick Og MacCrimmon and brother of Donald Ban MacCrimmon. Wrote "The Lament for Donald Ban MacCrimmon."

MacCrimmon, Malcolm Roderick. (19?? - ) Piper. One time hereditry piper of the Clan McLeod. Father of Ian MacCrimmon.

MacCrimmon, Patrick Og. (c1645 - c1730) Scottish. Piper. One of the greatest shapers of classical piobaireachd pipe music and the hereditary piper to the MacLeods of Dunvegan, in Skye. Father of Donald Ban MacCrimmon and Malcolm MacCrimmon.

MacCrimmon, Euan. (19?? - ) Scottish. World class piper.

Macdonald, Alexander. (1900 - 1992). Scottish. PM of Scots Guards for 14 years, including throughout World War II. Appointed Sovereign Piper in 1945 upon retirement from the service. Later retired from his royal position in 1966, having served both King George the VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

MacDonald, Allan. (19?? - ) Scottish. (Originally from Glenuig, Scotland.) Piper. Started piping when he was nine. Won the Inverness Clasp on twice. Was at the forefront of efforts to introduce alternative styles of playing light music in the 1970s and 80s. Published a collection of music, The Moidart Collection. Brother of Dr. Angus MacDonald.

MacDonald, Angus, PM, MBE. (October 20, 1938 - June 25, 1999). Scottish. PM Angus Macdonald was acknowledged by many authorities as being the finest bagpiper of the 20th century century. Piper in the Scots Guards, 1953-1980. In 1965 he was promoted to PM and appointed Household Piper to the Queen. In charge of the piping school at the Guards Depot, at Pirbright, 1974-1978. Senior instructor at the Army School of Piping, 1980-1983. Appointed MBE and retired from the Army in 1983. Senior instructor at the Piping Centre in Glasgow. Gold Medal for Piobaireachd at the Argyllshire Gathering of 1963, Winner of Tryst Bicentenary Piping Competition of 1981. Successive victories in the Grant’s Scotch Whisky Championship at Blair Castle. The Angus MacDonald Memorial Invitational Piping Competition honors his memory. Cousin of Dr. Angus MacDonald.

MacDonald, Angus Dr. (19?? - ) Scottish. (Originally from Glenuig, Scotland.) Pipe major. Played with the British Caledonian Airways pipe band. Made many television appearances in the early days of folk bands. Won gold medals at Oban, Inverness and in Canada; the Inverness Clasp and Senior Piobaireachd at Oban; and the Silver Chanter. Won the MSR at Oban and Inverness. Cousin of PM Angus Macdonald. Practices medicine in Portree, Scotland. Brother of Allan MacDonald.

MacDonald (nee McDougall), Barb. (19?? - ) Canadian. Resides in Avonlea, SK. Professional piper. Former Pipe Major of the Fraser PB (Grade 2); Pipe Sgt of the SFU PB (Grade 2); the Strathfleet PB (Grade 2); and a member of the SFU PB. Barb is currently the Pipe Sergeant of the City of Regina PB (Grade 2).

MacDonald, Donald. (17?? - 18??) Scottish. Piper. Compiled a collection of 23 tunes in 1826. A pioneer of bringing pipe music to a written form.

MacDonald, Donald. (17?? - 18??) Scottish. Pipemaker. It's estimated that he started making pipes around 1800. His shop was sold to Thomas Glen in 1827.

MacDonald, Donald. (1900 - 1964) Scottish, born in Benbecula. PM of the 1st Battallion the HLI from 1939-1945. Served 26 years in the regiment. Father of William "Willie" MacDonald (Benbecula) and grandfather of Roddy S. MacDonald.

MacDonald, Iain. (1956 - ) Canadian. Piper. Began piping in 1965. In 1978 and 1981 lived in Scotland, where he studied under PM Donald MacLeod, and played in the Babcock-Renfrew PB under PM Iain McLeod. Played with the SFU PB, 1985-91. Founded the Grade 2 City of Regina PB, PM since 1992. Has recorded a number of albums. Some composing. Some former pupils have won World Pipe Band Championships, solo awards, and taken up teaching positions. [website]

MacDonald, Iain. (19?? - ) (19?? - ) Scottish, born in Glenuig. Piper. Taught piping by PM John MacKenzie of Campbeltown. Learned piobaireachd from Piobaireachd from PM Roderick MacDonald. For nine years played with the touring traditional Band ‘Ossian’. A founding member of the band Wolfstone. Third piper with the Battlefield Band (replaced by Michael Katz in 1997). [website]

MacDonald, Ian K. (19?? - ) Canadian. Resides in Whitby, ON. Former PM of the Metro Toronto Police PB. Won the "A" Strathspey and Reel at Oban; and the "A" Strathspey and Reel at Inverness. Placed in several "A" Grade Light Music events in Scotland, and in the Gold Medal.

MacDonald, John, MBE. (18?? - 1953) Scottish, resided in Inverness. Famous piper. Instructed Donald MacGillivary, "wee" Donald MacLeod, Mickey MacKay and the two "Bobs of Balmoral" among others.

MacDonald, Joseph. (1739 - 1763) Scottish. (Durness, Scotland.) Piper. Wrote "Compleat Theory of the Scots Highland Bagpipe." During and after a long voyage to Culcutta, India he prepared collections of piping tunes. Returned to Scotland in 1760.

MacDonald, Neil Angus. (19?? - ) ?. Piper?

MacDonald, Roderick William "Roddy". (19?? - ) Scottish. Resides in Sarasota, Florida. Piper. Took up piping at age nine. First taught by Neil Henderson of Dunoon. Later taught piobaireachd by Donald MacLeod. Played with the 8th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, and the Invergordon Distillery pipe bands. Won the “Prince Charles Trophy” for musical composition. In the USA, he was PM of the City of Wilmington PB which won repeatedly in Grade 1 competitions in the US and Canada. Founded the Delmar and District PB. Won the North American Championship both times he competed in Maxville, Ontario for solo piping besides numerous awards in Scotland, Canada, and the USA. Past-President of the EUSPBA. The co-founder and Director of Music Education at the Academy of Scottish Arts. Also teaches at the Sarasota Military Academy. Judge, composer, instructor. Taught Burt Mitchell and James "Jimmy" Stack. Father of Calum MacDonald.

MacDonald, Roddy S. (19?? - ) Scottish, born in Inverness. Piper. Originally taught by the John Hunter, tutor with the Inverness Boys Brigade PB, an ex-Cameron Highlander and veteran of the Somme. After the Boys Brigade, played with the Inverness British Legion, Invergordon Distillers and British Caledonian Airways Pipe Bands. Also played for many years with the Balmoral Highlanders showband in London and toured extensively with them under the direction of PM Willie Cochrane. Lived in London from 1975 - 2001, now resides both in Japan and Australia. Composer. Published the "Clanranald Collection of Music for the Great Highland Bagpipe" in 1986 with his father. Appointed PM for Queensland Police Pipes and Drums in early 2003. Recorded the CD "Good Drying" in 2003.

MacDonald, Scott. (19?? - ) American, grew up in Southern California. Piper. PM of the LA Scots from 1992 through Spring 2004, in 1997 won the Grade II World Championship, the first time by an American band. Played with Prince Charles Juvenile PB one year when they went to the Scotland for the Worlds.

MacDonald, William. (19?? - ) Scottish, born in Benbecula. Piper. Won both Gold Medals and the Inverness Gold Clasp. Judge. Composer. Father of Roddy S. MacDonald. Published the "Clanranald Collection of Music for the Great Highland Bagpipe" in 1986 with his son.

MacDonald, William M. (19?? - November 2002) Scottish, of Inverness. Piper. In 1955 became one of the only 11 pipers to win both Highland Society of London Gold Medals in the same year. Published a book of original compositions in the 1990s, which included the tune "Vatersay Bay." Instructor. Judge.

MacDougall, Duncan. (18?? - 18??) Scottish. Pipemaker. The MacDougall company was founded in 1792 and was located in Aberfeldy. Stopped manufacturing in 1906/1907 when company was purchased by Lawrie.

MacDougall, Gavin. (18?? - 1910) Scottish. Pipemaker. Son of Duncan MacDougall, pipemaker. The MacDougall company was founded in 1792 and was located in Aberfeldy. Stopped manufacturing in 1906/1907 when company was purchased by Lawrie.

MacDougall, John. (19?? - ) World class piper. Judge.

MacFadyen, Duncan. (19?? - ) ?. Piper. Resided in Busby, Scotland.

MacFadyen, Hector. (1923 - 1971) Scottish. World class piper. Won both the Oban and Inverness Gold Medals in the same year, 1964. Quite a rare feat. Originally from Pennyghael but later resided in Glasgow.

MacFadyen, Iain. (19?? - ) Scottish. World class piper. Judge.

MacFadyen, John. (1919/1920 - 1979) Scottish, from Busby, Scotland. Piper. Won Gold Medals at Oban in 1960 and Inverness in 1966. Instructor. Spent the school year as a school superintendent and the summers instructing piobaireachd extensively.

MacFarlane, Joyce. (See McIntosh, Joyce/Jimmy)

MacGillivray, Donald. (1923? - ) Scottish. World class piper. Won the Northern Meeting Gold Medal at in 1948. Won the gold medal at Portree in 1948 and 1950. Father of Duncan MacGillivray. Judge.

MacGillivray, Duncan. (19?? - ) Scottish. A resident of Tain, near Inverness. First taught by his father, Gold Medalist and cattle farmer D.P. MacGillivray. His father was a long-time John MacDonald of Inverness pupil who won the major awards in the 1940s. Later received tuition from Gold medallist, PM Jimmy MacGregor at Glenalmond. Still lives on the family farm. Played pipes, guitar, whistles and harmonica with the Battlefield Band until 1983. Won the Gold Medal at the Northern Meeting in Inverness in 1997. A member of the group The Ghillies, also plays in a local ceilidh band called Ben Wyvis and the Last Resort.

MacHarg, Iain. (19?? - ) American. Professional level piper. Son of Mike MacHarg. Founded two pipe bands in Vermont, and helped found the groups Whisky Before Breakfast and Prydein. Instructor. Several recordings to his credit. Also plays Sottish Smallpipes, Border pipes, Biniou Koz, Cornemuse, Bombarde, whistle and flute.

MacHarg, Michael. (19?? - ) Resides in South Royalton, Vermont. Pipemaker. "The Wee Piper" has made GHB, SSP and other pipes since the 1970s. [website]

MacHattie, James. (19?? - ) Canadian. Resides in Toronto, ON. (Originally from Saskatoon, SK.) Won the "B" March at Inverness, and has had several placings in events at both Oban and Inverness, including in the Silver Medal. Won the Piobaireachd Society of Canada Gold Medal and Open MSR; and the BC Pipers Annual Knockout Championship. Former member of the SFU PB. PM of the Metro Toronto Police PB (Grade 1)

MacInnes, Iain. (19?? - ) Scottish. Co-founded of Ceol Mor Software Ltd. in 1999 along with Rod MacLeod, which publishes PiobMaster, bagpipe music composition software. Renowned solo piper. Played with Ossian and also with the Tannahill Weavers from the mid-1980s until 1990. [website]

MacIsaac, Matt. (1980 - ) Canadian. Born in Sydney, Cape Breton. Great-grandson to John A. "Black Jack" MacDonald, PM of the Cape Breton Highlanders. At the age of 10, while living in Moncton, NB, lessons were started. Received his first set of pipes on his eleventh birthday from his step Grandfather Donald R MacKay. Named the Grade Four Champion Supreme at the end of 1992 competing season. In 1994 moved with his family to Halifax, played with the Grade I Halifax Police Association P&D until 1998. At the age of 17 won Open Champion Supreme for the Atlantic Region. In 1997, travelled to Scotland, winning almost every contest in Abernethy, Perth, Crieff, Glenfinnan, Oban and Cowal in the Open Juvenile 17 and under category. Won the Argyllshire Gathering Silver Medal in August 1998, purported to be the youngest piper ever to win it. Took second at The Silver Medal in Inverness (Bruce Gandy took first) in 1998. At one point, a member of the ACPBA and the Halifax Regional Police Pipes and Drums (later to be known as the Halifax Citadel 78th Highlanders). In 1999 joined the Celtic group called Cuillin. He currently pipes onstage with fiddler Natalie MacMaster.

MacKay, Angus (of Raasay). (1813 - March, 21, 1859) Scottish. Moved to London at age 30. First place at the Highland Society competition in 1835. Compiler of A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd or Highland Pipe Music in 1838. In 1843, he left his duties as piper to the Laird of Islay and entered the service of Queen Victoria as the first Sovereign Piper. (MacKay is sometimes omitted from the list of Sovereign Pipers.) Later went crazy and was institutionalised in 1854 in Bethlem Hospital and drowned trying to escape from Crichton Institute to which he'd been transferred in 1856. Son of John MacKay.

MacKay, Donald. (18?? - 192?) Scottish. Piper. Won the Inverness Gold Medal for Piobaireachd in 1903 playing "Patrick Og McCrumens Lament." Used to beat Willie Ross of the Scots Guards in piobreachd competitions. Killed in a railway accident.

Mackay, Donald. (19?? - ) Scottish? Piper. Took over as PM of the Strathclyde Police PB at the end of 2004.

MacKay, Iain Dall. (c.1656 - c.1754) Scottish. Famous "Blind Piper of Gairloch." a.k.a "Blind John." Composer.

MacKay, John. (c.1767 - c.1840). Piper. Composer. In 1792, took first place at the Highland Society competition. Father of Angus MacKay.

MacKay, Kenneth. (17?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Won widespread fame and honors following his exploits as a member of the 79th (Cameron) Highlanders at the Battle of Waterloo (June 1815), during which he encouraged the men by playing "Cogadh no Sith" ("War or Peace") outside the regimental square in the face of enemy cavalry charges.

MacKay, Reay. (19?? - ) Canadian. PM of 48th Highlanders. Taught by Murdo MacLeod and over 30 years with John Wilson. Argued by some as the finest player to ever come out of Canada. Highly sought after judge and instructor.

MacKenzie, Bridget. (19?? - ) Scottish? Piping historian.

MacKenzie, Gill. (19?? - ) Australian. Inventor of what would be marketed as the "Shepherd SM90 synthetic drone reeds.

MacKenzie, John Thomas "J.T." (Sept. 16, 1920 - May 2, 2004). Scottish, born in Edinburgh. Piper. PM. At age 15, joined Scots Guards, less than a decade later was the PM. Moved to Canada after WWII and became PM of Ottawa Air Force PB. In 1969, first PM of Ottawa Police PB, which he founded. Moved to Maxville, Ontario and helped organize the Glengarry Highland Games, now home of the North American Championships. Instructor.

MacKenzie, Malcolm. (19?? - ) Scottish? (Resided in Glasgow, Scotland.) Piper. Inventor of "MacKenzie Mellowtone" drone reeds. Judge.

Mackenzie, Robert, V.C. (18?? - October 8, 1916) Scottish. Military Piper. During WWI, piped the 6th Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers over a trench top at Loos during which he was shot in both legs ad died of his wounds. He was approximately 60 years of age. Also received Long Service and Good Conduct medals. Buried in Etaples Military Cemetery, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. Awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously so not indicated in some records.

MacKinnon, Mary-Ann. (19?? - ) ?. Piper with Vale of Atholl.

Maclean, William. (18??/19?? - 1957) Scottish, born on the isle of Mull. Taught by the great Malcom Macpherson (Calum Piobaire) at the same time as John Macdonald of Inverness. Served in the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders. One of the finest piobaireachd players of his day. Pipe major.

MacLellan, Angus J. (19?? - ) Scottish. World level piper. Double Gold Medalist and former Pipe Sergeant for Strathclyde Police. Consultant for Dunfion Bagpipes. Judge.

MacLellan, Colin. (1958 - ) Scottish, born in Dingwall, grew up in Edinburgh. World class piper. Taught by Jack Crichton and his father Capt. John A MacLellan. Instructor at the North American Academy of Piping. First played in Open competitions in 1976. Lived in Canada from 1977 to 1999 then returned to Scotland. During 1999 was appointed the PM of the Lothian and Borders Police PB, the band returned to Grade I status under his leadership. Left L&BPPB in 2004. Winner of two Gold Medals and two Silver Chanters. President of the CPA for five years, stepped down in October 2004. Piping Teacher at the Edinburgh Academy from 2001-2007. Chairman of CPA's Grading Committee. Married to Jenny Hazzard. [website]

MacLellan, Donald. (1923/4 - ) Scottish, of Kyles Flodda, Benbecula. Piper. Instructor. In 2000, was awarded the Glenfiddich Championship's Balvenie Medal for "services to piping" in recognition of his long time teaching of young students. Didn't get his own set of pipes until he was in his 50s.

MacLellan, Iain. (19?? - ) Scottish? Famous piper. Former P/M of the Strathclyde Police PB. Operates "The Band Room" highland supply in Glasgow, Scotland along with World Champion side drummer Joe Noble. [e-mail]

MacLellan, John A., Capt. (1921 - 1991) Scottish. World class piper and composer. A career soldier, initially with the Seaforths and later with the Queens Own Highlanders. At 19, was the youngest PM in the British Army. First piper ever to be commissioned as an officer. Won every major title including Gold medals at Oban and Inverness and the Clasp for Piobaireachd. From 1961-1974 was the Director of Army School of Bagpipe Music. Revised the book, Logan's Compete Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe and published many collections of bagpipe music including Bagpipe Music for Dancing and Ceol Beag agus Ceol Mor. Longtime member of the Piobaireachd Society and was Honorary Secretary of their Music Committee. For an number of years was in demand as a judge at the Argyllshire Gathering and the Northern Meeting. Awarded MBE by the Queen for services to piping in the early 1960s. Ran summer schools for young pipers in North America. His son Colin was born in 1958.

MacLellan, Roderick "Roddy." (19?? - ) American (New Jersey). Pipemaker. [website]

MacLennan, Donald R., Captain. (19?? - ) Scottish. Half-brother of the very famous G.S. MacLennan, having the same father but a different mother. PM of the Seaforth Highlanders. Well-respected on the competition circuit of Scotland. Tom MacDonald of Inverkip and D.R. were the prominent reed makers of the 1950s-1970s. Retired from the Seaforth, he resided in North Berwick.

MacLeod, Alan. (19?? - ) ?. Bagpiper for the Tannahill Weavers in from the late 1970s through the mid-1980s.

MacLeod, Donald, MBE. (1917 - 1982) Scottish, born in Stornoway, Scotland. World class piper. Pipe major. Prolific composer, including the very popular strathspey Susan MacLeod. Won the Clasp at Inverness (8 Times), Silver Star (5 Times), Jig, Gold Medal. MBE. Featured on Classic Collection of Piobaireachd Tutorials series of CDs.

MacLeod, Kenny. (August, 1931 - ) Scottish. Pipemaker. A former turner for Kintail, Kenny went on to found MacLeod Highland Supplies in the late 1970s and began making his own pipes. Former PM of the Glasgow Skye Association PB. PM of Kilmarnock PB from 1998 through 2002. Majority owner of McCallum Bagpipes. [website]

Macleod, Maclean. (1923 - ) Piper. Scottish, resides in Delaware, USA. Taught by Willie Ross. Emigrated to the USA in 1956. Founder member and president of the Colonial Highland Gathering in 1960. Founder member and 3rd president of EUSPBA in 1977. Founder of the Regional Grade I Amateur piobaireachd "MacCrimmon Quaich" awards under the auspices of the Clan Macleod Society, U.S.A. in 1978. Founder member and president of the U.S. Piping Foundation in 1986. Awarded the "Balvenie Medal" for "Services to Piping" in 1995. In the Spring 1998 issue of The Voice was described as "The Pipers' Patron" and "a true Highland gentleman". In his own words, "I had never considered myself any more than an average piper. [M]y efforts have been directed more to the organizational end of piping affairs."

MacLeod, Rod. (19?? - ) Scottish. Co-founded of Ceol Mor Software Ltd. in 1999 along with Iain MacInnes, which publishes PiobMaster, bagpipe music composition software. [website]

MacLeod, Roddy. (19?? - ) Scottish. Director of Piping at The Piping Centre in Glasgow, Scotland since its opening in May 1996. PM of ScottishPower PB (Grade I) from 1995-2005. Tutored by Duncan Johnstone. Recordings include World's Greatest Pipers, Volume 6 and Pipers of Distinction series (KRL). Plentiful awards including the Glenfiddich Piping Championship (three times), G.S McLennan Invitational; Highland Society of London Gold Medal, (four times); Silver Chanter (five times). Judge. Instructor. Awarded MBE by Queen Elizabeth II in June 2003 for services to piping. Awarded Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Award for Music in 2004. PM of the Spirit of Scotland PB, as featured in the documentary "On The Day." [website]

MacMurchie, David "Blue". (1957 - ) Australian. Pipemaker, shop in Scotland. Son of John MacMurchie. [website]

MacMurchie, John. (1930 - ) Born in Perth, Australia. Taught by his father Archie MacMurchie. Rapidly became Open champion in Western Australia and maintained that title many years. Played in pipe bands in Dundee in the 1950s. PM of the CMF Cameron Highlanders PB, the Coastal Scottish and the City of South Perth PB, all A grade bands in Australia. Played with the WA Police PB at numerous Edinburgh Tattoos. Competed at National level. Tutor, composer, judge and recognised Australia wide as a great player and aficionado of the GHB. Father of David "Blue" MacMurchie, pipemaker.

MacNab, Archibald. (1918 - ) Scottish, born in Argyll. Member of the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders. Served in the World War II. Very popular, albeit outspoken, man and considered one of the great march players of all time.

MacNeil, Robert. (19?? - ) Canadian. Piper with Simon Fraser University. Founder of Robert MacNeil Musicworks, publisher of Bagpipe Music Writer, pipe music engraving software. Composer who has published a tune book. [website]

MacNeill, Alex. (1907? - 1992/93) Scottish. Resided in Montreal, Canada. Piper. Instructed at length by John MacColl. Prolific composer, including the 6/8 March "JAD of Evergreen" (named after Jim Dobie, who lived on Evergreen Avenue). In his last professional competition in Scotland, was competing against G.S. MacLennan, Robert Reid and John MacDonald of Glasgow. Emigrated to Canada in 1927. Competed very successfully against the great John Wilson of Edinburgh and Toronto. In 1939, was winning the Piobaireachd in Maxville in Ontario on the same day that Donald MacLeod was winning the Dunvegan Medal in Skye. Played with the Black Watch (RHR) of Canada Association P&D. Alex MacNeil was the inventer of the plastic practice chanter reed, he learned reed making from A. C. MacDonald, the inventor of the first synenthic (Vulcanite) practice chanter reed. Around 1990, was often to be found amongst the Black Watch Association band at the armouries on Bleury St. in Montreal on Saturday afternoons. Good friend of George R. Duncan. Son of Archie McNeill, the Blind Piper. (Difference in the spelling of the last names is correct.)

MacNeill, Dugald B. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Former principal of the College of Piping. Judge. Instructor at summer piping schools.

MacNeill, Seamus. (September 12, 1917 - April 4, 1996) Scottish. Born "James McNeil" in Glasgow. First taught by his uncle Archie McNeill, the "blind piper" and taught much later by Malcolm MacPherson. Co-founder, in 1944, of the College of Piping in Glasgow, Scotland. In 1948, won the march at Oban. In 1950, won the march at Inverness. In 1953 won the SR at Inverness, In 1954, won the SR at Oban. 1962, won the Gold Medal at Oban. Co-author of the three The Highland Bagpipe Tutor books. Along with Frank Richardson, authored the book Piobaireach and its Interpretation. Editor of The Piping Times from 1948 until 1996. Made several records and cassettes. Travelled around the world doing instructional seminars. Judge. Known for helping spread the bagpipes internationally.

MacNintch, Mike. (1965 - ) American. Piper. Played in Syracuse Scottish PB, Manchester PB. Grade I in solos. PM of Manchester 1998 - 2000, now the PS. Recorded a CD of Scottish Smallpipe music "The Chanter's Song." Works for Seth Gallgher making Uilleann pipes. Played in the "Gangs of New York" movie soundtrack.

MacPhee, Donald. (1841-1880) Scottish. Piper. Published several piping books: Complete Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe, Selection of Music for the Highland Bagpipe, Collection of Piobaireachd Part 1, Collection of Piobaireachd Part 2.

MacPhee, Donald. (18?? - 19??) Scottish? Piper. Compiled a collection of 37 ceol mor tunes in 1925.

MacPhee, Donald. (19?? - ) Originally from the Detroit area, resided for a number of years in Texas, now resides in Scotland, having moved there after marrying a Scottish woman. World class piper. Maker of MacPhee Pipe Chanter reeds. Has won several light music events at Oban and Inverness, and had placings in the Gold Medal. Became Pipe Major of the Dumbart & District Pipe Band in Scotland in 2001. Plays with the ScottishPower Pipe Band.

Macpherson, Donald. (1922 - April 21, 2012) Scottish, born in Glasgow. Piper. Taught the pipes by his well-known father, Iain MacPherson, himself a pupil of the famed John MacDougall Gillies. As a youth, won all the amateur competitions. In 1948, on his first visit, became only the second piper to win both the Gold Medal and the Senior Piobaireachd on the same day at he Argyllshire Gathering. Performed a similarly in 1954, becoming the first piper in history to win a double at the Northern Meeting. Won the Senior Piobaireachd at Oban 15 times, including a run of five in a row (1962-66) and also three in a row (1984-86). Other wins include the Clasp at Inverness (9 times), Silver Star (MSR) at Inverness (6 times). Retired from competition in 1990. Composer. Judge. Instructor with Gold Medal students Iain Speirs and Stuart Shedden. Considered by many as the greatest piper of the 20th century. The following quote is attributed to General Frank Richardson (also a piper): “I would go 20 miles to hear a piper, but I would go 120 to hear Donald MacPherson.”

Macpherson, Douglas. (19?? - ) Scottish, resides in Fofar. Pipemaker. The last apprentice of Bob Gillanders, of Gillanders & Sons. [website]

Macpherson, Edith. (192? - ). Scottish. Scotland's first female senior piping first-prize winner. Won the piobaireachd at the Glenurquhart Games on August 31, 1946.

Macpherson, Hugh. (19?? - 19??) Scottish. Pipemaker.

MacPherson, Neil. (1984 - ) Canadian, resided in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Piper. Instructors have included his father Angus Macpherson, Jack Lee, Alan Bevan and Andrew Wright. Receives regular instruction from Hal Senyk. Played with Robert Malcolm Memorial PB. Joined the Maple Ridge PB (Grade II) in 2000. Instructor with the White Spot Junior PB since 2001. At age 19, won the U.S. Silver Medal (Piobaireachd) in January 2004, in his first competitive performance as a professional. Joined the Simon Fraser University PB for the 2005 season. Has several private students.

MacRae, Brian. (1941/2 - September 2000) Scottish. Piper. PM of The Gordon Highlanders. Former member of British Caledonian Airways PB. Served as the eighth "Queen's Piper" from 1980 through 1995. Was awarded the Royal Victorian Medal.

MacRae, Evan. (19?? - 19??) Scottish. Piper. PM of the Cameron Highlanders. Instructor.

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McAleer, Harry. (19?? - ??) Northern Irish Piper. Pipe Major of Strathclyde Police PB, succeeding Ian McLellan. Died tragically young at age 45 of heart attack. (Followed by Ian Plunkett as PM Strathclyde Police PB, then James Wark in August 2001.)

McAllister, Tom, Junior. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Took over from his brother John K. McAllister as PM for Shotts & Dykehead in 1968. Retired as PM in 1984, after winning multiple PB world championships. Reedmaker.

McBride, Kenny. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. PM of Lothian & Borders Police PB in the 1990s. Son of Willie McBride.

McBride, Willie. (19?? - February 1, 2005) Scottish. Piper. PM of the Monktonhall Colliery PB (Grade II). Instructor. Father of Donald and Kenny McBride, both top solo competitors.

McCabe, Frank. (1934 - ) Scottish. Piper. Inventor of Hybrid-Drone drone reeds in 1997. Began piping in 1948. Taught by the late P/M L. Georgeson M.B.E. Served as a Pipe Major for a total of 21 years with Hoover PB, Cambuslang and Rutherglen PB, Glasgow. In 1989, compiled a collection of tunes called "Some Light Music For The Bagpipe" which included some of his own compositions plus previously unpublished traditional tunes.

McCallum, Hugh. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Winner of four Clasps and six Silver Chanters. Uncle of William McCallum.

McCallum, Ronald, MBE. (1905, Campbeltown - 1986, Oban) Scottish. Pipe major. Double Gold Medallist. Uncle of William McCallum.

McCallum, William "Willie." (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Won gold medals at Inverness and Oban, the Silver Chanter on three consecutive years and over seven Glenfiddich Championships. Regular instructor at the Ontario School of Piping in Aurora, Canada. Judge. Appears on numerous recordings. Nephew of Hugh McCallum.

McColl, James. (1928 - ) Scottish, born in Shotts, resides in Oregon. Piper. First instructed by PM Tom McAllister, later by PM Willie Ross, Iain MacPherson and Robert Reid. Played with Shotts & Dykehead PB from 1939 to 1950. Very successful competing in Scotland between 1950 and 1954, including the Aggregate at Cowell four years in a row. Won the Highland Society of London's Gold Medal at the Argyllshire Gathering at Oban in 1953, playing "The King's Taxes." Moved to California in 1955, settled in the Los Angeles area. Did extensive research into old playing techniques and music, with an exphasis in piobaireachd. Recorded albums. Judge. Taught very numerous students including Eric Rigler. Often teaches at workshops, including the Balmoral summer schools.

McCullough, Ernest. (1953 - ) American, resides in Chicago. African American bagpiper specializing in playing funk on the bagpipes using unorthodox fingering and style. Inspired to start bagpiping after seeing his math teacher Artee "Duke" Payne play blues/soul music on bagpipes. Uses the stage name of "Honey Blo." Also is blues flutist and saxophonist (he toured with Muddy Waters as the sax player in 1982-83), but decided to focus primarily on the bagpipes in 1983. Self-released a number of CDs including one in 2006 which includes bagpipes The Funky Bagpipe Ghetto. Along with with Rufus Harley, these are the only known men to seriously play blues/soul/funk on the bagpipes. [website]

McGillivray, Duncan. (19?? - ) ???. Piper. First piper with the Battlefield Band (replaced by Dougie Pincock). Won the Gold Medal at the Northern Meeting in Inverness in 1997. Member of "The Ghillies" and also "Ben Wyvis and the Last Resort".

McGillivray, James "Jim". (1955 - ) Canadian. World level piper. Started piping at age 11. Author of "Rhythmic Fingerwork" Tutor and two bestselling DVDs, "Pipes Ready!" and "Pipes Up!" which cover pipe maintenance and tuning respectively. Winner of the Northern Meeting Gold Medal in 1985, the Inverness Clasp in 1987 and the Argyllshire Gathering Gold Medal in 1991, among other awards. In 2005, became the first Canadian ever invited to judge at Scotland's premier Agyllshire Gathering, and in 2006 the first North American to judge at the Glenfiddich Championship. Since 1998 he has taught piping full time at St. Andrew's College, a private boys' school in Aurora, Ontario, where he lives. Also a respected player of Scottish Smallpipes, Border Pipes and Northumbrian Smallpipes. Pronounced "Muh-Gill-vree." Moderator at the forums. [website]

McGregor, James "Jimmy". (19?? - ) PM. Winner of many events including Bratach Gorm, Silver Chanter and Northern Meeting Gold Medal. Particularly known for piobaireachd and competition marches. A biography can be found in Volume II of the Gordon Highlanders collection. Served in that regiment during WWII. Was at Balmoral with Bob Brown and Bob Nicol, who taught him along with John MacDonald, Inverness, and, it's believed, also Willie Ross at Edinburgh Castle. After Balmoral he was deerstalker and piper to the Earl of Airlie. Then piping instructor at Glenalmond College, Perthshire. Many pupils include Duncan MacGillvray (Gold Medallist), Iain McInness (both Old Glenalmond) and Stuart Samson (Gordon Highlander and head of the Army School of Piping). His son, also Jimmy, is involved in Competing Pipers Association and organises piping events.

McGregor, John. (18?? - 1836) Scottish (believed to have been born in Aberfeldy in Perthshire), resided in Nacogdoches, Texas. Piper. In 1835, joined the volunteer rebel army as an artilleryman when the Texas Revolution began. Went on to serve in the garrison of the Alamo as a 2nd Sergeant of artillery and probably commanded a battery of guns on the Alamo walls, where he was killed during the Mexican assault of March 6, 1836. His age is variously given as 27, 28, or 34 years. Best remembered as "The Alamo Bagpiper" and several survivors later recalled how during lulls in the battle McGregor would play along (and also musically duel) with Davy Crockett's fiddle music to keep up the spirits of the defenders.

McDonald, Bobby. (1925/35 - ) Scottish, resides in Falkirk, Scotland. Piper. The bagpiper soloist at President John F. Kennedy's funeral in 1963. Described as a "quiet, respectful . . . true gentleman."

McInnes, Hugh. (19?? - February 8, 2002) Scottish, born in Glasgow. Piper. Won many light music competitions in Scotland over a 20 year span. PM of the Toyota PB in the 1980s. PS of the British Caledonian Airways PB in the 1970s and early 1980s. Judge.

McIntosh, James. (1887-1974). Scottish, born in Paisley. Known as “The Piper O’ Paisley”. The winner of the national “Piper of Scotland” contest in 1905 and 1906. Emigrated to the USA and settled in Kearney, New Jersey in 1910 where he started his own pipe band called the New Jersey Scottish Highlanders around 1917. During WWI, was invited by John Philip Sousa to tour in the USA and abroad to promote war bond drives. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s gave lessons to many young American pipers and at the age of 60 in 1947 he was still judging pipers and pipe bands at the local Highland Games. Was the subject of a 1903 poem “The Piper O’ Paisley” written by “Paisley’s Own Poet” Archibald McPhee. An excerpt from the poem and James’ story can be found in a book titled “Golden Threads: A Look at Paisley’s Past” by David Rowand.

McIntosh, James "Jimmy". (1925 - ) Scottish, born in Dundee, resides in Pennsylvania. Piper. Instructed by PM Willie Ross and Donald MacLeod and later R.U. Brown and R.B. Nicol. First prizes at Inverness, Oban, Braemar, Skye and the first Glenfiddich Championship (Grant's Invitational). Piper with the Cameron Highlanders from 1939-49. President of the CPA from 1976-1982. Co-founded the Balmoral summer schools with George Balderose in 1978. Moved to Pittsburg, USA in 1984. President of EUSPBA from 1991-1994. Was awarded the MBE for services to piping, in 1994. Created the world's first B.A. degree program in bagpipe music at Carnegie-Mellon University while an instructor there. His students include Mike Cusack and Mike Rogers who have won major piping competitions in Scotland. In 2002, awarded the Balvenie Medal for services to piping. Married to Joyce McIntosh.

McIntosh, Joyce MacFarlane. (19?? - ) Resides in Pennsylvania. Piper. At age 5, began competing in highland dancing. At 14, began the pipes. For 11 years, all at the same time, competed in dancing, solo piping and with MacDonald PB. Served as their PM for two years. Began studying piobaireachd under James McIntosh in 1981, and went on to win many Grade I Piobaireachd contests in EUSPBA. Joined the EUSPBA Judge's Panel in 1990. Teaches at the Balmoral summer schools. Married to James McIntosh.

McIntyre, Susan. (19?? - ) Scottish, resides in Inverness, Scotland. Piper. Awarded MBE for services to piping in 2001. One time PS of Scots Guards. PM of Trucial Oman Scouts. Later appointed to instruct at the Scots Guards Piping School. Upon leaving the Guards, settled on the Isle of Skye, became first full-time piping instructor for the Scottish Education. Has taught over 1,000 pupils. Teaches in Inverness.

McKay, Ian. (19?? - ) New Zealander. Piper. First taught by his brother Neville and Neil McPhee and Allan Guild. Studied piobaireachd in Scotland in 1952-53 under Robert U. Brown, further study with Neville McKay, again with R. U. Brown in 1966 and 1971, and with Robert B. Nicol in 1976. In 1959 won the Highland Society of London Trophy and Comunn na Piobaireachd (NZ) Gold Medal. Won the Comunn na Piobaireachd Gold Clasp in 1968, 1970, 1974 and 1986 and the New Zealand Championship Piobaireachd in 1955, 1968, 1981, 1982, and 1986. Regular instructor at seminars since 1953. Judge.

McKay, Neville T. (1925-2001) New Zealander. Left handed, right shouldered player. Emmigrated to Scotland in the late 1940s to study piobaireachd and Gaelic, an unusual endeavor at the time for someone from so far away. Studied piping under John MacDonald of Inverness for five years from 1949-1953. He came in third in the Gold Medal at Oban in 1951 and second in 1952. Moved back to NZ, after John MacDonald's death. Met and married Alice MacDonald, native of Skye (no relation to John). Returned with her to Scotland a few years later and continued studying piobaireachd with Donald MacLeod and the two "Bobs of Balmoral".

McKerrell, Simon. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. A Grade Piper. Elected as President of CPA in November 2004. Cohost of the Internet Radio program PlanetPipe. Former member of the band Back of the Moon.

McLellan, John "Jock", DCM. (August 5, 1875 - August 1949) Scottish, born in Dunoon to Neil and Mary McLellan. Piper. Enlisted in the HLI. In 1900, awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for gallantry as a piper at Magersfontein in the Anglo-Boer Wars by playing his pipes while wounded in the ankle. Returned to civilian life and enlisted in the new Territorial Army (Reserves). He went off to World War I in 1914 at 39. Served in the 8th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Became PM of the 8th A&S in 1919. Member in Govan Police PB along with his brother Neil. Never married. Famed compositions include "Lochanside" and "Highland Brigade at Magersfontein" among others. Many of his tunes were published in the Cowal collection. He is buried in Dunoon.

McLennan, George Stewart "G.S." (1883-1927) Scottish. Piper. PM of the Gordon Highlanders. Legendary and prolific composer. Won Gold Medals in Oban and Inverness in 1904/5. His book Highland Bagpipe Music, Book 1 was published posthumously in 1929. Tunes include "The Little Cascade". When he died over 20,000 people lined the funeral route from his home to the station in Aberdeen. Son of composer John MacLennan. (Yes, the "Mac" vs. "Mc" is correct.)

McLeod, Iain. (1931 - ) Scottish. World class solo piper. Pipe Major for Edinburgh City Police PB. Also Pipe Major for Babcock and Renfrew PB. Won three Silver Stars at Inverness. In 1972, Iain bought "R. Gillanders & Son" pipemakers and the name was changed to "Gillanders & McLeod, Ltd." Judge. [website]

McLeod, Norman. (19?? - ) American, resides in Rockport, MA. Has been competing, instructing or judging for over 25 years. He was the first time full-time professional drumming instructor in the United States. He is current a member of both the EUSPBA and Canadian judges panel and has represented drumming for the Northeast on the EUSPBA Advisory Board.

McMillan, Jimmy. (18??/19?? - 2005) Canadian, British Columbia. Piper. Went to Scotland with the Canadian Scottish Regiment and while stationed there studied with and became friends with Archie McNeill, the Blind Piper. Archie gave his beautiful pipes to McMillan. Was the primary teacher of Terry and Jack Lee of the SFU PB. Taught many pipers in B.C. including Inverness Silver Medallist Darlene (Miharija) Milloy and Hal Senyk. Wrote a 6/8 march named "The Blind Piper."

McNeill, Archie. (1879 - October 23, 1962) Scottish, born on the island of Gigha. Known as the Blind Piper, became progressively blind as a result of a accident at the age of 10. One of his first instructors was John Wallace an officer on the C.T.S. Empress a ship that housed boys from unfortunate backgrounds, which had a pipe band (as well as a brass band). Wrote for the Piping Times. Taught at a COP Summer School in the early 1950s. Prolific and highly respected composer. Reputed to have employment at the Henderson Bagpipes workshop, after WWII, testing drones and chanters. Father of Alex MacNeill (who emigrated to Canada). Gave his set of pipes to student Jimmy McMillan of B.C., Canada. Passed his final days in a blind asylum in Helensburgh.

McNulty, Harry. (19?? - ) Scottish. A nephew of William Sinclair, the bagpipe maker. A former PM of Lothian & Borders Police PB, Scottish Power PB and Caledonian Airways PB. Instructor at various summer piping schools and is also an RSPBA Judge.

McShannon, Ronnie. (19?? - ) Scottish. Maker of the EzeeDrone synthetic drone reeds. Former member of the Scottish Power PB. Judge.

McVeigh, Steve. (19?? - ) Northern Irish. Learned the bagpipes while a pupil at Gordon Boys School. Went on to play with the Aberdeen University Officers Training Corps, as PS of 2/51 Highland Volunteers, as a piper with G Coy. 51 Highland (The London Scottish) and latterly with the Hong Kong PB. Currently buys/sells bagpipes and accoutrements in Northern Ireland.

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Macey, Iain Frederick. (February 20, 1955 - ) Scottish, resides in Parma, Michigan. World level piper. Taught by Donald MacLeod, Andrew Pitkeathly, John Allan and Andrew Wright. Joined the Gordon Highlanders in 1971, serving in P&D. Earned PM Certificate from Army School of Piping in May 1978. Won the Dunvegan Medal in 1980 and the Bratach Gorm in 1982. PM of the Sultan of Oman's Air Force PB 1983-88. PM at RAF Halton for 8 months in 1988. In 1999, won the Piobaireachd Society's Gold Medal (Canada). Several placings in the Gold Medal contests at Inverness and Oban over the years among other medals. Instructor. Reedmaker. [website]

Manderson, Neil. (196? - ) Scottish. Co-founder, along with Geoff Nicholsby, of Kilberry Bagpipes in 1990. [website]

Mann, Jeffrey. (19?? - ) American. Founder of ANABPA, resigned as Chairman in January 2002. Active in WUSPBA as an officer.

Marnoch, Elaine. (19?? - ). Scottish. A top level solo piper who played during the 1970s and 80s in the Drums & Pipes of the Aberdeen University Officer Training Corps. She is also the only female who has been the 'lone piper' at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Martin, Angus. (19?? - ) Scottish. Originally from Edinburgh, he started his piping with the Boys Brigade but then went on to play with the Edinburgh City Police PB during the 1950s. After emigrating to Australia in 1956 he joined the Western Australian Police PB. Subsequently became PM of the Albany Caledonian PB.

Massie, Iain. (1960 - ) Scottish. Piper. At age 8, first taught by his father who served in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Played with Royal Scots Dragoon Guards from 1975-1985. In 1980, was assigned as a piping instructor at the Scottish Infantry School of Music, the youngest ever at only age 20. In May of 1981 was awarded the Pipe-Majors Certificate (Edinburgh Castle) and also the Senior Teachers Certificate (The Institute of Piping, Glasgow, Scotland). Emigrated to America in August 1985 from Edinburgh to serve as Director of The Academy of Scottish Performing Arts in Norwood, Massachusetts. Over the years has performed in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Berlin Tattoo, Royal Command Performance, Boston Pops. Also played for royalty including for Prince Charles and Princess Diana at Balmoral Castle, shortly after their wedding. Grandson of John Massie, PM of the Gordon Highlanders. Iain's brother Greame is PM of the Queen's Royal Hussars. Many of his relatives are pipers. Instructor.

Mathieson, Robert "Rab". (1958 - ) Scottish, born in Paisley, Scotland. Piper. Taught by Johnny Barnes, PM of the Whitrigg PB (later the Grade I Polkemmet Colliery PB). Twice won the Macallen Trophy at the Inter-Celtic Music Festival in Lorient, France. Joined Shotts & Dykehead PB as PM along with Jim Kilpatrick (as DS) after the 1986 season. Released a solo recording "Gracenotes" in 1988. PM of House of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead. Has published several collections of his own tunes. Won the World Pipe Band Championships in 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003, and 2005. Also has won around 40 RSPBA Major Championships.

Mathieson, Robert "Rab". (1958 - ) ?. Piper. PM of House of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead.

Maxwell, J. Reid. (196? - ) Scottish. Drummer. As a drummer with Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band, won the Worlds in 1977 and 1978 and also four World Drum Corps Championships. The first leader of drum corps of two different pipe band World Champions, specifically, the 78th Fraser Highlanders in 1987 and the Simon Fraser University PB in 1995. As a player, has contributed to fourteen World Drum Corps Championships.

Megarity, Steven. (196? - ) Irish. Partner of what was once known as Megarity-Ross Reeds, split from Mr. Ross in 2004. Former PM of the LAPD PB and the Misty Isle PB. Former member of Field Marshall Montgomery PB. Also played with Boghall and Bathgate PB.

Melville, Colin. (197?/8? - ) Scottish. Took over as piper for the Tannahill Weavers in the early 2000s.

Melvin, Adrian M. (1970 - ) Scottish, born in Dundee, resides in Illinois. Piper. Teaches bagpipes full time in the Chicago area. Best prize was winning the Silver Chanter and Past winners Clasp in the same weekend in New Zealand. Finished second in year listing in EUSPBA for open piping for 2001. Teaches in various summer schools, e.g. Invermark schools, Milwaukee School of Piping. Former member of Vale of Atholl (Scotland), Strathclyde Police, Victoria Police (Grade I World Champions in 1998), 78th Fraser Highlanders, City of Washington. Was PM of North Coast PB (Grade 2) in Cleveland, Ohio. PS of Midlothian Scottish PB. Won the PM Angus MacDonald Western Regional Champtionships in 2002. [website]

Merriman, J. William "Bill" (19?? - ) Piper. Co-founder of Prince Charles PB of San Francisco, CA in 1968. Directly or indirectly responsible for training over 550 pipers. Helps organized the highly successful games held annually in Pleasanton, California.

Methven, David. (19?? - ) Pipemaker. Co-owner of McKelvie Bagpipes. [website]

Millin, Bill. (July 14, 1922 - August 17, 2010) Canadian, born in Regina, Canada. The son of a Mountie, Millin's family moved to Glasgow when he was 12 years old, where he began to learn the bagpipe. Served in the 1st Special Service Brigade, a.k.a. Lord Lovat's Commandos, during WWII and played Lovat's commandos ashore at Sword Beach on D-Day (June 6, 1944), an episode haphazardly recreated in the 1962 film "The Longest Day." (In the film, Millin was portrayed by PM Leslie de Laspee, the Queen Mother's piper.) Lord Lovat had ignored the order against using pipers and requested Millin play "The Road to the Isles" which he did to the confusion of German snipers who thought he was crazy, hence his later nickname, "The Mad Piper." The kilt, pipes, and commando dagger he bore that day were donated over 50 years later for display to the Scottish United Services Museum at Edinburgh Castle. His memoirs were published in France in 1994.

Mitchell, Burt. (December 1955 - ) American. Professional level Piper. Began piping at age 6 in Wilmington, Delaware, under Robert Gilchrist. Plays with several groups including Ceili Rain. Head instructor at Virginia Military Institute. PM of the band Warpipe. Brother of Robert Mitchell.

Mitchell, John B. (19?? - ) Canadian? Piper. Former PM of the City of Detroit Grade II PB. Former PS of the Niagara Police PB and a former member of the Metro Toronto Police PB.

Mitchell, Robert "Bobby". (July 1951 - ) American. Professional level Piper. Began piping at age 9. Studied under John MacFadyen. Also plays Scottish smallpipes and shuttle pipes. PM and founder of defunct Dunloggin P&D (Grade III) for 25 years (under its various names over the years, such as Clan Campbell P&D). Played with the group IONA for eight years. Playing with a group called Jennifer Cutting’s Ocean Orchestra. Instructor. Brother of Burt Mitchell. [website]

Moffat, Gavin. (March 1961 - ) Scottish, from Edinburgh. Enlisted in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards as a junior piper in 1977. In 1988, began a 15 year stint with the Sultan of Oman's Royal Guard as teacher/administrator. In 1993, was charged with forming the 3rd Band Sqn Royal Mounted P&D from men who didn't read English, play pipes or ride horses, yet fielded such a band within a year and this band won the Oman's Royal Guard Band Competition in 1997 against more experienced bands.

Moffat, Kevin. (19?? - ) Piper. Member of many Grade 1 winning pipe bands. Played with Strathclyde Police throughout their notable 'Six in a row' period. As a youngster, he was with PM Malcolm MacKenzie's Red Hackle PB when they won Grade 1. Now resides near Oban, Argyllshire.

Moore, Finn. (c1980 - ) Scottish. Piper. Maker of smallpipes. Played with Vale of Atholl Junior PB for five years. Teaches at smallpipes workshops. Finished a seven-year apprenticeship in 2003 to become a full partner in his father's pipemaking firm. Son of Hamish Moore. [website]

Moore, Hamish. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Well known as a maker of Scottish smallpipes. Has recorded a number of albums. Instructor. Father of Finn Moore. [website]

Moore, Thomas H. "Thom". (1962 - ) American. Originally from Haddonfield, New Jersey, and now back living again in Haddonfield. Grade I piper in the EUSPBA. Primary instructor was Roderick William MacDonald. Occasional contributor to the EUSPBA "Voice" magazine. Member of several pipe bands over many years, including Oran Mor, Grade II, and MacMillan PB, Grade III.

Morrison, Donald. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Taught by John MacDonald of Inverness. PM of the Aberdeen City Police PB (succeeded by John Stewart).

Morrison, Fred. (1963 - ) Scottish. Piper. Taught by his father, Fred Morrison Sr. and Andrew Wright. Gold Medals at Oban in 1986 and Inverness in 1992. Winner of Macallan Trophy - Lorient seven times. Scottish Pipers' Association (Glasgow), Overall winner 3 times. Won the MSR at GS McLennan Memorial Competition in 2003. Also plays the bellows blown Border pipes and has brought this instrument to the world stage, performing with bands such as Capercaillie and ClanAlba. Arranged music for and appeared in the movie, Rob Roy. Known for his technical flair and ability to improvise on the pipes, often given the title "The Jimi Hendrix of the Pipes." Albums: The Broken Chanter, The Sound of the Sun, and Up South. [website]

Morrison, Iain. (19?? - ) Scottish? World class piper. Pipe Major. Gold Medal winner. Judge.

Morton, Scott. (19?? - ) Canadian?, resides in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Piper. First taught as a young boy by Gord Cairns and Angus Laing. Later taught by Duncan MacFadyen, Saemus Macneil, John MacDonald, Mike Grey and PM Archie Cairns. Achieved Professional Grade at 18. Taught the trade of pipemaking by James MacDonald in 1987. Played with numerous Grade I bands. Founded and operated Morton Bagpipes (formerly Caledonia Road Bagpipes) with his cousin Graham Morton. A bit of a controversial figure in the pipemaking world, the pipes he was selling appeared to be identical to sets coming from a Pakistani company.

Motherwell, Jim, MBE. (1960 - ) Scottish. Born in Glasgow. Piper. Former PM of Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Accepted the position of The Queen's Piper in 1998, which he held until December of 2003. He was the tenth sovereign's piper. Released a CD in 1999 entitled "The Queen's Piper."

Mowatt, Iain. (19?? - ) Scottish. PM of the Hong Kong St. Andrews Society PB in the 1980s and 1990s. Previously played with the Transvaal Scottish Regiment in South Africa and with the British Caledonian Airways PB in the UK. Working in Hong Kong.

Murdo, Henry. (19?? - ) Scottish. Pipemaker. Founder of Dunfion Bagpipes. [website]

Murdoch, Charles. (19??- ) ?. Professional grade piper. Pipe Major of the Grade I and II Manchester PB from 1965 until 1998. Adjudicator.

Murray, David. (19?? - ) ?. Piper?

Murray, Ian D. (19?? - ) Scottish. Pipemaker. [website]

Murray, James. (19?? - ) Scottish. (Cupar, Scotland.) Won the Gold Medal at Oban, and Silver Star at Inverness. Former PM of the Dysart and Dundonald PB.

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David Naill Bagpipes. See Leslie Cowell.

Neel, Garth. (19?? - ) Canadian (Originally from Dauphin, Manitoba.) Won the March at Inverness in 1978. He is currently a missionary in Central/South America.

Neigh, Ed. (19?? - ) ?. Won the Dunvegan Medal at Portree, Isle of Skye, the March at Oban, and Best Overseas Play at Braemer. Former PM of Guelph PB, at the time Grade 1 North American Champions. Instructor at the North American Academy of Piping. Conducts workshops.

Nevans, John. (19?? - ) Scottish? Piper. Served as Principal for piping with the RSPBA Annual Workshop. Makes chamber pipes. Pipe major.

Nicholsby, Geoff. (19?? - ?) Scottish. Co-founder, along with Neil Manderson, of Kilberry Bagpipes in 1990. [website]

Nicholson , Duncan J. (19?? - ) ?. Bagpiper for the Tannahill Weavers from the mid-1990s until 2001/2.

Nicholson, Malcolm, CM. (1901-1997) Canadian. Born in Iris, P.E.I. Piper. Joined the Vancouver, B.C. Police Force in 1929, joined the Vancouver Police PB the same year. Was made Pipe Sergeant in 1942 and Pipe Major in 1945. Retired from the force (Sgt.) and the band in 1961. Also organized the Templeton Junior High Boys, the Vancouver Optimist, the Kiwanis Boys (which won in 1967 the North American and Dominion Junior Pipe Band Championship), the Highland Laddies, the Army, Navy and Airforce Veterans and the Burnaby Ladies Bands. These bands won awards in Canada, Britain, the United States and Europe. A group of his ex-pupils organized the Triumph Street PB in 1971 in his honour, named for the street on which he lived. The Nicholson Pipes and Drums (the official pipe band of Clan Nicholson) of Westminster, California is named in his honour by his daughter and PM Kay Nicholson Graham. Was awarded the Order of Canada in 1978—one of only two pipers so bestowed. Resided and died in Vancouver. Malcolm and wife Elsie had three daughters, all of whom piped and danced.

Nicholson, Scott. (19?? - ) New Zealander. Piper. First taught in 1984 by PM John Downie of the City of Auckland PB and later by PM Bill Robertson, formerly of the 1st Bat. Royal Scots. While in Scotland, received instruction from PM Angus MacDonald MBE, Tom Speirs, George Lumsden and Angus Mclellan. Senior Certificate from the College of Piping. Member of the Drambuie Kirkliston PB. In 1998, moved to Australia to join the Western Australia Police PB, while as a member, this band won the 1998 Grade II World Pipe Band Championship. Advanced piping certificate from the Australian Pipe Band College. Judge. Created Smart Drone reed (cane tongues) and drone valves.

Nicol, Robert "Bob". (1905 - 1978) Scottish. Piper. Instructor. One of the famed "Bobs of Balmoral." (The other is Bob Brown.) Piper to English royalty at Balmoral.

Nimmo, John. (18?? - August 9, 1916) Scottish. Piper. Lance Corporal with the 9th Battalion, Royal Scots. Killed in action.

Noble, Joe. (1942 - ) Scottish. Side Drummer. Won the very first modern World Solo Drumming Championship in 1975. Played with a number of bands including the British Caledonian Airways Renfrew PB and the Toyota PB.Operated 'The Band Room' in Glasgow, Scotland along with World Champion piper Iain MacLellan until it was sold in late 2003. [e-mail]

Noble, Louis P. (May 20, 1886 - August 11, 1970) Born in Shenley, Hertsfordshire, England of Irish parents. Inspired to learn bagpiping after hearing the Scots Guards. Began learning the pipes at 21 in July 1909. Studied under Donald MacKay. Won the Solo Championship of Ireland at the Rotunda in August, 1910 an amazingly short time. PM of the London Irish Pipers Club in later 1910. In April, 1924 joined the National Army as Instructor of Pipe Bands. Judged a number of piping events in Ireland. Won the 1910 and 1914 bagpipe championships of Ireland. Moved to the USA in 1947. Helped found the Celtic PB of Rochester, New York. [website]

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Orbegoso, Alex. (19?? - ) Peruvian, but resides in Montreal, since at least the 1980s. Piper. Blind. Placed in various open grade competitions around Canada. Instructor. Brother of Luis Orbegoso.

Orbegoso, Luis. (19?? - ) Peruvian, but resides in Montreal, since at least the 1980s. Blind. Brother of Alex Orbegoso.

O'Sullivan, Jerry. (19?? - ) Resides in New York State. An extraordinary uillean piper (especially his first CD, unfortunately out of print).

Oswald, James "Jimmy" Ramsay. (Nov. 24, 1926 - Sept. 24, 2003) Scottish-Australian. Born in Whitburn, Scotland, died in Adelaide, South Australia. Apprenticed in Edinburgh at age 15 in instrument making, specialising in bagpipe making. Made a set of pipes for Prince Charles, then company advertised "by royal appointment". In 1959 migrated to Australia by invitation Victorian Hamilton PB. Under Jim's training it won several championships. Then invited to train Tasmanian PB. Moved to Adelaide in 1964. PM of 3 more bands in South Austrailia. Teacher of piobaireachd. Judge. Ran pipemaking workshops (only one of 2 in Australia). Maker of Oswald Bagpipes, characterised by heavy beading and nearly always made in ebony. A true pioneer in Australian piping.

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Partanen, John, PhD. (19?? - ) American. Professional Grade piper. WUSPBA Judge.

Parkes, Gordon. (19?? - ) ?. Drummer. Drum sergeant of Field Marshall Montgomery PB.

Parkes, Richard. (19?? - ) ?. Piper. PM of Field Marshall Montgomery PB, under his direction won several Grade I World Championships. Awarded MBE in June 2004.

Payne, Artee "Duke". (19?? - ) African American bagpiper specializing in jazz-soul music on bagpipes. Jammed on bagpipes in Chicago at Living Room on 87th, the Taste on 63rd and the Playboy Club in the 1960s. Supplemented his music income by teaching grammar-school math. Inspired another black man to pick up the bagpipes, Ernest "Honey Blo" McCullogh. Along with with Rufus Harley, these are the only known men to seriously play blues/soul/funk on the bagpipes.

Pearston, Thomas "Tommy." (1921 - May 4, 2005) Scottish. Co-founder, in 1944, of the College of Piping in Glasgow, Scotland. In 1968, won the Highland Society of London's Gold Medal. Co-author of The Highland Bagpipe Tutor. Key organizer of the Institute of Piping.

Percival, John "Jock". (19?? - ) Scottish. Prominent piper in the Edinburgh City Police PB during the golden years of that band. The tune "Jock Percival's Diced Balmoral" is named after him.

Pert, Maurice. (19?? - ). Scottish. Piper. Former Pipe Major of Singer PB, Clydebank, Scotland. Currently PM of Knightswood Juveniles PB, Glasgow, Scotland.

Pettigrew, Kenneth. (19?? - ) Scottish. Grade One piper. Pipemaker. Founder of K. Pettigrew Bagpipes. [website]

Pikeathly, Andrew, Captain. (19?? - January 1994) Piper. Won the Gold Medal at Inverness in 1949. Pipe Major and Warrant Officer class 1. Reginmental Quartermaster for the The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Sovereign Piper from 1966 through 1973 at which point he became the Director of Army Bagpipe Music.

Pincet, Jackie. (19?? - ) French. Piper.

Pincock, Dougie. (19?? - ) Piper. Second piper with the Battlefield Band, from 1984-1990 (he was replaced by Iain MacDonald). Has been involved with Celtic band "Coila" since 1990. Worked for a time as an instructor at The Piping Centre beginning in December 1998. Now is director at The National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music, based in Plockton High School. His performance of "The Lament for the Children" was included in the 2004 film, The Alamo. Contributes regularly to the BBC Radio Scotland program "Travelling Folk".

Pinkman, Archie. (19?? - ) Scottish. PM of the Grade I Bilston Glen Colliery PB during the 1960s and 1970s. Father of Robert Pinkman.

Pinkman, Robert "Bobbie". (19?? - ) Scottish. Son of PM Archie Pinkman of the former Grade I Bilston Glen Colliery PB. Taught by Capt. John MacLellan. During the 1980s was PM of the Lothian & Borders Fire Brigade PB and also played in the folk group The Tartan Amoebas. Was piping tutor to the juvenile champions George Watson's College PB during the 1980s and 90s. A bagpipe turner by trade, he currently teaches piping in Wales. Has a piping cousin of the same name.

Pinkman, Robert "Rab"/"Rob". (19?? - ) Scottish. A cousin of the "other Robert Pinkman". Played with the Bilston Glen Colliery PB and subsequently with the King's Own Scottish Borderers, where he became PM. Also a former senior instructor at the Army School of Piping. As a civilian, has been PM of the Cumnock Royal British Legion PB. Composer of numerous well-liked tunes.

Plunkett, Ian. (19?? - ) ?. Piper. Former PM of the Strathclyde Police PB, stepped down in September 2001. (Replacement PM was James Wark.)

Posthuma, Simon. (1939 - ) Dutch, born in Zaandam, The Netherlands. Piper. Moved to London in 1966. One of the first attempts to integrate the bagpipe into pop music. Member of the 1960s design group (costumers and painters for the Beatles) turned music group, The Fool, which released their self-titled album in late 1968 on the Mercury Records label. The record did not fair well with the critics, expected considering the members told the daring label they couldn't play any instruments. Moved back to Amsterdam in 1982. [website]

Potter, Derek William James, RVM. (May 1970 - ) Scottish born in Dundee. PM (Warrant Officer Class 1) Instructor. Started piping age 12 under PM Ian Duncan, Vale of Atholl PB. Joined the McKenzie Caledonian PB, Dundee playing in Grade 2 and later appointed Juvenile PM. In 1988 enlisted into the British Army with the Pipes and Drums of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Completed PM’s Course at Edinburgh Castle under direction of Major G.N. Stoddart in 1996/1997 gaining his PM’s Certificate, also the Senior Teachers Certificate and Graduate Certificate (The Institute of Piping). Appointed PM of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in 2002. In 2007 produced and recorded the highly successful “Spirit of the Glen” album awarded a Gold and Platinum disc for record sales and nominated for a Classical Brit Award. Has recorded and produced 15 albums with SCOTS DG and as a solo piper. While in military service he has performed in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, South Africa, Europe, as well as 13 Edinburgh Military Tattoos and served on Operations in Bosnia, Kosovo 2000, 2001 and Iraq in 1991, 2003 and 2006. Appointed to The Royal Household as the 13th Sovereign’s Piper to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II in 2008. In 2012 published a Collection of Bagpipe Music with Her Majesty’s permission. Retired from Military service in December 2012, and was awarded The Silver Medal of The Royal Victorian Order (R.V.M.) by Her Majesty, The Queen. Piping and Drumming Qualification Board Teacher Certificate qualified and currently Music Instructor Bagpipes, Dundee City Council.

Power, Terry J. (19?? - ) Australian. Inventor of the Monarch brand synethic bagpipe bag. [website]

Pryde, George "Geordie" "Dode." (1921 - ) Scottish. Resides in Powell River, BC, Canada. Won the World Solo Drumming Championship, and the East of Scotland Championship in 1947. Was the Lead Drummer of the Edinburgh Police when the won the World Championships (twice). Emmigrated to BC to play with the Powell River Company PB, as their lead drummer. Played with them through their glory years (1959 - 1969). A miner by trade, was known to drum on his lunch tin while down in a mine.

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Quinn, Adam. (19?? - ) Piper. American? Formerly with the City of Dunedin PB and Simon Fraser U. PB. Also plays bagpipes in a non-traditional manner and has his own Celtic/fusion band in Dunedin, FL.

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Ramsey, Donald Shaw, BEM. (19?? - 19??) Scottish. Piper. At just 20 years old, was the youngest PM of the British Army. Appointed PM of the Edinburgh City Police PB in October 1949, which won the Worlds in 1950 and 1954. Recorded an album under Beltona records label in 1956. In 1964, took over the Invergordon Distillery PB and recruited legendary drummer Alex Duthart. PM of City of San Francisco PB in the early 1970s while in California recovering from an 'in the line of duty' police injury. Author of a piping tutorial. Wrote tunes such as Shean Truibhs. Instructor.

Recknagel, John. (19?? - ) Piper. American. First began piping in 1962 under the instruction of George Killen. PM of Capital City P&D in Columbus, Ohio from 1968-1972. Won the Grade 2 Solo Champion Supreme in 1972 for Ontario, Canada. From 1972-1980 played with Erskine PB in Hamilton, Ontario under PM Sandy Keith. From 1980-1992, played in Clan MacFarlane PB in St. Catherine’s, Ontario under PM Ken Eller. Retired from solo competition in 1987. Became PM of the City of Atlanta PB in 1997. Once taught by Sandy Keith. Author of "The Piper's Helper". On both the Ontario and EUSPBA judges panel. Composer. Instructor, including piping and drumming coordinator for the Ohio Scottish Arts School for a quarter century. [website]

Reid, James. (16??/17?? - 1746) Scottish. From the Angus district, Scotland. Piper. Served as a piper in the 1st Battalion, Lord Ogilvy's (Forfarshire) Regiment, raised in October 1745 in support of Bonnie Prince Charlie's rebellion. Was among several men from this regiment left as part of the garrison of the English border city of Carlisle when the Jacobite rebels abandoned their invasion of England. Was captured when the city surrendered to government forces in December 1745. At his treason trial, it was put forward in his defense that as a musician, he did not carry arms and had not struck a blow against King George. The court, however, ruled that "a Highland regiment never marched without a piper, and therefore his bagpipe, in the eyes of the law, is an instrument of war"—a legal distinction unique to the pipes. He was hanged, drawn, and quartered at York on November 15, 1746.

Reid, Robert. (1895 - 19??) Scottish, born in Stirlingshire, Scotland. PM of HLI. Contemporary of William Ross and John MacDonald of Inverness. Considered one of the greatest Ceol Mor players of all time and was referred to as the "King of the Pipers." Won the Gold Medal at the Northern Meeting (Inverness) in 1921, and at Oban in 1922. Won six Clasps at Inverness. Won the piobaireachd at the Cowal Gathering 10 years in a row, upon conclusion of which in 1938, he retired from competition. He won the piobaireachd a Cowal a total of 13 times.

Rezny, Josef. (19?? - ) Organizer for over 35 years of the renowned Czech pipe festival of Strakonice every two years, which draws thousands of people from many countries.

Richardson, James, V.C. (18?? - 1916) Military Piper. Richardson served in the 16th Battalion, Canadian Scottish, during WWI. In October 1916, while the battle of the Somme raged, Piper Richardson and others led an attack for over half a mile under heavy fire. Richardson was killed and received a posthumous Victoria Cross.

Richardson, Robert G. (1949 - ) Scottish, born in Glasgow, now residing in Arlington, Texas. Piper. Instructors include Seamus McNeil, Ian MacFadyen, Robert G. Hardie, Donald MacPherson. Scotland Amateur Champion in 1966. In 1970, passed the instructors course of the SPBA. In 1971, first piper to pass the 13 Drumming certificate (under D.M. Robert Bruce). Member of the 5 times Grade I World Champions Muirhead & Sons under PM Robert G. Hardie for nine years. PM of British Caledonian Airway's PB for eleven years, from Grade IV to winning all majors in Grade II, and on to a prize winning Grade I band. RSPBA judge. Member of the Scottish Pipe Band Advisory committee. Performed for H.M. Queen, Princess Diana as well as other Heads of State including Pope John Paul and three U.S. Presidents. Currently, the official Bagpiper for the Fort Worth Police and Fire Departments and the PM/Piping advisor of the Fort Worth Scottish Rite Pipe and Drum Corps, Fort Worth, Texas. [website]

Rigler, Eric. (1968 - ) American. Possibly the most commercially successful American piper. Noted for his work on movie soundtracks such as Braveheart, Titanic, The Fugitive and most recently Road To Perdition. Has worked with Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, John Tesh and Rod Stewart. Former PM of Los Angeles Police PB. Played in The Battlefield Band, Skyedance, Shotts & Dykehead and his own group Bad Haggis. Performed at the funeral of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan in 2004.

Ritchie, Donald. (19??- ) American. Former Pipe Major of the Grade II Worcester Kiltie PB. Long time member of the Manchester PB. Former North American and United States Open Champion. Son of Roger Ritchie.

Ritchie, Roger. (19??- ) American. Piper. Plays with Manchester PB. Father of Donald Ritchie. Roger's father also played with Manchester PB.

Robertson, James. (1893-1948) Scottish. Pipemaker in Edinburgh. Took over and renamed John Center's Edinburgh-based piping making business in 1908 which ran through 1964. Helped developed Airtight bag seasoning which later purchased along with the company and renamed Hardie's Airtight.

Robertson, J.B. (18/19?? - 19??) PM of Sots Guards between the WWI and WWII. Considered one of the great all-round players of the 20th century.

Robertson, William "Bill". (19?? - ) Scottish, resides in New Zealand. At 11 he started taking lessons with the Boys Brigade 1st St. Andrews Company. At 18 joined The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment). He was accepted for the P&D of the 1st Battalion of the regiment under PM Willie Denholm (ex K.O.S.B's) and pursued his piping there until the late 1950s. Taught and influenced by PM Hugh Fraser. At 23 earned the PM Certificate at Edinburgh Castle under PM Willie Ross. Moved to New Zealand in 1959 and started directing a group of youngsters of the Hamilton Caledonian Society's PB and brought them up from a Grade II to a Grade I and reached 3rd in the National Grade I Championships 1963/4. Married his wife Elizabeth in 1967. PM of the Auckland and District PB (Grade I). The band placed 7th in Scotland at the Scottish Grade I Championships. The band changed its name to the Pipes and Drums of Innes Tartan and they won the open events in Vancouver, B.C. and Santa Rosa, California, in 1972. (That band now named Dalewool Auckland and District.) Seldom competed in solo events, but placed first in the Highland Brigade Piobaireachd event in 1957. Won the Comunn na Piobaireachd New Zealand Gold Medal in 1962. Won the Australian Open MSR in Sydney, 1967. He retired from the band in the 1980s. Instructor. Judge. Composer. [website]

Robinson, Barry. (19?? - ) Canadian. (Pense, SK.) A professional player on the Prairies, and former PM of the Victoria Park PB, (Grade 1). Played several seasons with the City of Regina PB (Grade 2).

Rogers, Mike. (19?? - ) American (Maryland). Winner of the Argyllshire Gathering Gold Medal in 2000. Long time co-editor (with Paula Glendinning) of The Voice (the official publication of the EUSPBA) left The Voice staff in Summer of 2004.

Roscoe, Scott. (19?? - ) ?. Piper. PM of the reformed Los Angeles Scots from 1990 to 1992.

Rosenberger, Charles "Charlie." (19?? - ) American, resides in La Mesa, California. Piper. Taught the pipes by his father at age seven. Started competing at nine. Also taught by John B. McClellan. Won his first prize at the age of ten in the novice class at Petaluma. Was moved to the Amateur grade at age ten and won his first aggregate championship at San Diego at twelve. Won number prizes and championships over the next seven years including the coveted James McColl trophy for Ceol Mor at Santa Monica. Entered the open class at 19 and collected many more prizes before retiring from solo to concentrate on the Cameron Highlanders of San Diego. WUSPBA judge since in the 1980s. Son of John, brother of Malcom.

Rosenberger, John. (Oct. 27, 1922 - July 15, 2005) American, born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, resided in Southern California. Piper. A very well-known instructor in the Western USA. Co-founder of the Cameron Highlanders of San Diego (originally the San Diego County PB), along with his father, Karl in 1946. Father of Charlie and Malcom Rosenberger.

Rosenberger, Malcom. (19?? - ): American, resides in Ocean Beach, California. Drummer. Began playing at age four, and entered his first contest when he was seven walking away with a 2nd in the Amateur class. By eight, he took the trophy in the Amateur competition at Santa Monica. Continued to win prizes in the Western United States. Entered the open class when he was seventeen and won the Western United States Championship at Santa Rosa at eighteen. Retired from the individual field, but continues to lead his drum corps (Cameron Highlanders of San Diego) to championships in their grade. Son of John, brother of Charlie.

Ross, Andrew. (1??? - 1979) Scottish. One time owner of the J&R Glen shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland. Began working for the Glen family in 1911. Operated the business after the Glens retired in 1940, later became owner in 1954. Operated the shop along with his son, Andrew Jr., as well as additional staff. Some number of months before his death, sold his shop to Gordon Stobo. Andrew Ross Jr. died in the late 1970s and Andrew Sr. also died within a number of months of his son.

Ross, Sullivan. (1828-1904) Scottish, born in Badninish, Sutherlandshire, Scotland. Emigrated to Canada. Earliest known composer and compiler of bagpipe tunes in Canada. In 1876, at the Lucknow Ontario Highland Games, Sullivan won the Piobaireachd and MSR, and was awarded the title "Champion Piper of North America." Also played and made violins. Adjudicator. Compiled four volumes of music, the first contained violin as well as bagpipe tunes, the remaining three all bagpipe music. Among the approximately 1300 tunes in the four volumes, 7 tunes were his compositions and 21 were his arrangements. The original manuscripts, along with one of his violins, were donated by his grandson Dr. Ronald Ross (1917-2005), to the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Died in Harrington, Ontario Canada.

Ross, William. (1823 - 1891) Scottish. Piper/pipemaker. Replaced Angus MacKay as piper to Queen Victoria from 1854 until his death in 1891. (No relation to Willie Ross.) Hired Henry Starck to make bagpipes, who continued to make pipes after Ross' death. PM of the 42nd Highlanders, retired from active duty in 1883.

Ross, Willie, MBE. (1878 - 1966) Scottish. PM William Collie Ross M.V.O, M.B.E. was undoubtedly one of the greatest pipers Scotland ever produced. Born in 1878 in Glenstrathfarrar in The Highlands to Alick Ross and Mary Collie, he was one of a family of 3 sons and 3 daughters. William enlisted into the Scots Guards in 1896 and saw service in the Boer War and the Great War of 1914-1918. Promoted to PM of the 2nd Battalion in 1905, his brother Alick was to become PM of the 1st Battalion - a unique situation. William was invalided out of the army in 1919, suffering from acute rheumatic disorder following a hard life in the trenches. In 1920 he became Director of the Army School of Bagpipe Music and took his office and residence in Edinburgh Castle. His record in competitive piping was unique; Gold Medal - Inverness 1904, Gold Medal - Oban 1907, Open Piobaireachd winner in 1907, 1912 and 1928, winner of The Clasp in 1905, 1906, 1907, 1910, 1912, 1919, 1928 and 1931. As the former winner of the MSR at Oban and Inverness, he was champion 11 times. Many regarded him as the world's greatest piper, a brilliant player, teacher and composer. He published 5 books of pipe music, which are used all over the world. Hundreds of pipers were tutored by William at Edinburgh Castle, many becoming fine pipers, including John D. Burgess, who won the Gold Medal at Oban and Inverness as a teenager. [This entry provided in April 2007 by 84-year-old Finlay M. Macrae of Dingwall, a pupil of PM Ross.]

Ross, Geoff. (19?? - ) Australian. Inventor of the first synthetic body drone reed. [website]

Rowan, Bert. (19?? - ). Scottish. Has taught the bagpipes to generations of Boy Scouts in Scotland. Resides in Edinburgh.

Roy, Rob. (1908 - 1960) Scottish. PM. Piper in the 2nd Battalion the Black Watch. Known as the "Piper of Tobruk." Played his pipes in the trenches at during Siege of Tobruk in North Africa in WWII. Though wounded—Roy was wounded twice during the Siege—insisted on playing his pipes on top of a tank while they attacked Rommel "The Desert Fox." (Roy's bullet and shrapnel ridden kilt is in Balhousie Castle Museum, Perth.) After capture in Crete, boosted morale in the POW camp by piping until the annoyed Germans took his pipes. Escaped with Maj. Roy Farran (SAS) and made his way to Syria where the Black Watch was then briefly stationed. Arrived burned brown with sun and in disreputable clothing and when he insisted on speaking to officers in the Mess, he noticed that a new PM had been appointed and told the new pipey: "I'm the only pipe major here!" Continued participate in battles in North Africa. Wounded again in the breakout from Tobruk, Libya, in 1941, to meet up with Allied troops converging from Sidi Rezegh. Later appointed to Gibraltar as Garrison Sergeant Major, which made him the senior Warrant Office (1st class). While there, played with the band and tutored members. After the war served in the Territorials, 4th/5th Battalion (Dundee and Angus). Recommended for the Victoria Cross, but was awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal and later, the MBE. A few years after the WWII, Sir Bernard Fergusson, an ex-officer in the Black Watch, arranged for PM Roy and Corporal J.Grieve to pipe at a party given in Paris for General Dwight Eisenhower. Died at Edinburgh Castle, was to be the Lone Piper on the battlements at The Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

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Samson , Stuart D., Captain, MBE. (19?? - ) Scottish, born in Laurencekirk. Piper. Took up piping at 8. In 1978, enlisted in the Army as a piper and, in 1980, joined the Pipes & Drums of The Gordon Highlanders. PM of the Gordon Highlanders 1990-94. Commissioned in 2002 and in April 2003 was appointed the 5th-ever Director of the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming. Also Director of Army Bagpipe Music. Won the Silver Medal at the Argyllshire Gathering in 1988. Placed second in the Gold Medal in both Inverness (1995) and Oban (1998). Retired from Army service in April 2008. Instructor at the National Piping Centre. Replaced as Director of Army School by Steven Small in 2008.

Saul, Mark. (1969/70 - ) Australian. Professional Grade Piper. Joined Victoria Police PB (Grade I) in 1990. In 1993, two volumes of Mark’s music for bagpipes were published. A couple of well known compositions include "Hell Bound Train" and "Murray’s Fancy." In 1993, earned degree in Audio Engineering and left Victoria Police PB to pursue interests in writing and producing electronic music. Has worked as a professional graphic designer for over a decade. In 2003, released his CD, "Mixolydian." Tours internationally. In addition to teaching at colleges in Australia, teaches at workshops and piping schools around the globe.

Shears, Barry. (19?? - ) Canadian, resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Piper. Author of several collections of pipe music, notably settings that have captured some of the spirit of old Cape Breton piping. Recorded a CD in the style of Cape Breton pipers, who have been the objects of his research into piping in Nova Scotia. Instructor. Workshop teacher.

Sim, Jim. (19?? - ) American. Piper. Lead drummer of the Midlothian Scottish PB (Grade II) of Illinois since its founding in 1975.

Selbie, Neil. (1969 - ) Scottish. Inventor of Selbie synthetic drone reeds. [website]

Sharp, Greig. (1939 - December 5, 2009) Scottish. Scottish. Pipemaker. Manager of Peter Henderson Bagpipes where he learned pipemaking. Founded Kintail Bagpipe Makers in 1971, the year Henderson was sold to R.G. Hardie & Co. Studied piping under PM George Stoddart. [website]

Shaw, Aaron. (1960 - ) American. Piper. Won the Strachan MSR at the London. Piper in the Wicked Tinkers. Plays with the LAPD PB. Appeared on American Idol April 6, 2010, as a back-up performer to contestant Lee DeWyze. Also appeared very briefly the following night on The Tonight Show with Jay Jeno. WUSPBA piping judge. [website]

Shearer, Thomas "Tommy". (1928/9 - November 29, 2001) Scottish, raised in Clydebank, resided in Connecticut. Learned to pipe from his father who played for Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Earned PM’s Certificate under Willie Ross, at Edinburgh Castle. During WWII worked in the boilershops in John Brown’s Shipyard, playing a PC when idle. PM of the Renfrew PB when it came within a quarter point of two world championships. Emigrated to Worcester, Massachusetts with his wife Jeanie and daughter Georgie in the late 1950’s. Was in demand as a piper and PM. Later moved to Connecticut. Instructor.

Shepherd, Robert T. "Bob". (19?? - ) Scottish, of Cardenden, Fife. Bagpipe maker. Founder of "R.T. Shepherd & Sons" company which created the first completely synthetic drone reed. Has taught hundreds of students. PM of Dysart & Dundonald PB from the early 1970s through the early 1980s, it won the Grade I World Championship in 1977 and 1978. RSPBA judge. Awarded MBE in June 2002. [website]

Shepherd, George Jr. (19?? - ) Pipemaker. Co-owner of McKelvie Bagpipes [website]

Sinclair, Alexander "Sandy". (1856 - July 19, 1933) Scottish. For many years PM of the old Artillery Volunteers. Later trained the Grammar School Cadet Corps PB. Elected Masonic Lodge Dunoon Argyll piper in 1900, an office held until his death. As Provincial Grand Lodge piper, was a general favorite throughout his Province. At the graveside PM Roderick McDonald played "Lochaber No More".

Sinclair, William. (19?? - ?) Scottish. Pipermaker. Founder of "William Sinclair & Son, Bagpipe Makers" in 1933. [website]

Slagle, Noel. (19?? - July 6, 2004). Piper with the Clan MacFarlane PB during the 1970s. PM of Western Reserve PB (Ohio) for many years. A regular in North American piping for over a half century.

Slattery, John. (1905 - 1985) Scottish. Piper. PM of the Royal Scots Fusiliers. Attended the Queen Victoria School, Dunblane. He had 9 children; the oldest 2, John George and Mary Elizabeth, were twins born on Coronation Day 1937, hence their middle names. PM of KOSB and fought in WWII. John emigrated to Australia with his wife and the 4 younger children in July 1966. They initially lived in Sydney and later moved to Dubbo where he become PM of the Dubbo PB. Father of John Slattery (PM Scots Guards).

Slattery, John. (1937 - 1984) Scottish. Piper. Taught by PM James Sanderson, ex-Cameronians. Attended Queen Victoria School Dunblane. Followed Angus MacDonald as PM of the Scots Guards. Father of John Slattery (PM Royal Scots Fusiliers).

Sloan, Tony. (19?? - ) Scottish? Former PM of Royal Ulster Constabulary PB (RUC).

Small, Steven. (19?? - ) Scottish. Began piping at 8. 6th Director of Army Bagpipe Music beginning March 31, 2016, taking over from Stuart Samson (5th). Joined the army in 1981. Piped at the Edinburgh Tattoo on numerous occasions. Piped at a number of other high profile events including the handing over of Hong Kong and the Queen Mother's Funeral.

Smith, John Angus. (19?? - ) English. World class piper.

Smith, Ken. (1953 - September 28, 2008) Scottish. Raised in Peebles, Scotland, resided in New Hampshire. PS of Blue Bonnets (City of London) PB. Served in 1st Battalion Scots Guards. Studied at Army School of Piping. Passed the PM Course, at COP. PM of the British Airways PB from 1991 through 2001. Played smallpipes. Instructor at New Hampshire School Scottish Arts.

Snaddon, Peter. (19?? - ) Scottish. Born in Kirkcaldy. Piper with the 7th Bn. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and then transferred to the 153 (Highland) Regt. Royal Corps of Transport in 1953. Was Piper Major of that regiment from 1974 until 1982 when he transferred to become PM of the 51st Highland Volunteers. RSPBA Judge.

Somers, Sean. (1979 - ) Canadian. Resides in Calgary, Alberta. Piper Originally taught pipes at 8 by his father (a member in Grade I bands) with later instruction from Iain MacDonald of Saskatchewan. Professional grade player, and former Piping Instructor at the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts, Summerside, PEI (2000-?). Has had several prizes in contests in the Prairies, as well as on the East Coast. Former member of the City of Regina PB (Grade 2). Former President of the Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association. One-time member of the 78th Frasers Halifax Citadel PB (Grade I). Currently with Alberta Caledonia PB (Grade I). Pipe maker. Instructor. Composer. Does workshops. [website]

Somers, Trewin. (1952 - ) Canadian. Resides in Regina, SK. Former Pipe Major of the Victoria Park PB (Grade 1), and the City of Transcona PB (Grade 2). Served as Pipe Sergeant of the City of Regina PB from 1992 until 2001. Now owns his own business, Somers Bagpipes, making Highland Bagpipes and Smallpipes.

Spalding, Anne. (19?? - ). Scottish. (Lives in Broughty Ferry, Scotland.) Piper. One of the first two female pipers ever to compete at the Argyllshire Gathering and Northern Meeting in 1976.

Speirs, Gordon K. (19?? - 1994) Scottish, born around Glasgow, grew up in a London orphanage (parents killed in WWII). Piper. Taught reed making. PM of The Blue Bonnets (City of London) PB in the 1960s and early1970s. Moved to Milwaukee in the 1970s, joined The Billy Mitchell Scottish and became it's primary instructor and PM. Reputed to have successfully played pipes and danced at the same time. Moved to Kansas City in 1977, but returned to Milwaukee around 1980. Formed the Milwaukee & District Scottish PB in 1982 with is wife Catriona Hill along with some members of The Billy Mitchell Scottish. Milwaukee & District competed in Grade IV, and in 1984, Grade III, this was the peak of this band's short life. Married to Catriona Hill, daughter of Bob Hill, PM Scots Guards. Around 1985 Gordon and his wife divorced, and Gordon moved to the Denver area and later married Shelley, a piper. Later died of cancer due to smoking.

Speirs, Iain. (19?? - ) Scottish. Spent time in Canada, playing with the Clan MacFarlane PB. Taught by his father Tom Speirs and played in the George Heriots School PB while at school in Edinburgh. Won the Gold Medal and "A" March at Oban. Has won two Silver Chanters. Played in the Lothian and Borders Police PB during the 1990s. Son of Tom Speirs.

Spiers, Tom. (March 19, 1941 - ) Scottish, born in Darvel, resides in Edinburgh. Piper. First taught by his father, Jock, and later by Jim Jeffray, Donald MacPherson, Donald MacLeod, and James McIntosh. At Oban, won the marches in 1975, then the S&R in 1976. In 1980, won the Highland Society of London's Gold Medal. In 1983, at the Northern Meeting won The Clasp for piobaireachd. A former President of the Eagle Pipers Society in Edinburgh. Instructor. Judge. Awarded the Balvenie Medal in 2016 for services to piping. Father of Iain Speirs.

Spoore, John. (Sept. 1936 - ) Piper. Resides in Wigmore, Kent, England. Started tuition at age 14. Joined The Gordon Highlanders (1st Bn.) in 1957 and served six years. Private instruction with PM Donald MacLeod at The Brig O' Don, in Aberdeen. In 1960, attended the Army School of Piping (Senior Course) at Edinburgh Castle. Following training, joined the Drums and Pipes of The 1st Battalion. Began serving as a police officer in 1975, later retired in 1996 as a Sergeant. PM of The London Scottish from 1984-1990. Appointed "Personal Piper to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother" in 1985, left military service in 1990 and was awarded The Silver Medal of The Royal Victorian Order (R.V.M.) by The Queen Mother. Was requested to and did play at her funeral in 2002. In October 1997, awarded The Freedom of The City of London. Honorary Piper to several organisations and associations. Occasionally accompanied Isla St. Clair (the Scottish singer/actress) in and around Europe and The U.S.

Sprott, Kerr. (19?? - ) Scottish. Solo piper from Penicuik who was taught by Tom Spiers. Member of the Highland Pipers Society of Edinburgh and former member of the Aberdeen University Officer Training Corps PB.

Stack, James "Jimmy". (1959 - ) American, resides in northern New Jersey. First taught at age 8 by PM John Rae Miller in Kearny, NJ. Received tuition from many top instructors, including Duncan McCaskill Sr., John Sabiston, Donald Lindsay, Roddy MacDonald and Capt. John Maclellan. Won the Silver Medal for piobaireachd playing at the Argyllshire Gathering and the open piobaireachd championships in Crieff, Chatsworth, the Gold Medal at Ottawa as well as the open march competition at the Northern Meeting. Also won the Clan Donald Quaich, the St. Andrew Society Charger and nearly all overall professional highland games championships. Has been involved with many championship pipe bands, including the Kenmure PB, Parlin & District, Dunvegan (Ottawa) and the Lehigh Valley PB. It was with the Kenmure PB, under PM George Bell that at the age of 12, Jim competed in the Grade I Intercontinental Championship at the Toronto Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). Teacher and adjudicator both with bands and individuals. Former president of the EUSPBA under whose administration "ensemble" became part of the pipe band judging scene, mirroring Canadian competitions.

Starck, Henry (1845 - 1924) English. Pipemaker. Originally a flutemaker in London, convinced by William Ross to make bagpipes some time around 1876. Succeeded by his son Albert Henry Starck (1874 - 1955) and later by grandson Henry Albert Starck (1909 - 1989). The firm he founded was closed down in 1962.

Stewart, Andrew. (19?? - ) Piper. Former PM of the 9th (or 8th?) Battalion Gordon Highlanders. Wrote "The Heroes of Kohima" during WW2. Lives in Perth, Australia.

Stewart, John. (1935 - January 8, 2010) Scottish, born in Aviemore. Instructed by Sherriff Grant of Rothiemurchus and by John MacDonald of Inverness, later by Robert Brown and Robert Nicol. Joined the Aberdeen City Police under Donald Morrison and later assumed the position of PM in the 1970s once Morrison stepped down. Successful solo piper. In 1969, won the Braemar Gold Medal for Piobaireachd.

Stoddart, Gavin-Neill MacLeod, BEM, MBE. (19?? - ). Scottish, born in Hamburg, Germany. Piper. First instructed by his father George Stoddart, BEM, then Cpt. John A. MacLennan at Edinburgh Castle. Guest piper with the Edinburgh City Police PB in 1964 before enlisting as a piper in the Scots Guards in 1966. Became PS of the 1st Battalion and remained with the Scots Guards until May 1979 when he became PM of The Royal Highland Fusiliers. Began competing professionally in 1980. Won Gold Medals for Piobaireachd at Oban and Inverness and also Gold Medals for MSR and SR. Placed first twice at the Glenfiddich Piping Championship. In May 1987 became Director of The Army School of Bagpipe Music. Ended 37 years of service in the Army in July 2003 and joined The National Piping Centre the next month as an instructor. Senior Solo Adjudicator. Recordings include World’s Greatest Pipers, Volume 3 and Pipers of Distinction series.

Stoddart, George, BEM. (19?? - 19??) Scottish. The late father of Major Gavin Stoddart, PM George Stoddart was a well known piping personality during the war years and in the post war era. A former PM of both the Royal Scots Fusiliers and the Scottish Airborne Regiment, he was also a founding member of the Eagle Pipers Society, a top class soloist and teacher to the Scottish school cadet pipe bands. The 'lone piper' at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo for its first eleven years.

Stout, Jim. (1966 - ) Scottish. Piper. Promoted to Piper to the Sovereign in December 2003. PM 1st Battalion Highlanders. He is also a Warrant Officer Class Two PM at the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Drumming. Former piper with Kirkwall City PB.

Soutar, Duncan. (19?? - ) Scottish. Pipemaker/reedmaker. Inventor of the Soutar DS20 synthetic drone reeds. [website]

Sutherland, James. (19?? - ?) Scottish. Former Pipe Major of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.

Sutherland, John. (198? - ) American. Piper. Member of the Simon Fraser University PB. Son of WUSPBA adjudicator Ken Sutherland.

Sutherland, Ken. (1957 - ) American. Piper. Began piping at age 11, initially studied under Bill Merriman. Influenced in musical development by Reuben Santos, who taught him for about three years. Received summer school tuition from Capt. John A. MacLellan, Jimmy MacMillan and Jimmy McColl over a period of five years or so. Earned prizes first as a young amateur and professional competitor in the 1970’s and 80’s and again after returning to the competition in 1998. In 2003, won the inaugural Midwest Highland Arts Fund U.S. Silver Medal for Piobaireachd and placed 3rd in the U.S. Gold Medal competition in 2004. Won the Angus Macdonald open championship (2001), the open piobaireachd in Portland (2004), the aggregate prize in professional piping at the Pleasanton Games (2004 & 2007), and third place in the Double MSR competition at the GS McLennan invitational (2004). In 2006, won piper of the day in open piping at Dornoch in Scotland. In 2005, competed in the Silver Medal competitions in Oban and Aviemore. Member of the Prince Charles PB. Instructor. WUSPBA adjudicator. Chair of the WUSPBA Music Board. Father of open piper John Sutherland who is a member of the Simon Fraser University PB.

Sutherland, Neil. (19?? - 1971) Scottish, born in Sutherlandshire. His father Neil MacLeod Sutherland taught him how to play the pipes in Glasgow, Scotland. His parents immigrated to Canada and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Instructed by Lachlan Collie, PM of the Clan Stewart PB (later became the Winnipeg PB). During WW II served as PM of the Calgary Highlanders of the Canadian Army. Upon returning to Canada and being discharged from the Army enlisted with the Winnipeg Police Force. Performed the duties of Signal Operator and later as City Hall Constable. Joined the Winnipeg Police PB under the direction of PM Jock Coghill and took over as PM in 1948. Won many piping awards in the UK, USA and Canada, and was recognized as one of the world's most competent and authoritative judges of Ceol Beag and Ceol Mor. Served extensively as an adjudicator in the USA and Canada. Retired from the Winnipeg Police Department and the Police PB in 1969. His photo appeared in memorium on the front cover of the Piping Times (Vol. 26, No. 2, November 1973).

Swinton, Ian. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. PM of the Midlothian Scottish PB (Grade II) of Illinois since its founding in 1975.

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Taul, Ants. (19?? - ) Estonian. The foremost promotor of bagpiping on the traditional Estonian bagpipe, the Torupill. A talented player. Pipemaker frequently using animals found dead by the roadside. His raccoon-bagpipe has been on display all over Europe.

Taylor, Alec. (19?? - 1976). Scottish. A former piper in the Gordon Highlanders. Later lived in Edinburgh and became the piping instructor to numerous high school students during the 1960s and 1970s.

Thomason, Major-General C.S. (18?? - 19??) Scottish. Piper. Compiler of Ceol Mor, a collection of 280 piobaireachd tunes, published in 1900.

Thompson, Jimmy. (19?? - 19??) ?. Piper. First PM of the Los Angeles Scots PB, in 1961. Instructor.

Thomson, Bruce, Dr. (19?? - ) Scottish, born in India of Scottish parents, resides in Crieff in Perthshire, Scotland. Learned the pipes at Glenalmond school. Composing was encouraged by Donald MacLeod, Seumas MacNeill and PM Brian McRae. Composed over 300 tunes. Member of The College of Piping Glasgow. CDs include "The Pass of Brander." Formerly practiced medicine in Horsham, Sussex. [website]

Thomson, Robert. (18?? - 197?) Resided in Northern Ireland, later in England. Well-known reedmaker, making reeds from the 1930s through the 1960s. Made the Strathtone reed, the Silvertone reed (sterling silver staple, sold for about five times the going rate of 50 cents in the 1960s) and Strathtone bag seasoning. Made drone reeds for numerous pipemakers such as Henderson, Lawrie, Hardie, and Glen. Sold Alexander PCs and Sinclair bagpipes. Raced pigeons as a hobby.

Thow, John. (18?? - 18??/19??) Scottish. Resided in Dundee. Founder of a family pipemaking business that stretched from 1853 to 1953.

Thow, ? & ? (18?? - ?) Scottish. Pipemakers. Thow Brothers, located in Dundee, was making bagipipes in the 1920s.

Tidswell, Brett. (1966 - ) Australian. Piper. National Piping Principal of the Australian Pipe Band College. PM of the City of Adelaide PB, former Australian Grade I Champions. Won the R.U. Brown Piobaireachd Society Gold Medal for Piobaireachd eleven times between 1988 and 2001. Long time student of the late Inverness Gold Medallist, Donald Bain of New Zealand. Qualified Piping and Ensemble Adjudicator and Examiner with the P&DQB. Instructor.

Todd, Kelly. (19?? - ) Canadian. (Calgary, Alberta). Piper. Played in the legendary Muirhead & Sons PB. Had several prizes in Scotland during that time. Long-time PM of the Clan McBain (Grade 1 and 2). Currently plays with Simon Fraser University PB (Grade 1).

Troy, James P. (197?/8? - ) Canadian. Piper and drummer. At age 6, received instruction on pipes from his father James W. Troy and on drums from his uncle Colin McGee. Joined the City of Victoria PB at age 11. Was also a member of the Peel Regional Police PB. Has won professional solo prizes throughout North America. Began to make the McAllister pipe chanter reed with his father in 1998. Instructs at seminars. Brother of Jacquie Troy, open grade side drummer.

Troy, James W. "Jamie". (19?? - ). Canadian. PM of the Victoria Police PB (Grade I) for many years. Woodworker. Bagpipe repairs. Maker of the Troy-MacAllister chanter reed. Father of James P. Troy, professional class piper and drummer and of Jacquie Troy, professional class side drummer, Toronto. Married to Louise Troy.

Tully, Terry. (June 2, 1956 - ) Irish. Professional level Piper. Started learning pipes at 9, formed by his father, Tommy Tully. Won Junior Piper of The Year in Northern Ireland in 1984. Also won the All-Ireland Solo Championship. Composer. Published "Traditional Irish Music" in 1982 followed by books in 1987, 1991 and 1994. Took over as PM of the St. Laurence O'Toole Clondalkin PB in 1985, taking it to become Ireland's first Grade I pipe band by 1989, later winning the World Pipe Band Championship in 2010.

Tunnicliffe, Nancy. (19?? - ) American. Professional grade Piper. Instructor. Judge. Played with the Manchester PB for many years. Well known for performing "Orkney Wedding with Sunrise," with orchestras around the country. Columnist for EUPSBA's The Voice for a number of years ending in 2003.

Turrell, Lewis A., M.B.E. (19?? - April 21, 2011) Resided in Auckland, New Zealand. Piper. Taught by PM Donald MacLeod. The first overseas competitor to win a Highland Society of London Gold Medal for piobaireachd, in 1958 at the Northern Meeting in Inverness, playing "The Rout of the MacPhees." The same year, won the piobaireachd event at the Royal Braemar Highland Gathering. Instructor. Judge. Owned the "House of Scotland" piping shop. [website]

Tweedie, Jimmy. (19?? - March 2, 2002). Scottish. In the 1950s developed the 'polished bore' technique for making drones while he was a turner for MacPherson and also Sinclair in Edinburgh. With William Sinclair and Harry McNulty developed the Sinclair chanter. Founded his pipe making business in the 1970s and made relatively few sets, each known for blackwood seasoned at least eight years.

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Vallely, Brian. (19?? - ) Irish. Piper. Well known player of the Irish Uillean pipes. Long the organiser of the Northern Irish bagpipe festival at Armagh, every November which features famous as well as up and coming pipers.

Varella, Donald E. (July 24, 1929 - October 4, 2001) Piper. Native of New Zealand, resided in Detroit, Michigan. Played bagpipes with Hamilton Caledonian band. In 1950 moved to North America with the intention of being a drummer in a jazz band or with a 'big band'. While in New York working as a drummer, he returned to the pipes. His desire for the pipes grew strong and he moved to Glasgow and studied under PM Donald MacLeod. Though he became quite competent, he didn't show much interest in competing. For a time he toured with Peter Schickele's P.D.Q. Bach ensemble. He compiled and published of the four volumes of the 'Bicentennial Collection of Bagpipe Music'. In the late '70s he published the "Piping Press News" though he had another publication in the 1990s, the 'Mid-American Pipers Society News'. While living in Detroit, he continued to work as drummer, piper and piping instructor for a limited number of students. Died of a heart attack.

Vitales, Martin Blecua. (19?? - ) Spanish. Lives in Aragon, Spain. Builds the Aragonese gaita. Has played at several festivals over the last 20 years. Has done much to promote bagpiping in Spain.

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Waites, William. (1978 - ) Canadian, now based in Germany and Spain. Studied with Alex Macneil, Alex Orbegoso, Colin MacLellan and Archie Cairns. Achieved success in amateur competitions in the 1990s, receiving medals up to Grade I competitions in Piobaireachd and light music on the Ontario circuit. Retired from competitition in 1995. Played with the Black Watch (RHR) of Canada, Almonte and Maxville PBs, as well as occasionally with Orealis, a Montreal Celtic band.

Walker, Craig. (19?? - ) ?. ?

Walker, Gavin. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. PS of Strathclyde Police PB.

Walker, Gordon. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. PS of the 1st Battalion, RHF (Ret'd 1999). Received a Pipe Major's certificate from the Army School of Piping in 1989, with Distinguished Honors. Won the Gold Medal, Clasp, and Silver Star (4 Times), and the Jig/HP (7 Times) at Inverness, and the Gold Medal, Senior Piobaireachd, Former Winner's MSR (4 Times), and Jig (7 Times) at Oban. Won the Braemar Gold Medal (4 Times), the Gillies Cup, the National Mod (twice), and the Dunvegan Medal at Portree and Clasp. Won the Glenfiddich Solo Piping Championship in 2007. Played for a few seasons with the Scottish Power PB, and recently took over as PM of the 52nd Lowland Regiment (TA) PB (Grade 2).

Walker, Scot. (19?? - ) American, resides in Lehigh Valley, PA. Professional level piper. He played with the Parlin & District PB, and the Lehigh Valley PB. Named by EUSPBA as #1 overall competeting piper for seven years. Has taken first place at nearly every major solo championship in the USA. In Scotland, was won Grade 'A' competitions at Dornoch, Strathpeffer, Lonach, Cowal and others. Instructor of Bagpipe Music at Moravian College. Teaches at Balmoral summer schools.

Wallace, Robert. (19?? - ) Scottish. World level Piper. Began piping at nine years old. Studied under PM Robert Hardie. Later studied piobaireachd with Andrew Wright of Dunblane. Appointed principal of the College of Piping and editor of the Piping Times in 1999. Won the Gold Medals at Oban in 1985 and Inverness in 1995, the Clasp at Inverness in 1999 and the Former Winners MSR at Oban in 1985. Double win in 1989 both the Bratach Gorm (Blue Banner) and Gillies Cup at the London Piping Championship, the first piper to achieve this since the famous Robert U. Brown in 1962. Has taught summer schools around the world.

Walsh, John. (19?? - ?) English, resides in Nova Scotia. Pipemaker. Specializes in shuttle pipes. Recorded a CD, "Time To Spare" in 1991. Involved in piping since 1965. [website]

Walters, Alan. (19?? - ) Canadian. Piper. Began piping at seven in Calgary. Studied under Donald MacLeod. Moved to Scotland at 19 to play with Muirhead and Sons PB during their championship years. Returned to British Columbia at 26 and played Grade I with Triumph Street PB as PM while living in Prince George. In high demand for playing at dance competitions. CDs include "Full Shilling" and "Strictly Time". Resides in Vancouver and makes his living with bagpipes: lessons, judging, playing for dancers, workshops and pipe band clinics.

Wark, James. (1949 - ) Scottish. First taught, about the age of 11, in the 99th Boys Brigade Company in Glasgow by Alex MacLean, and then by Angus Campbell, Carradale, Argyleshire. PM of Strathclyde Police PB from 2001 through his retirement in 2004. Under his direction, the band won the British Pipe Band Championship in 2003. (Replacement PM was Donald Mackay.) Noted bagpipe composer (tunes such as "Molly Connell").

Warnock, James. (1919/1920 - ) North Irish. Reedmaker. In 1975, started learning reedmaking from his father Joe Warnock (who first sold reeds in 1965). Founded Warnock Reeds Ltd., which was leased by David Chesney (who in February 2004 left with staff to start Warnock Limited). James' son William died in 1980. James' three grandsons (Stephen, Neil and Frazer) now operate his company. [website]

Watt, Robert. (19?? - ) Northern Irish. World class piper. Won Jig at Oban, and has had several placings in the "A" Grade light music events there.

Watson, Jake. (1955 - ) Canadian. Piper. Plays with the 78th Frasers PB and former PM of the Grade I Metro Toronto Police PB. Instructs at workshops. Does bagpipe repair.

Weatherston, John, MBE, BEM. (19?? - March 2, 2003) Scottish. World level piper. Pipemaker. Co-founder of R.G. Hardie & Weatherston Ltd. in 1950. Was Pipe Major of the World Champion 227th Argyll Territorial PB in the 1960s, and later was PM of the Red Hackle PB. Moved his bagpipe manufacturing business from Glasgow to a suburb of Bishopbriggs in 2000. Despite suffering some major health problems near the end of his life, he still took some part in his family-run business up to the time of his death.

Webster, Gordon. (19?? - ) Scottish. Resides in New Hampshire, USA. Piper. Joined Scots Guards in 1975. Senior Pipers Course, Army School of Piping in 1978 and passed PM Course in 1980/1981 with A Grade. Assumed PM position of Scots Guards P&D, 2nd Battalion in 1987 and became 1st Battalion PM when the 1st and 2nd fused in 1993. Appointed Piper to the Sovereign in 1994 through 1998. In January 1999, retired from Scots Guards, moved to the USA and assumed the position of Head of Piping at the New Hampshire School of Scottish Arts. Married to Lezlie Webster.

Webster, Lezlie. (19?? - ) Canadian. Piper and dancer. Graduate of Institute of Piping. From 1973 to 1975 College of Piping, attended and taught. From 1993 to 1998 Highland Dance Instructor, Scots Guards. Dancing students have achieved top championship levels in USA and Scotland. Teaching included Philip’s Exeter Academy, St Paul’s School NH, Boston Fire Brigade PB and Melha Shrine PB. Established and taught Boston Police PB and St Andrew’s Ladies PB. EUSPBA piping judge. Retired adjudicator Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. Instructor at at the New Hampshire School of Scottish Arts. Married to PM Gordon Webster.

West, Gary. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. Early tutoring by Allan Cameron. Radio host for the BBC Radio Scotland production, Pipeline.

Whately, Don. (19?? - ) Canadian? Piper. Former PM of The Hastings Prince Edward Regimental PB. Former PM of The Canadian General Electric PB. A member of The Royal Canadian Legion in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

White, Andy. (19?? - ) Scottish, resides in the New York area, USA. Drummer. Instructor and judge. Played on a single with the Beatles.

White, Robert. (19?? - ) British. Started playing 1976. Instructed by Liam Og O Flynn and Seamus Ennis. Plays the Highland, Lowland and Union (Uilleann) pipes, and the Northumbrian Smallpipes. Experience in theatre, film and television, and, among others, has worked for The National Theatre London and The Royal Shakespeare Company. Film work includes: The Irish RM, SOS Titanic, The Four Feathers, The Truth about Charlie, The Lord of the Rings, Christmas Carol, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Shipping News, White Squall, The Mayor of Casterbridge, The 25th Hour, Lassie, Gangs of New York, and Veronica Guerin. Performed at the wedding of Claudia Schiffer and also for Her Majesty The Queen. [website]

Whitelaw, Ian. (1956 - ) Scottish. Lives in Southern California. Piper. Former member of the Simon Fraser University PB at the time of their 1999 World Championship. One time PS of the L.A. Scots. Won the MacCrimmon Cairn from the Vancouver Indoor Gathering on two occasions and the Banner of the Mountains from Couer d'Alene six times. Performed for television and movie productions, including The Simpsons and The General's Daughter. Won the U.S. Gold Medal (Piobaireachd) in 2006. WUSBPA Senior Judge. [website]

Wilson, Anthony "Tony" W. (1932-1994) Scottish, born in Campbeltown, Argyllshire. World class piper. First taught by his Uncle William Wilson (PM 8th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) and PM Roddy Macdonald. Best known as being the PM of Campbeltown PB when they played on the number one hit record 'Mull of Kintyre' with the famous rock band Paul McCartney and Wings. Piper in the Scots Guards and City of Glasgow Police PB before returning to his native Campbeltown where he was appointed piping instructor in Campbeltown Grammar School. Taught a number of generations of successful pipers including Ian McKerral, his successor as schools tutor, and Lorne Cousin.

Wilson, Greg, Major. (19?? - ) New Zealander. Currently resides in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Gold Medal (Northern Meeting), 2 Clasps to the Gold Medal (Northern Meeting), Dunvegan Medal, Clasp to the Dunvegan Medal 4 consecutive times, Silver Chanter (at Skye) 3 consecutive times, Bratach Gorm twice, Gillies Cup, Braemar Gold Medal 3 times, ‘A’ Marches (Northern Meeting), Numerous New Zealand Championship titles. Retired from the army. Instructor. Reedmaker. [website]

Wilson, (A.) John. (1948 - ) Scottish, born in Campbeltown, Argyllshire. First taught by his father PM William Wilson begining at age 6, also received tuition from Achie McNabb, and for a long period, Donald MacLeod. In 1968, at the Northern Meeting became the second youngest to win the Gold Medal, and winning a second Gold Medal at the Argyllshire Gathering in 1983. Also won the Open Piobaireachd at the Argyllshire Gathering. PS for the Strathcyde Police PB in the 1970s and 1980s. RSPBA judge. Co-host of the Internet Radio program PlanetPipe.

Wilson, John. (1906 - November 6, 1979) Scottish, born in Edinburgh. First taught in 1915 by PM Robert Thomson of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders at Edinburgh Castle and later by Roderick Campbell. Lost part of left thumb and left finger to an explosion while 12-years-old. In 1925, won the Gold Medal at Inverness. In 1927, the Gold Medal at Oban. Won the Clasp in 1936. Around 1936 was considered by some as the finest player in the world. Published a music book in 1937 which included a number of his own compositions. Served with the Cameron Highlanders during WWII. Moved to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1949, at the prompting of George R. Duncan. Taught many students, including Bill Livingstone, Bob Worrall, Gail Brown, Michael Grey. Highly instrumental in the development of Canadian piping in the 20th Century. Not to be confused with A. John Wilson.

Wilson, Joseph "Joe". (November 1938 - October 13, 2010) Scottish. Piper. From the age of 8 until 18 years, a pupil of the late PM James Robertson who was well known for his composition 'Farewell to the Creeks.' Enlisted in the British Army and received further tuition from PM Calum Campbell. In 1958, posted to Aberdeen and received further tuition, particularly in piobaireachd, from PM Donald Macleod. During 1959/1960 attended a PM course at Edinburgh Castle, PM John MacLellan's first such course. During this time competed solo and was in the prize list at both Oban and Inverness and elsewhere. Left the army as a PM after 9 years service and joined the Invergordon Distillery PB under PM Donald Shaw Ramsay. In 1967, joined the Glasgow Police for about two years with Ronald Lawrie as PM. He was for about 12 years a member of British Caledonian Airways PB until he retired from band piping. Instructor at the College of Piping.

Wilson, Martin (Sr.). (19?? - ) Scottish. Former member of the Edinburgh City Police PB. Currently playing with Drambiue Kirkliston PB. Has a son of the same name.

Wilson, Martin G. (Jr.). (19?? - ) Scottish. Former piper in the Lothian & Borders Police PB. Also a former P/M of the Drambiue Kirkliston PB who took that band from Grade 4 to Grade 2. Prominent solo-ist during the 1980s. Former winner of the Burgh Cup at Cowal.

Wilson, William. (19?? - ) Scottish. Piper. PM of 8th Battalion Arygll & Sutherland Highlanders. Father of A. John Wilson.

Winstanley, Colin. (19?? - ) English? Resides in England. Invented the "Universal Blowpipe" (ball and socket blowpipe) in the mid-1990s. Also manufactures his product.

Workman, Hamilton "Hammie" MacIntyre. (1933-1990) Scottish. Studied piobaireachd with Willie MacLean. Graduated from the Pipe Major's course at Edinburgh Castle under Willie Ross in 1953, the youngest ever to do so up to that time. Was in the 1st Battalion, Highland Light Infantry. Personal piper to Lord Mountbatten. Emmigrated to the US in the mid-1960s moving first to Glens Falls, NY then settling in Wellesley, Mass. where he taught a number of successful solo competitors. PM for The Clan Sutherland PB in the early 1970s, and under his leadership in 1976 was the first U.S. pipe band to win the Canadian National Championship. Pipemaker who served his apprentiship alongside Bob Hardie. Instructor at the North American Academy of Piping for many years. Past president of the EUSPBA and a judge.

Woodley, Bruce. (19?? - ) American. Piper. Won the Northern Gathering Gold Medal at Inverness in 1993. Former PM of the Prince Charles PB. Played with SFU PB in the early 1990s.

Worral, Robert "Bob." (March 1, 1951 - ) Canadian, resides in Burlington, Ontario. Professional level piper. Highly sought after instructor. Judge. Seven time Piper of the Day at the North American Championship. Won the March and also the SR at Inverness in 1977. Retired from competitive bagpiping in 1983. Was senior piping instructor at the Gaelic College in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, from 1986 until 1999. Judged the Bratach Gorm in London in 2000, the first overseas adjudicator to ever judge a major solo event in the U.K. Adjudicated the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow at least ten times. Has published a few music collections. Has several recordings, including "The Classical Bagpipe." Plays in a group called "Scantily Plaid" which put out its first album in 2001.

Wright, Andrew. (19?? - ) ?. World level piper. Taught by Donald MacLeod, Peter MacLeod, Bob Nicol. Won both Gold Medals in the same year. Played in the Red Hackle PB under John Weatherston. Regarded by many as the world's foremost authority on piobaireachd. President of the Highland Piobaireachd Society of London. Highly-sought piobaireachd instructor. Judge.

Wygent, Mark. (19?? - ) American. Reed maker. Inventor of the revolutionary Synthe-Drone(TM) reeds upon which many other synthetic drone reeds were based. (Pronounced "wy-jent.") [website]

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Yardley, James Cameron "Jimmy". (March 13, 1925 - July 24, 2009) Scottish, born and raised in Fife, Scotland. Started playing bagpipes at 9. Piper in the Black Watch in WWII. In 1964, moved to San Francisco to play in the San Francisco Caledonian PB, of which later became PM. Instructor and highly respected judge on the U.S. West Coast.

Yates, Brian D. (1955 - ) American. Piper. Began piping in 1971. Instructed by Hector Cameron and Hamilton Workman and Jim Stack. Also studied with Sandy Jones, Donald Lindsay, and Neville McKay. Won many awards in Grade I. Former PM of Mt. Kisco Scottish P&D. Played with Clan Sutherland and with Manchester PB. Silversmith who is responsible for the Nicol-Brown Chalice. Instructor at the North American Academy of Piping. Piping instructor at the following New England prep schools: Phillips Exeter Academy and St. Paul's School since 1991. Phillips Andover Academy and Groton School since 1997.

Young, Sam. (19?? - ) Australian. Raised in Queensland Australia, he ws taught by his father and also by Bob Nicol, one of the famous "Bobs of Balmoral". He is currently the PM of the New South Wales Police Service PB and is also involved in teaching youngsters. Regularly judges piping competitions in Australia and also competes in top solo events.

Young, Wilson. (19?? - ) Drummer. Won the World Solo Drumming Championship in 1967. Member of the Red Hackle PB in the 1960s and '70s. In 1975 became a full-time RSPBA judge, one of the first drummers to become an RSPBA ensemble judge. Vice-Chairman of the RSPBA Adjudicators Panel for 10 years. Member of the RSPBA's Music Board, serving a variety of functions. Made an RSPBA Honourary Life Member in August 2004. Retired from the judging panel in October 2004.

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