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Andrew's Bagpipes
More Pictures

To create these images, I placed my pipes directly on my scanner so they are decent quality images, the interesting thing is the inclusion of a ruler for scale.

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Wow! Look at those pipes!The bass drone cap (left) is 1-13/16" across, the tenor drones are slightly smaller at 1-3/4". The outside diameter of the wood rings in the drone caps are 1-3/8" on the tenors and 1-7/16" on the bass.

Picture of Chanter
This is the upper section of the bass drone.

Picture of Chanter
Lower section of the bass drone.

The grooves around the drones are tight groups of seven separated by a larger pair of grooves that are slightly wider apart.

The slider's end is wrapped in black waxed hemp, if you're curious.

(There's some distortion, due to the drone being diagonal on the scanner bed.)

Bore measurements.

BASS drone
• Bottom section pin bore diameter (measured at the top end) is 0.350" (a little over 11/32").
• Middle section pin bore diameter is 0.377" (about 3/8").
• Middle section chamber diameter is 0.670" (a little over 21/32").
• Top section chamber bore is 0.713 (about 21/32").
• The bush diameter is 0.656" (about 21/32").

TENOR drones
-Outside tenor:
• Bottom section pin bore diameter (measured at the top end) is 0.302" (about 5/16").
• Tuning chamber diameter is 0.638" (a little over 5/8").
• The bush diameter is 0.604" (a little over 19/32").
-Inside tenor:
• Bottom section pin bore diameter (measured at the top end) is 0.309" (about 5/16").
• Tuning chamber diameter is 0.635" (a little over 5/8").
• The bush diameter is 0.610" (a little over 19/32").

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This page last updated Sunday, March 14, 2010.
Page first created in 1999 or early 2000.

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