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Andrew's Tips: Balvenie Medal

By Andrew T. Lenz, Jr., Santa Cruz, California, ©2010-2020

The Balvenie Medal was first offered in 1985, as an outgrowth of the annual Glenfiddich Piping Championships which was founded in 1974. (The Glenfiddich is considered almost unanimously as the world solo bagpiping championship.)

The Balvenie Medal is not a competition medal, but an award presented to recognize "services to piping"—bagpiper or not. A nomination from the public is made in writing to Wm Grant & Sons, and the award is presented to someone selected from those nominated by the public. If you know someone who you feel has given a lot of themselves for the benefit of piping, even you can write in with your suggestion.

Recipients of the Balvenie Medal
1985 George Murray, The 10th Duke of Atholl*
1986 Gen. Frank Richardson
1987 Bessie Brown
1988 Seumas MacNeill
1989 John A. MacLellan
1990 Robert G. Hardie
1991 James Campbell, Kilberry
1992 Andrew Macneill
1993 Tommy Pearston
1994 Allan Cameron
1995 Maclean Macleod
1996 Duncan Johnstone
1997 Donald Macpherson
1998 Lt. Col. David Murray
1999 Angus J. MacLellan
2000 Duncan MacLellan
2001 Rose Fletcher
2002 Jimmy McIntosh
2003 Willie McCallum, Sr.
2004 Harry Denyer
2005 Annie Grant
2006 Sir Ian McKay
2007 Andrew Wright
2008 Iain MacFadyen
2009 Malcolm McRae
2010 Rona Lightfoot (nee Macdonald)
2011 Jimmie McGregor (Awarded postumously, McGregor died 3 days earlier.)
2012 Jackie Pincet
2013 Ian McKerral
2014 Jackie Roberts
2015 Kate Paton
2016 Tom Speirs
2017 Sandy Jones (1st American recipient)
2018 Cristiano Bicudo
2019 Anne Spalding

*Blair Castle, where the Glenfiddich Championship is held, is the ancestral home of the Dukes of Atholl. Nevertheless, George Murray was a adent supporter of bagpipes.

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Page first created in August 25, 2010.

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