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Andrew's Tips: The Soutar Reed Prototype

For curiosity's sake, an early version of Duncan Soutar's drone reeds.
Soutar prototype Soutar Synthetic Drone Reeds.
Duncan Soutar of St. Andrews, Scotland
Introduced: Summer, 2001.
Availability: Soon.
This image is of prototype Soutar reeds. The reed bodies are of poly. Reed tongue is a poly/plastic material and is replaceable, though it shouldn't be necessary. The reeds have a tuning screw with a hex head on them. Mr. Soutar likes that because it's easy on the fingers to turn. The production model will be white or off-white screws. Each reed is hand-made.


Picture provided courtesy Chris Weidner, Lookout Mtn Hightland.

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This page last updated on August 28, 2001.
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