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Andrew's Tips: Northern Meeting Clasp Winners

By Andrew T. Lenz, Jr., Santa Cruz, California, 2007-2009

The following is a list of Clasp Winners at the Northern Meeting traditionally held in Inverness, Scotland in the fall. These games were founded in the late 19th century and is one of the most prestigious piping venues in the world. Only holders of the Highland Society of London's Gold Medal can compete for The Clasp at the Northern Meeting, it being a "former winners" event. From 2005 through 2007, the event was held in Aviemore while the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness was undergoing remodelling. The event returned to Inverness in 2008.

The Northern Meeting (Inverness, Aviemore)
Clasp Winners

Year Winner (Military Affiliation) xMultiple-Wins
1896 PM John MacDougall Gillies, (1st Vol Bn HLI)
1897 Alick MacKenzie
1898 Angus MacRae
1899 PM John Cameron (3rd Bn QOCH)
1900 John MacColl, Oban
1901 PM Donald Mathieson (3rd Bn HLI)
1902 PM Robert Meldrum
1903 PM John MacDonald, Inverness (1st Vol Bn QOCH) x1
1904 ???
1905 PM Willie Ross (2nd Bn SG) x1
1906 PM Willie Ross x2
1907 PM Willie Ross x3
1908 PM John MacDonald x2
1909 PM. George S. McLennan (Gordon Hldrs)
1910 PM Willie Ross x4
1911 PM William Laurie (8th A&SH)
1912 PM Willie Ross x5
1913 William MacLean, Glasgow
1919 PM Willie Ross x6
1920 PM G.S. McLennan x2
1921 PM G.S. McLennan x3
1922 PM Robert Reid (HLI)
1923 PM Willie Ross x7
1924 PM John MacDonald, x3
1925 PM Robert Reid x2
1926 PM Robert Reid x3
1927 PM John MacDonald x4
1928 PM Willie Ross x8
1929 PM John MacDonald x5
1930 Malcolm B. MacPherson, Invershin
1931 PM Robert Reid x4
1932 Robert B. Nicol, Sovereign’s Piper
1933 PM John MacDonald x6
1934 PM John MacDonald x7
1935 PM Robert Reid x5
1936 John Wilson, Edinburgh
1937 Malcolm B. MacPherson x2
1938 PM James B. Robertson (SG)
1946 PM Robert Reid x6
1947 PM Robert U. Brown, Sovereign’s Piper
1948 PM Donald MacLeod (Seaforth Hldrs) x1
1949 PM Donald MacLeod x2
1950 Donald MacPherson, Alexandria x1
1951 PM Robert U. Brown x2
1952 PM Donald MacLeod x3
1953 Donald MacPherson x2
1954 Donald MacPherson 3
1955 PM Donald MacLeod x4
1956 William M. MacDonald, Inverness
1957 Willie Connell
1958 RSM John A. MacLellan (Seaforth Hldrs)
1959 PM Donald MacLeod x5
1960 Donald MacPherson x4
1961 PM Donald MacLeod x6
1962 PM Donald MacLeod x7
1963 RSM John A. MacLellan (QOH) x2
1964 PM Donald MacLeod x8
1965 Donald MacPherson x5
1966 John MacFadyen, Glasgow
1967 William MacDonald, Benbecula
1968 John MacFadyen x2
1969 John MacFayden x3
1970 Donald MacPherson x6
1971 Donald MacPherson, x7
1972 Hugh MacCallum, Bridge of Allan
1973 Donald MacPherson x8
1974 Hugh MacCallum x2
1975 Donald MacPherson x9
1976 Murray Henderson, New Zealand
1977 Hugh MacCallum x3
1978 John MacDougall
1979 Murray Henderson x2
1980 PM Iain M. Morrison (QOH)
1981 William J.R. Livingstone, Ontario, Canada x1
1982 PM Angus MacDonald (SG)
1983 Tom Speirs, Edinburgh
1984 William J.R. Livingstone x2
1985 Hugh MacCallum x4
1986 Iain MacFadyen, Kyle of Localsh
1987 James McGillivray, Ontario, Canada
1988 Roderick J. MacLeod, Cumbernauld
1989 Allan MacDonald, Glenuig x1
1990 Allan MacDonald, Glenuig x2
1991 Murray Henderson x3
1992 PM Alasdair Gillies (QOH)
1993 Angus MacColl, Benderloch x1
1994 Jack Lee, British Columbia, Canada
1995 Murray Henderson x4
1996 Dr. Angus MacDonald, Skye
1997 Michael Cusack, Texas, USA
1998 Angus MacColl x2
1999 Robert Wallace, Glasgow
2000 Angus MacColl x3
2001 Major Greg Wilson, New Zealand
2002 Dr Angus MacDonald x2
2003 Murray Henderson, Kirriemuir x5
2004 Roderick J. MacLeod, MBE x2
2005 Major Greg Wilson, New Zealand x2
2006 Murray Henderson, Kirriemuir x6
2007 Stuart Liddell, Inveraray, Scotland
2008 Major Greg Wilson, New Zealand x3
2009 Stuart Liddell, Inveraray, Scotland x2

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