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Bagpipe Journey Copyright Information

All the text, images, and HTML coding on this site are copyrighted by Andrew T. Lenz, Jr.

You may not use any materials from this site for any purpose without my permission. You are free, of course, to link to this site and in fact you are encouraged to do so!

Copyright law allows for limited reasonable personal use of copyrighted materials. This does not mean that you can publish materials from this site in your band newsletter, copy text or images to your web site, burn a CD to give away, or otherwise publish materials from this site. I sometimes grant permission to publish my articles elsewhere for a small fee of some sort or another. Please contact me if you would like to publish materials from this site. The global bagpiping community is surprising small at times and I usually find out sooner or later when materials have been misappropriated.

I have put hundreds and hundreds of virtually unpaid hours into this site for the benefit of my fellow pipers. What keeps me adding to this site is knowing that the materials are being used (and that someone else isn't getting credit) by way of hits on my site or e-mails from visitors. To find my materials illegally copied is disheartening to say the least, plus then I'm forced to confront people which I prefer not to do. It's a drag.

If you happen to send me suggestions or bits of information, I will assume that these are a gift that will enter under my copyright unless you specify otherwise. While I always credit images, if you wish to have credit for commentary please let me know in advance.

Thank you, I appreciate your cooperation!

This page last modified on Sunday, March 14, 2010.

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